“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-23 (3rd last episode)



Hey guys….. How are you all..!

Recap: ShraMan moments.. And PreeKar’s plan to unite ShraMan…

They are eating mangoda…
Sumo takes the plate and eats the mangoda.. It turns out to be very hot.. She starts fanning her mouth with her hands.. Shravan blows air in her mouth… Rahul gets irked…

Rahul: bas bhai.. Uske muh mei barf jham jaegi
Shravan steps back…

Preeti runs and feeds Rahul… Pushkar gets angry..

Rahul feeds Preeti..

Rahul: Pushkar.. Kya hua bhai? Tera chehra upset sa kyu hai?
Pushkar: uh.. Woh.. Ghar nahi jaana?
Sumo: haan yar chalo…

They go home…

Next day,

All were having breakfast….

Preeti: aaj ka kya plan hai?
Sumo: abhi tak toh kuch nahi..
Preeti: toh phir shopping??
Pushkar: yaar, tujhe every 2nd day shopping karni hoti hai??
Shravan: there’s a reason bro…
Sumo: what is that reason?
Shravan: Khushi-Dhruv ki shaadi ho rahi hai.. Invite kiya hai.. Jana toh padega
Sumo: dhruv ki shaadi? Wow…
Pushkar: jealous?
Sumo: nahi toh..
Preeti: jhootii…
Rahul: arre.. Ussse jealousy nahi ho rahi hai.. Badtameezi kyu kar rahe ho?
Sumo: rahul, ye mere dost hai, and humlog ke maazaak chalte rehte hai.. So please..

They all book the tickets to Goa, as it was a destination wedding….

Okay guys, Rahul also accompanied them, as it was Preeti’s mom’s wish.. So he was basically a “Bin Bulaya Mehmaan”

In Goa

KhuRuv come to the airport and greet them….
Sumo looks at them, goes and hugs Dhruv…. Rahul gets irked, Shravan is happy to see, that she’s comfortable with him now..
She then hugs Khushi… All of them hug each other…
In the flow Pushkar hugs Preeti, Sumo, Shravan, Rahul…
So everyone hugs everyone.. KhuRuv hug each other, Rahul hugs Preeti and Pushkar..Shravan hugs Sumo… When Rahul comes to hug Sumo, Sumo pretends that someone called her and leaves… Rahul gets sad, PreeKar and ShraMan laugh… KhuRuv get to know the plan, and join in.. Then when they go to the cab, PreeKar tell KhuRuv about their plan to unite ShraMan

Dhruv: they both are not together yet??
Pushkar nods
Khushi: ye kya baat hui! Both loved each other before we left and haven’t confessed yet…
Preeti: yep!
Dhruv: ab saath aa jaenge…
pushkar: let’s hope so!

PreeKar, KhuRuv leave in KhuRuv’s car… ShraMan and Rahul book a cab…

Sumo sits in front, which makes India-Pakistan that is our Shravan-Rahul sit together at the back

Sumo: shravan, yaad hai tum hamesha se Goa aane chahte the?
Shravan: tumhare saath…
Sumo: toh ab toh aa gaye na…!!
Shravan: ab mujhe maar bhi do… Koi farak nahi padega..
Sumo turns back and puts a finger on his lips

Sumo: aisa phir kabhi mat bolna..promise??
Shravan: thik hai baba, nahi bolunga…
Sumo: good…

She removes her finger….

Rahul looks on in anger…

They all reach the hotel, but the room arrangement was weird…

Sumo-Pushkar’s room, Preeti-Shravan, KhuRuv and then Rahul’s alone room…

Sumo and Pushkar were happy with each other, as they had shared a great bond.. Cause if you notice, Preeti and Shravan had never had a proper conversation..

PushMan go to their room.. It was an amazing room…. Like damn amazing… Everything was colorful, differently portrayed..
Pushkar: woah!!
Sumo: beta, ab toh apan dono party karenge..
Pushkar: that’s true, we both will enjoy , just two of us..
Sumo: let’s party then..!

Precap: shravan’s missing..

Do comment…. Its gonna get more interesting..padhlo.. I feel like telling everything.. But NO.. You gotta wait.. Okay hint de de rahi: Most awaited moment coming up…

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  1. Neeti

    Super duper hit epi. And wat Nikki di to end kar dia uper se hint deke confusion barha dia. Ummmm……bt i think ShraMan will confess their luv.
    Unka luv confession choro abhi mera luv lo meri bari behna <3 <3 – Neeti.

    1. Nikita

      Thanks neeti…
      sorry yaar.. par guess toh karna padega na…
      guess karte raho…
      love you too!

  2. This was so cute. ? Loved it. ? The spoiler ? ? When will you post the next episode..?? Waiting anxiously.

    1. Nikita

      thanks anonymous…
      next episode will come till sunday or monday

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    OMG !!!! This ep .. it was fantabulous .. fabbbbbbb … amazing. .. nd lol that Pakistan-India sit together .. that was hilarious .. hahahahaha ???
    Nd I think there is a confession coming .. right ??
    Post sooooooon ..
    Waitingggggggg ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nikita

      Thanks fatimah di….!!
      thank you .. thank you..
      ab sochte raho….
      i’ll post asap..
      take care too..

