“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-17



Hey guys, I’m very happy with the comments…
And the guess is not right… the surprise is something else…and hey guys, this one’s gonna be LOOONNGG.. So don’t get bored… And I forgot to mention one thing.. This was their last semester

Recap: sumo falls in luv with shravan. Kamini gets to know shravan’s feelings for sumo.. Shravan,preekar,khuruv are planning a surprise

Shravan: all done?
Dhruv: done..

The house was decorated beautifully..
Sumo’s favourite color: blue n white …

Blue n white curtains and balloons.. In the centre was a table with a cake…

They all hid and they switch off the lights..

As soon as sumo enters, and as she switches on the lights everyone jumps and shouts

She is confused. She checks the time 12:00 a.m date: 10th july, Her birthday..

She screams as tears fall down her cheeks…

She goes n hugs everyone..

Kamini : happy birthday suman puttar…
Vandy: happy birthday sumann
Lalaji: happy birthday suman beta…

Sumo: thank you chachi, vandy bhabhi n lalaji..

Pushkar hugs her.. Preeti hugs her.. Khushi hugs her… Dhruv was about to but then shys.. Sumo goes n hugs him.. “Thank you”

Sumo: par ye idea kis ka tha?
Vandy: shravan ka
Sumo: shravan?

Shravan comes in with a chocolate cake with happy birthday SUMO written on it

Sumo cuts the cake and feeds it to everyone..

They all enjoy and have a dance..

During dance, Kamini sees Pushkar-Preeti together.. She goes n dances near them .. PreeKar unaware of the fact that kamini is there continue talking

Pushkar: last time.. Plss
Preeti: I love u baba

Kamini heard this n is in shock..

ShraMan are dancing…

Sumo: ye sab karne ki zarwat kya thi??
Shravan keeps a finger on her lips
Shravan: tumhara 22nd b’day h.. Kaise miss kar sakta tha??

She looks on n they have a eyelock

Kamini n vandy look at ShraMan: howw cutee?!?

They start dancing again…

Tomorrow was their last day of college.. They all enjoyed n cried..

At night

PreeKar were in Pushkar’s room

Kamini: ye kya chal raha hai tum dono ke beech

They were holding hands n were looking into each other’s eyes

Pushkar: maa hum wo no blink game khel rahe the

Kamini looks at their hands

Preeti: haa aunty, apka beta mujhe blink karane ke liye mera haath daba raha tha..

Kamini: mei sab jaanti hu… Tum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte ho

Pushkar: maa wo..

Kamini: kuch nahi sunna mujhe..

She takes pushkar’s hand and leaves

PreeKar handlock breaks…

Preeti sits down n cries… Sumo comes there

Sumo: preeti, pls don’t cry
Preeti: tum nahi jaante, jab aap kisi se pyaar karte ho toh usko khone ka dard kya hota h
Sumo: jaanti hu preeti
Preeti: matlab tum bhi…
Sumo nods
Preeti: shravan?
Sumo looks at her n nods
Sumo: kamini chachi samajh jaengi.. Preeti stop crying naa
Preeti: sumann…

On the other hand shravan is consoling pushkar

Pushkar: shravan.. Tumne bataya nahi tum aur sumo..
Shravan: meine use nahi bola, tujhe kya bolunga
Pushkar: agar maa mujhe aur preeti ko accept nahi karega toh?
Shravan: kar lengi… Chill..

Precap: KhuRuv happily leave the place to their family.. Preeti marriage proposal.. Kamini accepts preeti, but Manju aunty does not…

Hey guys… Bad news: mei apna ff 25 episodes tak extend karungi.. Ab rona mat.. Enjoy.. N exams pospone ho gaye so I posted early..

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  1. Loved it

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    1. Nikita

      No it’s fine.. By the way what’s wrong with the comments? I mean what is TU doing?

  3. Sharmansangel

    It’s not a bad news Nikita it a really great news and I loved the episode

  4. Marie

    Wow wow n wowwwww. yr it ws awesome…!! n ooyy sirf 25 awww chal khair hai kyun ke u have to cm widh anothr 1……… plzzzz post soon….
    N why r they doing this……ye kya ho gaya hai tu walo ko

    1. Nikita

      Thank you marie di.. Keep commenting..

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    What a superb ep yr ? … nd many many congratulations k apky exams postpone ho gyeee .. ??? .. keep updating?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you…!! Keep commenting

  6. Khushi

    Awesome Nikki and it’s a good news that u r going to extend it and even more good news that ur exams got postponed the episode was fab just loved oh so here manju Mami is the vilian nice yr keep it up just mind blowing post soon dear

    1. Khushi

      @ireena they have opened it now dear u can comment

    2. Nikita

      Thank you so much khushi di.. Glad you liked it

  7. Prettypreeti

    Wow nikky 25 epi enjoy yyy and ur ff part was awesome keep writing

    1. Nikita

      Thank you..

  8. LovelyLady

    hi niki …. very nyc epi n extremely sry fr late cmmnt….
    can i post sm thng in ur cmmnt box??? a small article?? tu walo ne post krne se mna kr diya h???

    1. Nikita

      Thank you.. And sure

  9. That’s…so..sweet of u Nikki..thanks for extending..it to 25 episodes..
    Ya..it was so cute..liked it..

    1. Nikita

      Thanks glad u liked it 🙂

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    Me: Hi guys… lovely lady here…
    I kn it very well that i am culprit of all pf u guys. I was not cmmntng on any ffs….. i m really sry fr that….
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    I m really sry fr being silent readers fr sm days……..
    I wll be bck wd latest epis of my ffs……….
    Once again sry to all of u my frnssss.
    I m really sry lily, angel, ufaq, maria, khushi, pretty preeti, sumo, sona, afa di ,niki…… any all others whose,name i hv missed to mention…..
    N ya one thing more i was,reading the cmmnt box. N loved that… knock knock mario….
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  12. loved it
    but sad for preekar

    1. Nikita

      Hmm.. Thank u!

  13. Angel_pari

    Superb epi awwww sharvan so caring he planned surprise party epi was very nyc

    and good news ur exams got pospotned hv fun 🙂

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      Thank you pari di..!! Thank you for commenting and liking the episode

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