“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-13


Well… Here’s the answer: its not Khuruv or Shraman.. But its preekar n Dhruman

Precap: sumo’s past with dhruv.

Dhruv: ab kaise karu? Kaise batau sumo ko ki I have feelings for her.. Shravan bhi toh usse pyaar karta hai..

Shravan heard this…

Shravan: whatt??
Dhruv: shravann..! Tu yaha? Kaise
Shravan: tune kya bola?? You love sumo..
Dhruv: jo tune suna. Hmm..
Shravan: tu janta tha ki mei
Dhruv: shravan I’m sorrY but
Shravan: tujhe jo sahi lage kar le.. I trusted you but…
Dhruv: shravan.. Sun toh bhai…

Shravan walks away..

Dhruv: ab toh bol hi dunga sumo ko…


Preeti recieves a text from an unknown no.

“Meet me at xyz place at 9 if you love him”

Preeti: what’s this? I’m not gonna go..

She keeps the phone..


Dhruv: sumo.. Mujhe tujhse baat karni hai..
Sumo: bolo naa..
Dhruv: woh.woh..I love you..
Sumo is taken back.
Sumo: what?
Dhruv: sumo…
Sumo: naam mat lo mera.. How could you? Jab meine kaha ki I love you, you said you did not love me..

Shravan enters n looks at sumo crying

Sumo: (not realizing that shravan’s there)Now when I love someone you say you love me??
Shravan: tum kisise pyaar karti ho??
Sumo: woh..woh..
Dhruv: kaun hai woh?

Sumo looks emotionally at shravan and cries..

Sumo: woh toh mere muh se nikal gaya..
Shravan looks on…!
Dhruv: I’m sorry..

He walks away.. Sumo runs towards Shravan and he hugs her..

Sumo: aisa kyu hua?? Kyu shravan? When I moved on,why did he bring back the past?
Shravan rubbing her back says,” its okay..” “Shhshh.. Its fine”

She hugs him harder..


At 8:30

Preeti: meet me at xyz place at 9 if I love him.. Kahin pushkar ki jaan khatre mei toh nahi hai…!! Shitt..

She gets ready in a nice suit and goes to the place..

It was beautifully decorated.. She sees pushkar on one knee..

Preeti: pushkar? Tum theek to ho? Mei kitna ghabra gayi thi..
Pushkar: kyu?
Preeti: because I .. I ..I love you damnit..!!
Pushkar: Ms. Preeti Tiwari, will you complete my life??
Preeti nods in happiness..

They hug …

Preeti: but that msg.. ?
Pushkar: I sent it.. To get u here so I could propose..
Preeti hits her..
Preeti: stupid! idiot mei kitna dar gayi thi..

They sit down n have dinner…

Precap: dhruv is to leave the clg

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And this was short so sorry..


  1. maria

    Wow!!! outstanding ye nikki !! i loved it awesome!! Waiting fr shraman confession! 😀

  2. LovelyLady

    |Registered Member

    yeeeee my predoction was,half rt….. i hv hoped fr dhruman prposal……
    i wanna,chocolate…. bt its ol tum choti ho meri taraf se,kha lena……
    cmbg to d epi… it was vry good… shramans momnts were fab…. i jst love thm… post as soon as possible….

  3. sona

    I’m so..happy..after reading..that sumo had some clarity..about wt she want…☺???
    Really..loved it..☺

  4. Shalini Naicker

    Now It’s confirm that Sumo does not have any more feelings for Dhruv. Thank God.

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