“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-11


Hey guys.. It seems that all of you are happy with the new character entry..
And yea nice idea.. You guys imagine Dhruv as Utkarsh Gupta and Khushi as @khushidi..
And yes..

Can you guys pls imagine that sumo does not love shravan yet? Please? Just say that she thinks there’s a connection between them but never knew what it was.. Please.. Thank you..! So till now Sumo does not have realised her love for him..

Recap: new entry and some shraman-preekar moments.

Dhruv and Sumo are sitting in the canteen and talking..

Sumo: aur wo kaun.. Maria..
Dhruv: hmmm.. Maria.. Wo NIFT mai haii..
Sumo: chalo good..
Dhruv: tera kya scene haii?

Shravan comes and sits beside them.. Sumo. N dhruv wave n continue
Sumo: bas abhi ye course khatam karke…PCT kholenge..
Dhruv: woh Priya Tiffin Centre?
Sumo: tujhe yaad tha?
Dhruv: chahkar bhi bhul na saka..
He smiles.. Sumo goes AWWW .. Shravan smiles.
Sumo: shravan.. Tera test tha naa?? Kaisa gaya??
Shravan: accha gaya..
Shravan” tumhe yaad tha… ” He smiles..
Preeti n pushkar enter..
All 5 sit.. They hear a girl screaming..

They rush out n see that a girl is forcibly touching khushi.. Sumo holds khushi’s hand and moves her out..

Sumo: kya hua? Pehle kabhi ladki nahi dekhi kyaa??
Guy: dekhi toh hai.. Par..
Sumo: par.. Aisi nahi dekhi naa jisme tumhe apni bhen aur maa dikhai deti hai.. Haina?
Guy: oh hello?
Sumo: ek min..

She goes n holds shravan’s hand n removes a string that was tied on his hand.. She opens it and whispers to shravan.

Shravan smiles and goes the guys hand.. Khushi takes the string and ties on his hand.. Dhruv feeds the guy a chocolate..

Guy: ye ho kya raha hai??
Pushkar: usne tujhe rakhi bandhi, aur phir muh mitha kiya..
Guy: what the hell?
He frees himself n runs..

All 6 are standing their n laughing..

Shravan: mujhe nahi pata tha sumo ki tum itni..
Sumo: tum mere baare mei abhi jaante hi kya ho shravan..

Dhruv: bhai, tu nahi janta.. 4 ladko ko thappad maar chuki hai ye.. Kyuki unhone isse badtameezi ki thi..
Sumo: arre woh to unki galti thi..aur abhi bhi uss pagal ki hai..
Khushi: thanks yaar.
Sumo: ab tujhe bhi thappad padega agar thanks bola toh!

They hug.. Shravan is left stunned..

Dhruv , khushi, preeti and pushkar left..

Shravan: sumo..
Sumo: shravan..

She hugs her..

Sumo: chill..
Shravan: mujhe tujhse pyaar ho gaya…
Sumo: kuch bhi bolta hai….!

She playfully runs her fingers through his hair and goes..

Dhruv notices all this..

Dhruv: you love sumo..right?
Shravan looks at him and looks down smiling..

Dhruv: bata na..
Shravan: haan….
Dhruv: toh phir tu mere aur sumo ke baare mei janta ho hoga..
Shravan: kya?
Dhruv: wahi ki….
Shravan: kya?
Dhruv”lagta hai sumo ne nahi bataya hoga”
Dhruv: kuch nahi… Kuch nahi..
Shravan: dhruv! Dhruv.. Sunna..

Dhruv walks away leaving shravan stunned..

Precap: Sumo: kaunsi kahani? Shravan: teri aur dhruv ki! Tell me.. Sumo: woh personal hai.. She angrily walks away in tears.

So?? How was it?? And do make sure to remember that sumo is not in love with shravan yet…

And guess what happened with dhruv and sumo??

And yes, the track is going boring right now.. Just for timepass..but next episodes would be damn interesting.. And a spoiler: PreeKar Confession in 13th episode…

Do comment… Love you all..:)


  1. Anamika

    Suspense…. mmmm
    U r an awesome writer dear
    Looking forward for further epi
    Keep writing…?

  2. maria

    Fab ep!! Nikki 🙂 🙂
    Ye guess krna mushkil hai ke kya hoa ho ga…….. i mean they r best frnds na…… he may be in love wid her just a wild guess…!

  3. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….. I loved the dhruv and sumo bond and ofcourse our sharman are bliss…..hehe so sumo saved me I liked that scene Niki….u r too good…keep it up and yes this suspense… Ohh plz post the next part soon yr??

  4. Perry

    Awwwwesome ep ?? …Nd yess it is not at all boring … I like sharavan’s jealousy?? …. Nd coming to the question I think personal matter hy mjhy discuss krny ka koi right nae hyy … ???? lol ??

    • Nikita



      thank you.. yep.shravan’s jealousy haha! but hume yaha par discuss karna padega naa.. unka “PERSONAL” matter..

  5. sona

    Nice episode…
    And ya..we r imagining as u said..that sumo..didn’t realise its love..OK..interesting☺☺

  6. angel_pari

    nyc epi nikki 🙂
    ohooo ab sumo or dhruv ka kya secret hoga eargerly waiting to know yar tm log mjhe suspence mn mar e daloge jaldi post kro 🙂

  7. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    it was interesting to read.. I have no clue of sumo n dhruv’s story.. ? hope m hoping d best ???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.