“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-12


Precap: some fun moments and dhruv gives a hint to shravan that he and sumo had a past…

Shravan: dhruv…! Ye kya keh raha tha..

He catches up with him but he leaves..

Shravan: sumo se baat karni padegi..

He goes to sumo’s room

Shravan: sumo…
Sumo: haan bolo..
Shravan: woh… If you don’t mind can I ask you a question
Sumo: bol na yaar..
Shravan: woh.. Tere aur dhruv ke beech kuch tha kya?
Sumo: ye tujhe kisne bataya?
Shravan: dhruv ne…
Sumo: (angrily) it was personal..
She gets up n stands near the window..
Shravan goes to her and sees her crying..

Shravan: sumo.. I’m sorry but..
Sumo: baitho…

He sits down and she sits beside him

Sumo: shravan wo actually.. I loved dhruv…
Shravan is in shock..
Shravan: whatt?? You love him.
Sumo: tumne shayad suna nahi.. I LOVED him..not anymore..
Shravan: phir?
Sumo: I loved him.. Par woh mujhe sirf ek dost manta tha… Then one day I made up my mind and decided to confess…jab mei uske paas gayi I saw him with khushi. I never knew khushi..he introduced her to me as his FRIEND .. I thought that that’s it.. I won’t confess… We 3 spent all of our time together… I saw in dhruv’s eyes the love for khushi.. But he never confessed.. Then one day when we were playing truth n dare I was asked about my first crush , I said dhruv..
He never asked me anything about it. I just smiled at him and said,” but I’ve moved on now” he smiled back.. I got up to get water..
He came to me and asked me if I am fine.. I said yes.. He hugged me assuring that we still share the same old bond”

Shravan looked at her emotionally.. Sumo hugged him..

Sumo: I’ve moved on..
Shravan: sumo, but tumhe kabhi bhi bura nahi laga jab tum usse khushi ke saath dekhti thi?
Sumo: shravan…agar aap kisi se pyaar karte ho to uski khushi mei aapki khushi hoti hai..
Shravan: sumo..!!
Sumo: shravan I have moved on.. Dhruv is my best friend n that’s it…
Shravan: that’s all right…

He hugs her..
Shravan turns to leave.
Sumo: oye… Its 6:30..ab koi class nahi hai..
Shravan: oh haan….
Sumo: shravann…

They decide to watch tv but fight for tv…sumo runs away with the remote. Shravan chases her n thinks ” SUMO is finally fine… Meine dekha tha that sumo was in little shock at seeing khuruv… But now since she has shared it with me, I think she feels better” he runs after her..


Pushkar: preeti, tum kabhi shaadi karogi?
Preeti: shayad, tum..??
Pushkar: tu milegi toh khushi-khushi.
Preeti: pushkarr…
Pushkar: accha suno, mujhe kuch kaam hai. Toh kal mile??
Preeti: kyu tum raat ko nahi aaoge?
Pushkar: nahi woh… Kaam hai..
Preeti: okay..

Pushkar leaves…


Khushi: dhruv, sumo yahan hai..
Dhruv: toh mei kya karu?
Khushi: you don’t remember your past with her..
Dhruv: I do. But sumo has moved on.. Waise bhi uske paas shravan hai.
Khushi: matlab shravan-suman??
Dhruv: nahi… Shravan loves her. Sumo does not..and mei aur sumo best friends hai..so..
Khushi: I know dhruv…

Precap: A proposal..

Who do you think the proposal is of? Is it KhuRuv’s? Or ShraMan’s? Or PreeKar’?

Hint: the couple’s name joined together has a “R” in it…hehe..

Please comment… And how was the past? What do you think, has sumo moved on?

And who’s proposal? Guess..

Keep Commenting..

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  1. Angel_pari

    i alwayzzzz love sharman small small fight remote fight was cute huhhhh thank God sumo moved on 🙂

    kya yar R to sab mn h but i think its khuruv 😀 if my guess will b right than i want choclate 😉

    1. Nikita

      thank you.. and isiliye hint di hai.. you might get a chocolate if you are correct..:)

  2. Wow!! Loved it to d core!!! 😀 well written yr……!
    May be preekar..!

    1. Nikita

      thank you maria di.. ab woh toh kal hi pata chalega

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Superb ep ??? … I think sumo has moved on … Nd coming to the question I think preekar ????

    1. Nikita

      well lets see

  4. Khushi

    Ohh yr it was a dhamakedar episode I loved it….ohh so sumo has moved on….acha hai main sumo and dhruv ke beech mein aa gyi nhi toh bechare shravan ka kya hota???
    Keep it up yr and post soon love u??
    And I think the proposal would be of me and dhruv???

    1. Nikita

      let’s see.. thank you so mch

  5. amazing,
    can it be sumo and dhruv…..matlab dhruv will propose sumo………….just a wild thought came into my mind……..lol……

    1. Nikita

      lets see..thank u

  6. Kavina

    I loved it. I think KhuRuv.

    1. Nikita

      let’s see.. thanks

  7. Shalini Naicker

    It’s definitely Khuruv. Loved the episode. Keep writing.

    1. Nikita

      thank you..

  8. Bhoomi

    Superb Episode nikki…. Hehe remote fight ?…. U r very clever… What a Hint ?….. I think its Khurav or Shraman or preekar ??…

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much.. Great guesses by the way

  9. Khushi

    Wow Niki u r fab…I am loving my role…
    And acha hua main dhruv and sumo ke beech mein aa gyi nhi toh bechare shravan ka kya hota???
    Loves it yr…I simply adore sharman bonding though they are just friends till now but really I loved it….keep it up dear and post soon…
    And I think it’s kharuv proposal coming on ….or it can be shravan proposing sumo and then sumo getting mad at him coz we know till now sumo don’t have such feelings… Just a wild guess??

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much..

  10. Khushi

    Oops posted it twice….when I opened it they didn’t show my comment so I thought to write it again and when I wrote and posted they showed me my earlier comment so sorry yr…this moderation really needs some treatment yr

    1. Nikita

      it is fine di… moderation needs treatment.. and its good to have 3 comments of same member.. 🙂

  11. LovelyLady

    Mujhe lga cmmnt chsla gys h….. bt it failed due to bad netwrk….
    I thnk yhat confession is between dhruman …. sry out of the optns… bt mujhe lga….. hehehe…..
    Epi was superb…… as usual….. speechless abt it ..
    Plz jldi nxt epi post kro taki pta chle ki m i rt or wrng????

    1. Nikita

      Thank you.. and i would..

  12. Hahhahahhaha…….u already told that its khuruv proposal…..and the epi was nice keep it up

    1. Nikita

      i did nto.. all the 3 couples have R in it.. look: shRaman pReekar khuRuv

  13. awesome epi
    and about the proposal hint i would say that r is in every couple but on second thought khu’R’uv is joined by ‘R’ so i think the proposal is of them only
    pl. correct me if i m wrong
    and one more thing to say that is update soon.

    1. Nikita

      Thank you.. n di, the hint was that’s why given.. all have R na thats why… it was a joke

  14. Sumo

    it was awesome… u write fantastic.. n about the guess game . . I think proposal would be of khush n dhruv.. ??

    1. thank you so much… well proposal kiska hai woh toh kal hi pata chalega

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