“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-15



Hey guys.. Happy to know that the track of kamini, lalaji, and vandy bhabhi entering the track.. Thank you…

And sry for the late update.. But my exams..:/

Precap: all 6 buy a house. Khuruv proposal. sumo’s kinda luv realisation n kamini,vandy n lalaji entering..

Sumo – Pushkar reach the airport, realizing that they were 45 min. late..

A lady enters.. Wearing a nice sari and she is followed by a glamorous lady wearing a nice slit cut suit and tons of makeup. She is followed by a man, wearing a simple shirt and pant.

Pushkar: maa, lalaji, vandy bhabhi..!!
Kamini goes towards her

Kamini: haii? Ye koi waqt hota hai? 45min late!!
Vandy: kya pushkar.. Meri skin kitni tan ho gayi yaha khade hokar.. Why pushkar?

Sumo looks at her n looks at pushkar

Lalaji: are ho jata hai.. Bhul gaya hoga.. Shant bhi ho jao.. Waise hi itna padta hai woh!

Pushkar: thank you papa!!!

Sumo: namastey uncle, aunty and vandy bhabhi.. Mei sumo, pushkar ki friend..
Kamini: sumo?
Sumo: suman
Vandy: sumann… Ye namastey – vamastey chodo..

Vandy hugs sumo..

They put everything in taxi..

Vandy: kitni garmi hai yahan.. Mummyji, mujhe kala nahi hona..
Kamini: Vandy puttar.. Sun-screen lotion naam ki bhi cheez hoti hai… Kuch vi aivayi
Vandy: yes mummyji..
(Pls remember vandy’s kiddish glamorous voice n imagine)

Lalaji: toh suman beta, tum kya banna chahti ho?
Sumo: woh uncle mei ek PCT naam ka catering service..
Lalaji: PCT?
Sumo: Priya Central Tiffin.. Woh actually meri mom ka sapna tha.. Unke marne ke baad meine soch lia tha ki mei PCT kholungi.
Lalaji: mujhe kuch bana ke dogi?
Sumo: sure uncle..!!

They reach their house…

Shravan comes out….

Shravan: heyy…. Namastey chachi….
Kamini: shravann puttar..!! Kaise ho??
Shravan: bas…

He lifts his hands sideways and taps it back into his thighs..

Preeti: namastey…
Pushkar: maa, ye… Preeti hai..
Kamini: oh hello…
Vandy: hi preetii…
Preeti: hello…

Pushkar: maa, mei preeti, pushkar , sumo , shravan, khushi , dhruv saath mei rehte hai..

Kamini: what?
Sumo: ji aunty…
Vandy: woow.. That must be so fun.. Saare dost ek saath.. So fun, huh?
Khushi: a lot…

Sumo cooks food.. Everyone loves it..

Shravan: toh tum sachme aacccha banati ho..!
Sumo: shravann..!!

They all go to rest in their respective rooms..

Kamini goes to preeti’s room but sees her talking to someone on phone..

Preeti: kitni baar bolu, I love you!

Kamini leaves in shock..

Kamini: ye kisse baat kar rahi thi?? Pata toh karna padega..
Vandy: kya pata karna padega mummmy ji??
Kamini: kuch nhi.. Aise hi..
Vandy: mummy ji… Bye

Precap: kamini-vandy get to know abt shravan’s feelings for sumo…

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  1. very nice epi nikita

  2. update asap

  3. Angel_pari

    Nikki i,m extremely sorry for late i was very busy in eid but i loved this part i was missing kuch vi anve hi hahahahaha loved it post soon 🙂

  4. One of the best EDKV ff’s going on here….keep writing….keep going…

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much.. Means a. Lot

  5. Narendran

    Give me some tips yaar!! Becoz I write well.. In matsh ff and other shows.. Too.. But coming to edkv I don’t get comments from them.. In any ff.. I write one ff on this show . in which edkv fans never comment!! At least give some ideas.. I wrote matsh 196epi!! Many liked it.. But here.. No one??????????????

    1. Khushi

      Hey which ff do u write plz tell???

      1. Narendran

        The land of snow!! Ff.. Based on edkv,krpkab and vishkanya

      2. Khushi

        Ohk i don’t know anything about vishkanya but u will definitely c my comment in ur next part I will surely read it yr

    2. Nikita

      Hey… Its not me.. Its maria di, lovely di, khushi that encourage me and inspire me.. I have no tips except for one: write from your heart and express what you wanna see in the show.. I’m pretty sure that would be appreciated

  6. Khushi

    Omg Nikki…..I think I have told u already in PM but again saying that I are amazing u r blessed with so much of talent….. Yr can’t wait for the next episode…. Post when u get free…..I want to c what will kamini do after learning about shravan and sumo feelings……
    I had one question……is kamini negative or positive in ur ff???

    1. Nikita

      Means a lot.. Thank you so much.. I m blessed.. Whoa.. That’s way too much.. And about kamini, she will be positive for shraman but negative for preekar

  7. Nice yaar..

  8. ???matlab..syappa shuru hogaye kamini chachi ki..becharey hamarey cutesi pairs..???
    Nice one..post the next one soon

  9. Wow ye amazing nikki!!! 😀 i loved it to d core……!!
    U r just 13 n writes so amazinglyy!!
    Wonderful!! Fab!! egrly waiting fr nxt ep….!! Plzz post soon….!
    Hhahhaha this kamini chachi serial mai toh negative pr dono ke liay ……
    Shukar ff mai shraman bach gai 😀 😀
    preekar har jagah phanste hain..!! haahaha 😀

  10. Prettypreeti

    Thank u for posting and I loved it loved it lovedloved it very very much it so nice post asap

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