“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-16



Hey guys, there have been some problems recently , my episode 15 was not posted on EDKV pg.. So I guess most of you have not read it… So here’s the link


Back with E-16

Recap: kamini, vandy and Lalaji come to the house.. Kamini sees preeti talking on the phone, saying” kitni baar bolu I love you”

Next day…

All 6 leave for their clg.. Kamini, lalaji n vandy are alone in the house…

Lalaji sits to watch a cricket match.. Vandy applies nail paint.. Kamini sneaks around.. She enters shravan’s room

She finds a diary kept on the table..
She opens it n reads it…

” Jab se tumhe dekha, tab se kehna chahta tha.. Par kabhi keh na saka.. Kyuki pehle dhruv, phir pushkar… Ab mei keh dunga, sahi mauka dekhke keh dunga Sumo.. That I LOVE YOU… Bohot pyaar karta hu mei tumse.. Bohot zyada.. Tumne kabhi kaha toh nahi, but I know you love me too.. Jis din tumhe ye realize hoga, mei usi din tumhe propose karunga….”

(Kamini chachi, galat baat)

Kamini: haiyoo rabba! Shravan suman se pyaar karta hai??

Doorbell rings..
Kamini keeps the diary back n goes to open the door..

It was ShraMan..

Kamini: tumlog jaldi aa gaye??
Sumo: haan, humare same courses hai isiliye…
Shravan smiles
Kamni: accha ok..

ShraMan go to their room..

Sumo is sitting n studying…

Shravan knocks on her door..

Sumo: shravan.. aao naa..
Shravan: woh mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha.. Samjhadogi?
Sumo: sure… Come..

Shravan sits beside her on the bed…

Shravan: ye wala topic
Sumo: fine…

Sumo explains her and shravan keeps staring at her…

Kamini sees this..

Sumo snaps her fingers…
Sumo: kahan dhyan hai.. Concentrate.. Warna fail ho jaoge.. Kaha khoye ho?
Shravan: tum pe….

Sumo looks on… They have an eyelock..

Shravan: umm.. I mean tum jo padha rahi ho uspe.
Sumo: toh phir padho….
Shravan: par kuch samajh nahi aa raha… What does this exactly mean? That every reaction has a equal and opposite reaction…

( Guys, shravan is lalloo when it comes to studies.. N I wanted to show some romance so I had to use this law itself)

Sumo: okay imagine that you hug someone.. The person hugs you back.. So you hugged the person, the person hugged you back.. Whatever you do, will be reflected on you…
Shravan: nahi samajh aaya

Sumo hugs her.. He hugs her back.. They feel a comfort, a relaxation in the hug… Their love was rising .. They hugged tighter… The hug carried a lot of meaning in their lives…

Shravan breaks the hug

Shravan: ab samajh aaya.. If I hug you n you hug me back.. What I did, I get an equal opposite reaction..

Shravan looks at sumo.. She had tears in her eyes..

Shravan: what’s wrong??
Sumo: nothing

Shravan wipes her tears

Shravan: you’re fine na?
Sumo nodes wiping her tears…

Shravan takes her palm and keeps his on hers
( Lyk sumo did on the day when she was talking to shravan the time he was leaving.. And they were talking about shravan’s first love.. Like that)

Shravan: sumo… Pls batao.. You know na.. Tum jhooth bolti ho toh mujhe pata chal jata hai…
Sumo: woh.. Maa ki yaad aa gayi thi… Shravan, can you pls leave me alone for some time?
Shravan: sure…

He gets up n leaves…

Sumo cries… ” Ye kya ho raha hai mujhe.. Ye kaisa lag raha hai mujhe… Mujhe maa ki yaad kyu aai..”

She remember’s her mothers words..

“Suman beta, jab tumhe pyaar hoga na.. Uss din tumhe meri yaad aaegi.. Toh rona mat, jisse bhi karogi use jaake bol dena..”

Sumo”mei.. Shravan se pyaar karti hoon? Mei usse pyaar karti hu?”

Preeti: pushkar… I luv u…
pushkar: I luv you too…

They are holding hands and walking…

Khushi: dhruv, c’mon….
Dhruv: kaise?
Khushi: shravan se baat kare?
Dhruv: okay..

Preekar, khuruv n shravan are sitting

Shravan: toh done..kal shaam 6 o’clock..
She’ll be at her classes, tab taiyaari karenge..
Pushkar: perfect..

All are making arrangements…

Precap: suprise..

How was the episode guys? How was sumo’s luv realisation? And yea, my ff’s gonna end soon.. At around 20 episodes.. Then I’ll post two-shots and all…! And what’s the suprise? Guess??

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  1. Hey that’s sad news…u gonna end ur ff? Aww….I’ll miss this ff. It’s so good. Ur cover pic is too beautiful, I must say. Today’s episode was too emotional, I was literally crying. Eagerly waiting for surprise….and I was really laughing when u said Kamini Aunty, galat baat?. Stay blessed and keep writing….

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much…

  2. Nikita

    Finally posted..!

  3. Wow nikki tr kamaal kardia tune toh!! 😀 i guess dat surprise shraman confession maybe i dont really knw btw i knw watevr d surprise is u will make it fabbbb!!! N y ita ending sooon yr plzz cm bck with anothr 1 😀

    1. Nikita

      Sure.. I would be back and with a blast.. Thank you..

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwww ??? what an ep yr ?? … nd I guess the surprise would be a ShraMan please proposal??

  5. Nice epi….

    1. Nikita

      Thanks lily

  6. Prettypreeti

    No nikky I can’t see it ending and wow newton third law in love omg what an idea u are superb loved it a lot

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much preeti

  7. Angel_pari

    Aryyyy nikki nh na y ending soon 🙁 will miss it aand today epi was emotional nd i loved it….. Hmm suprise may be sharman confession eagerly waiting post soon

    1. Nikita

      it has to .. i dont wish to drag it na di…

  8. Khushi

    Oye hoye Nikki…no words for u …u r chota packet bda dhamaka the love realisation was so good….and shravan ko Newton ka third law nhi pta…lallu kahin ka??
    Koi humse pucho ki hum kaise yaad karte hai???
    Anyways loved it yr….and m sad that u r ending it but plz do come up with the next one soon

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much khushi di.. ab shravan lallu hai toh kya kare,.. glad u liked the love realisation.. i have to end the ff cuz i dont wanna drag it much.. sure i would come up with another ff chill

  9. Nikki…u r rocked..its..so..nice..of you..that u r decided to write.two shots..after this..?☺?

    1. Nikita

      thanks sona di.. keep luving

  10. Wow yar nice……. And sumo realisation was awesome

  11. hey awesome realisation but what is this nikita this is not done pl. don’t end your ff
    or else come back with some other ff

    1. Nikita

      i would come back with another ff… but i don’t wish to drag this…

  12. nikki !! awesome one *_* being a secret reader i always adored the ff’s here ♥ you are one of those ♥

    1. Nikita

      thanks.. and keep commenting.. dont be a silent reader anymore

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