  4. Marie

    Ooh hoyyyy meri nikku yr tu toh chota packet baad dhamake hai …..!! 😀
    Itna amzinglyyyy kaise likh leti hai tu….??
    Hahahahah I WS laughing so hard it WS funny when sumo make excuse or chali gai….me Rahulmujhe serial ke Aditya ki tarhaan lag raha hai kabab Mai haddi….. Bw shraman…!
    Okyyy okyyyy I understand ur hin little bit…..so as u knw dat m waiting despretlyyyyyy fr nxt ep..!!!
    Cause I..no.no..no..everybody waited fr dat moment fr a long tym….
    Precap luks so interesting…!
    Plzz do cm back with nxt ff ASAP…
    N Han plzz post ASAP ASAP ASAP……
    Btw when will u gonna post nxt chappy.??
    Haha lamba hogaya….take care yr…!
    Love u so much..!

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much!!
      ab likhna toh aapse inspire hu…
      aditya ki tarah hi hai ye rahul…
      i know you’re waiting…. so it’ll be up soon..
      next episode will be here till sunday or monday…
      Love u too..
      and yea, i’ll be back with a ff soon..

  5. Marie

    P.s this is also frm lovely di…..she can’t cmmnt due to sm reasons…Bt she is missing u so much 🙂

    1. Nikita

      tell her i miss her too! and thanks to her..
      and you too for telling me about her..

  6. Ariana

    Guess what??? I was an idiot and missed this ff b4, until now when I checked the 3rd last epi. Seriously I’m cursing myself for missing this whole thing! How could I? Anyways I scanned through all of ur posts of this ff, nd………………….it was amazing. I almost got attached to it but then it’s the 3rd last epi…. not fair. Kher chodo. It was awesome!!! Loved it. post next epi soon.
    Lots of love,

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much..!! it means a lot…
      and you scanned through 22 episodes? that’s hell lot of work!
      anyways, thank you so much!!
      3rd last.. sorry.
      but i’ll be back soon..
      i’ll post soon..
      love you too ariana!!

  7. Oh..so…u gonna make it more spicy..?????
    Waiting for next episode???

    1. Nikita

      thanks sona..
      i’ll post soon

  8. Nikku….??????????????????????????????????
    Mat end kro na
    Mat end kro na
    Please mat end kro na
    Main ro padungi
    Mko aur padhna hai
    440 volt ka jhatka laga hai mujhe
    Jao main katti
    Mko bataya bhi nahi
    Par zyada der tak katti bhi nhi reh skti
    Chalo katti cancel
    Pr yaar plshh continue at least till E-30
    Till then TATA Bye Bye
    Alvida NHI khungi
    Kyuki…Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
    Love u darlo?

    1. Nikita

      aww laddooo/…. im so sorry… so sorry.. but i dont have any track in mind…. so i don’t wish to continue.. plus, im pretty excited with the new ff that’s comin’ up after this….
      love you too..
      sorry again

  9. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi nikku! U were damn amazing as always. Loving the Rahul track. Yaar upar se ugave such a exciting spoiler and precap. Ughh, I can’t can’t wait??pls post soon??? lots of love dear??✌ post soon✌

    1. Nikita

      Thanks nandu….
      Thank you so much…
      i’ll post soon..
      love you too!!

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey I love ur ff to the core dear shraman preekar rocks its so entertaining 🙂

    1. Nikita

      thanks fatarajo…
      love you!

  11. Prettypreeti

    Glad so happy so obliged that I read three epi of ur ff in a day
    5 star epi
    But I m so sad so upset feeling bad that u r going to end it
    Nikkki aisa mt kr
    Kuch toh fikar kr hmari
    I m ur sis right
    So how can u do such bad with me
    Dont go
    Such a nice ff
    Loved it
    Come back with another
    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Nikita

      Hi meri pretty preeti…
      How are you??
      Thank you so much..!!
      5 star..I don’t think so..
      I’m damn sorry, I know everyone’s kinda upset with me ending the ff, but I will come back..
      You get it,
      Before I drop off the last episode of this episode, there’s gonna be a intro..
      Love you too,

  12. Superb fantastic mindblowing i,m happy to see sharman together ab plzzz confession part b de do plzzzz jaldi se…..

    1. Nikita

      Thanks pari di…
      For the wonderful comment..
      Happy to see ShraMan together and waiting for confession?
      On it !!
      Next episode will be of your choice..
      Stay happy!
      Keep reading..
      Love ,

  13. I loved it

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much lily

  14. Nice… amazing…….loved it….. .

    1. Nikita

      Thanks Kaya..! Keep loving and reading..

  15. Sumo

    amazing … loved it to d core…
    der hui pr hm pohonch gae.. ?
    most awaited part that is confession m sooo excited.. post soon.. love you nikster! ?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much sumo di.!
      Koi nai..
      Kehte hai na, “der aaye durust aaye” aap ne der se aake mujhe khush kar diya!
      Ab woh most awaited part kya hai woh toh padh ke hi pata chalga..
      I’ll post soon.
      Thank you!
      Love you too….

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