“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-14



Interesting episode guys..

Sumo: this is not fair..
Shravan: I swear.
Preeti: I hate living in this hostel..!!
Pushkar: I too…
Khushi: phir kya karna haii??
Sumo: idea… You know that uncle kapoor na?? He is selling his bungalow.. Woh lele?
Pushkar: yes.. Woh bohot bada aur sundar bhi hai..
Shravan: not bad.

They get ready n go to there

They get to see the house.. It was big enough for 8 people to live in.. 7 bedrooms, kitchen, dining..

They ask for the prize..

3,000 per month (sorry I don’t know rates.. 13 saal ki bacchi kya kya karegi?)

They accept the deal saying that each will pay 5,000..

Dhurv: yaar… Bye..
Khushi: kyyu??
Dhruv: woh.. Kal ki wajah se…
Sumo: dhruv, chill.. I have moved on and so should you… Please.. Forget it…
Shravan: yes bro..
Dhruv: nahi..
Khushi: dhruv tumhe rukna padega!
Dhruv: kyu?
Khushi: mere liye…
Dhruv: why?
Khushi: I love you..
Dhruv: whatt?
Sumo: whatt??
Shravan: whattt???
Khushi: I do.. I do..
Dhruv: tumne kabhi nahi bataya..
Khushi: woh..woh…
Sumo: oh c’mon…

Sumo pushes khushi and khushi-dhruv share a hug..

They break the hug

Shravan: aww…

Pushkar receives a phone call..

Pushkar: whatt?? Nahi naa…
Pushkar: fine…
He disconnects

Preeti: kya hua?
Pushkar: meri mumma aa rahi hai

p.s: pushkar-shravan r childhood friends

Shravan: kamini chachi?
Pushkar: any vandy bhabhi..
Shravan: oh.. I understand bro

Sumo: problem kya haii??
Shravan: tum nhi jaanti.. She’s verry jasoosive.. Sab pe nazar rakhegi.. And lot more…
Pushkar: I know tu sahi keh raha hai.. But bro, woh meri maa aur bhabhi hai.
Shravan: sorry..

Pushkar recieves a msg

Pushkar: lo, papa bhi aa rahe hai..

Shravan: lalaji?
Sumo: yay…????
Shravan: yes.. He’s “yayy” he’s my fav.
Sumo smiles

Days passed and they lived in the house..

Alarm is ringing.. Sumo wakes up n shuts it down

She shouts: shitt… Pushkarrrr
Pushkar sleepily: kya hai?
Sumo: its 8…
pushkar: toh?
Sumo: tumhari momki flight 7:15 pe land hui haii..!!
Pushkar: shitt…

Sumo-pushkar get ready and go to the airport

Precap: all 6 meet the 3…

How was the episode? And shraman’s confession is most awaited, but it will happen after kamini, lalaji, and vandy come and do some stuffs…

Hope you enjoy the track now..

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  1. Hii! I hv been reading ur ff since the very first epi. Sorry I never commented. Today’s epi was fab I must say. But, tell me one thing, are u 13 yr old? Coz even I’m 13. Hope that we can become friends. We can private message each other…

    1. Nikita

      Sure.. Let’s. Private msg.. I’m 13 too.. It would be fun..

  2. It’s fab Nikki !!
    Yr tune kamal kardia lalaji kamini chachi n vandy !!! Full on masti in upcoming ep!!!
    Early waiting fr next ep…..!! 😀

    1. Nikita

      Thank you

  3. Nikita

    It was 30,00 per month* and guys, it is even that TU skipped a scene..
    It said after the see the house, the do not find dhruv around and search for him.. They see dhruv with bags and and sumo stops in and asks what.. Then he replies yaar..bye

    And one more:
    After whole khuruv scene, pushkar-preeti are shown in a room.. Adoring the house..
    Pushkar: kaisa laga??
    Preeti: beautiful..
    Pushkar: humara pehla ghar, jaha hum saath rahenge..
    Preeti:with shavan,sumo,khushi,dhruv..
    Pushkar: kya yaar pura mood flop kar diya..

    Another one after knowing that pushkar’s parents are coming and shraman go to explore the house..

    Preeti: ab kya??
    Pushkar: kyu??
    Preeti: tumhari mom aa rahi hai..
    Pushkar: kyu? Apni saas se darr lag raha hai??
    Preeti hits him..

    Shravan: sumo,kaisa laga..
    Sumo: beautiful..
    She trips over a table and shravan holds her.. They share an eyelock..
    Sumo excuses her self n leaves
    Sumo”ye kya ho raha hai?? Mei shravan ke paas kyu jaa rahi hoon? Aisa toh mujhe kabhi – bhi pehle dhruv ke liye bhi nahi laga hat is it that I am feeling for him??”

    These scenes e cut I don’t know why..

  4. Sharmansangel

    Very nice Nikita i loved it was fab waiting for next one

  5. Nice epi…

  6. Angel_pari

    It was very nyc nikki loved it…… Ahaaa sharman,s confession waiting eagerly….post soon

    and dont worry tu walon ko bhook lagi hogi islye unho ne bech bech mn se kha liya 😀

    but epi was superb sweeto 🙂

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much. Lagta hai tu ko. Bhook lagi hogi par mera ff khane ki kya zarwat thi? Hope u read sumo’s kinda luv realisation

      1. Angel_pari

        Yep i read and i loved it…… Ab tumhara ff h e itna amazing k tu wale kya karte 😉

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Superb ep ????

  8. Ya..we liked..the surprise..tho..family aabey wali hai..gd.☺?
    Sab ki love stories ko band bajaney..??☺

  9. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Nikita

      thank u kavina..

  10. Pretty Preeti

    Nice epi Nikita u r great .I am also 13 years old

    1. Nikita

      so we’re friends then.. why dont you register so we can private msg??

      1. Prettypreeti

        So I have registered my sweet friend can I call u nikky

  11. Narendran

    13yrs old?? Superb writing skills!!

    1. Nikita

      thank you means a lot!!

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