“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-20


Hey guys… Thank you for the wonderful comments…

Recap: manju tells pushkar that he has to prove that he’s the best guy for preeti.. A girl is talking on the phone saying ,”don’t worry…everything would be perfect”

Well that girl is Sumo..only one or two of you guessed it right..

Sumo was talking and convincing the guy that the food will be perfect…

A wedding is going on…. Everywhere it is decorated white and blue…. (Nahi nahi…. PreeKar wedding nahi hai, khuRuv bhi nahi, arre yaar Rahul-Preeti ki bhi nahi hai… No ShraMan bhi nahi…ye shaadi toh abhishek aur krutika ki hai… Jiska food sumo ke PCT se aaya h…)

So here Sumo checks the food

Abhishek: the food is amazing.. Thank you so much

Sumo: your welcome..

She leaves… She reaches home and switches on her laptop…. The wallpaper was a picture of her and shravan.. She goes to her cupboard and opens a box and takes out the locket and wears it…

She receives a mail.. It was Pushkar’s

It said
“Sumo… Bhen meri vaat lagi hui hai.. Ye preeti mujhse pyaar karti bhi hai ki nahi I don’t know … But I know that I need you here to prove my love…so pls come to delhi naa….”

She reads the rest of the mail which said all about the love triangle of “rahul-preeti-pushkar”

Sumo decides to go and she reaches there…

Sumo meets Preeti and Pushkar and hugs them.. Rahul looks at him and is mesmerized in her beauty.. Sumo’s beauty…

Rahul..” Preeti…. I don’t love preeti… I love this girl….”THIS GIRL” no.. What’s her name??

Preeti introduces Rahul to Sumo…pushkar makes action towards Sumo saying that he’s the one who he’s gonna kill.. Sumo laughs

Rahul “suman…wow”

Sumo: sumo bula sakte ho…
Rahul smiles…

Pushkar notices the locket on Sumo’s neck..

Pushkar: nice locket… Meine shayad isse pehle bhi dekha hai…
Sumo: aise toh hazaaron milte hai dukaan mei.. Wahi pe dekha hoga..
Pushkar: haaan…

Sumo sheds a tears and goes to her room…
Preeti comes there…

Sumo: tu janti hai na woh kyu gaya?
Preeti nods
Sumo: bata nahi sakti na, usne mana kiya hoga
Preeti nods again
Sumo: janti thi.. Bohot ziddi hai woh..
Preeti smiles
Sumo smiles
Sumo: I’ll go change….

Precap: I don’t know actually.. It depends on you guys…

Ye batao.. What do you want.. Do you want PreeKar to invite Shravan or you want that Shravan lives in Delhi…. Or something else…

Do comment.. Btw,sorry this was short.. And Sumo di, good to have you back.. And thank you so much for 20 episode.. I’m very happy.. Thank you for your love and support everyone..

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  1. Awesome episode………
    And i would like second opinion shravan leaving in Delhi it would b more intresting 🙂

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey !!!! Thank God after a bit long time u posted the ep ?? … this ep was nice … ummmmmm according to me.. I want sharavan to live in Delhi so that suman can meet sharavan outside the house too .. I mean some kind of co incidence … so this is my opinion … u go with the majority … btw post next part soon … don’t take too long to post ..
    Stay blessed !!!!

  3. Marie

    Hello my nikki!!!!
    How r u dear..!!
    The ep ep ws great awesome blossom…! <3 loved it to d core dear !
    N yeah abt d option hmmmmmm…………
    Yr koi Bhi option decide Karlo bs shraman moments jis ke Ander ziada hon wahi….
    I prefer 1 jab peeler invite Karen n also it depends on ur story abt him leaving sumo…….
    Acha ek request plzzzzzzzzzzzz unite shraman soooon…..
    N one more…..post nxt ep ASAP ASAP ASAP…!!
    Desptetlyyyyyy waiting!
    Love u..!
    Take care!

  4. mast tha yaarrrrr
    rahul ka sumo l liye feeling maja layega …..
    bajit excited feel kr rhi hu
    i prefer ki shravan ki preeker invite kren .
    bt secnd optn bhi equally achi h i mean usme bhi kafi scope h
    i kn tum jo bhi likhogi wo bst hoga
    bs jldi post krna

  5. sweet epi…

  6. Neeti

    Lovely Nikita di first option mukhe accha laga( shavan ko bulainge oo ayega sumo aur woh milenge emotional ho lenge hug karenge kuch dukh vari bate karenge kuch mitha moment) mujhe Mar Na mat Maine bas apna ghatiya sa thought diya by da way im neeti you must have heard my name???

  7. Sumo

    let Shravan come to d wedding … n plz jldi btao y did he left suddenly!! hey did you notice.. mere ff me sumo achank chli gai ar tere me Shravan.. although mera wala emotional h pr tmhara to Shravan bta kr gya h, but bht din se gayb h .. jldi wapas aa jae???

  8. Nandini aka Nandu

    I prefer the 1 one nikita. Lots of lovr. Keep writing. And yes, the episode was really good as usual. Keep posting. Btw how old are u? (Only, only if u dont mind)

  9. pretty preeti

    Nikki my sis u changed the whole story twist loved it by heart
    I liked the way of sumo and preeti convo
    Congratulations and celebration
    Our nikky has completed 20 episss
    Love it
    So the precsp depends on us hmm
    So I liked 1 idea
    Bakki age tumhari marji
    Bye sweety
    Lots of love
    Post soon
    Will be waiting

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