“ShraMan-PreeKar” The Love Story E-2


Hi guyss… Its me… Nikita (shraman) again..

So back to the story..

Recap: shraman-pushkar become friends and are roomies are well..

After the classes everyone returns to their rooms..

Sumo is hell tired and wants to sleep but shravan wants to finish his novel.. They both argue for the light.. Sumo wants if off and shravan wants it on.. They share a nok-jhok moment..

Sumo: no! Light will be off..
Sumo: off
Shravan: onn!!
Shravan: off!

Sumo shouts yay..! But then closes her mouth as preekar were sleeping in their beds.. Sumo switches the light off and goes to bed.. Shravan looked upset..sumo notices and gets up and gives him a lamp from her bag..

Sumo: here..

Shravan gets happy seeing this gesture of hers.She lits the lamp which gives enough light for shravan to read and but not that much light that would disturb sumo’s sleep.. Shravan looks at her sleeping but then shakes his head and reads his book..

In the morning.. Pushkar gets up.. He switches of the alarm clock that was ringing which made him wake up.. He looks around.. Shravan was sleeping with a book on his chest.. Preeti was too sleeping peacefully.. Sumo is nowhere to be seen.. Just then the washroom door opens.. She comes out..

Pushkar: hey..!
Sumo: hi.. Good morning
Pushkar: hmm…
Sumo: chal uth ab..

Pushkar goes to freshen up while sumo wakes shravan

Sumo(shaking him) : shravan! Utho..! Its getting late..
Shravan: (wakes a little) hmM

Sumo noticing that he would not get up so easily,shouts “COCKROACH”

Shravan jumps and climbs up.. Sumo laughs.. “Made you wake up” shravan”summmooo…..

He runs behind her when sumo runs out.. They are running madly when sumo bumps into a table.. Shravan holds her

Shravan: pagal ho? Why do you do all this?
Sumo: aree baba chill..! Mujhe lagti rehti hai
Shravan: fine..
He leaves her and goes away..
Sumo: khadoos malhotra..!

She returns to the room and makes a annoyed face at shravan.. Preeti wakes up and wants to freshen up but pushkar is not out yet.. She keeps beating the door but no response.. Shravan: I’ll check.. he opens the door and is suprised to see that pushkar went in and slept there.. Preeti puts water on him.. He wakes up suddenly.. Sumo n preeti laugh… Shravan helps him get up…
All 4 dress up and leave for their classes.. After that they all decide to go for a movie..

All dress nicely and leave for the movie.. In the theatre,they sit in their respective seats.
Sumo-pushkar-shravan-preeti.. Sumo looks at shravan , preeti looks at pushkar

Shravan and pushkar: yea..! They switch seats..
They watch the movie xyz and come out disappointed
Sumo: kitni bakwaas movie thi…
Shravan: but I liked it..
Pushkar: tumhe acchi lagegi hi.. There was a lawyer in it..!
Preeti: but the dresses.. Eww.. I swear when I will be a fashion designer.. These dresses would be banned!
They all started talking and making fun of the movie..
They all reached the hostel and realised that it was damn late! Hostel gate closes at 11 and it was 1 right now! The watchman was wide awake.. They make a plan..!
ShraMan go and start throwing stones at the gate to make sounds..the watchman gets up to check it… PreeKar run inside just then.. ShraMan run away.. The watchman sees no one and goes back.. ShraMan notice a small way to the hostel room.. Shravan jumps over the 2ft wall.. Sumo was not able to.. Shravan holds her and makes her come..she slips but he holds her… They share an eyelock..
Shravan gets her up..
Shravan: kitni moti hai tu!
Sumo: haww!
They chuckle and silently go inside the hostel room.. The 4 chat and laugh where pushkar falls in love with preeti..

Precap: sumo to know pushkar’s feelings..

Keep commenting.. I was very happy with the comments.. They made my day.. Keep loving… And @lovelylady I don’t know your real name.. So a character named lovelylady would not suit.. So let’s say the character’s name would be lovely.. Okay??

Credit to: nikita

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  1. Amazing . .loved it……

    1. thanks..

  2. LovelyLady

    loved d epi……….
    n mostly d shraman nokjhok……..
    are ni yaar ….. maine to aise hi kah diya tha…….
    mere liye apni story ki plotting mt kharab karo….
    btw i loved your response…. fr my name in your story…..

    1. thank you.. but it’s fine.. im going to add a character .. cause spoilers:to make preeti realize her feelings for pushkar, a new girl will be added

  3. I loved it. Keep writing.

    1. thank you

  4. Bhoomi

    Amazing…. ShraMans cute nok jhok… Precap superb ??……

    1. thank you bhoomi di

  5. Inu

    superb epi.

    1. thank you

  6. Nice…keep writing

    1. thank you

  7. Nice epi…

    1. thank you lily

  8. Madhuri

    nice i love it. keep writing

    1. thank you

  9. it was too good … i loved it.. keep it up..

  10. Hey..shraman..wt hapend..whr is your next ff..? Pls..post it..jaldi rey…someone waiting to read itit???

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