“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-10


Hey guys.. Thank you for the immense support.. Since I can only write THANKS due to less time.. So here’s an note:

Thank you for immense support and love.. Without you’ll I could not have reached 10 episodes.. If many of you remember.. My last ff ended around 10-11… Well that was a short story.. But this one could be long and quite interesting if you help me out.. So thank you.. !!

Here’s ep 10

Recap: confusion cleared..lovely left and sumo’s hand got burnt

Shravan brings sumo back to the hostel..
PreeKar go n get the oinment.. Shravan applies it on her hand..

Pushkar: shitt…!
Sumo: kya hua?
Preeti: wo meri aur pushkar ki class hai…
Sumo: toh tum log jao..
Shravan: haan.. Mei toh hu hi na..

Sumo-shravan look at each other and smile..
Preekar leave..

Sumo: shravann…
Shravan: hmmm…
Sumo: mujhe bhuk lagi hai..
Shravan: oh just a second…

Shravan goes and cooks maggie for her..

Sumo: maggie?? Seriously??
Shravan: yaar..I’m not a professional cook… Okay?? Tu hai bohot mahaan but….
Sumo: accha wait..

She gets up

Sumo: ab mei jaisa bolu waisa karna .. You cook.. Aur ye maggie-waggie bhul jaa…
Shravan: fine..

Sumo narrates her to get this n that…and he does accordingly..

Sumo: pagal ho?? Itna saara jeera!! Nahi…
Shravan: yaar mujhse nahi hoga ye sab…

He makes a puppy face and sits down cutely.. Sumo switches off the gas and walks to him …

She sits beside him..

Sumo holds her ears and makes a puppy face and is looking damn adorable

Sumo: shravannn… SoRry..
Shravan: awww…

He hugs her.. They finish cooking and then sumo is not able to eat as her right hand is burnt… Shravan feeds her .. They have an eyelock… Intense, deep, sweet, adorable, lovely, caring eyelock.. Mixed emotions appeared on their face.. Love, happiness, support, as they are both happy to have each other back..


PreeKar are just staring at each other in the classroom.. the teacher notices it n throws a chalk piece at pushkar..

Pushkar takes a chalk and goes back to his work..preeti smiles and looks down..

Class gets over..both of them pick their bags and go to the canteen..

When they are sitting in the canteen a guy and a girl laughing enters.. They hi-fi and say.. Kitna lallooo thaa..!

Pushkar n preeti give a confused look as they don’t know who it is…

ShraMan enter the canteen..

Sumo looks at the guy-girl and shouts:

Dhruv….!! Khushi…!!

She hugs Khushi happily… She then goes and hugs Dhruv.. Shravan feels a little uncomfortable…

Sumo: itni bhi kya yaad aa rahi thi yaha tapak pade mahaan-aatmaaoo…
Dhruv: yaar wo… Teachers bakwaas hai yaar ITT ki… Isliye yahi aa gaye..

Sumo turns around n looks at preekar n shravan.. She taps her head..

Sumo: dhruv-khushi meet shravan, preeti and pushkar..
Ab tum log toh chale gaye.. Toh yahi sahi.. Tum manhoos toh kabhi phone bhi nahi kiya..
Dhruv: tu hume bhul gayi naa..
Sumo: ek phone toh kiya nahi 1 saal se.. Ab keh rahe ho ki mei bhul gayi.. Wah wah..!!
Khushi: tune bada phone kiya..
Sumo: tune apna no. badal liya tha madam..yaad ho to..
Khushi:oh haan..

Dhruv, Khushi, Preeti, Pushkar, Shravan, Sumo sit together and blend in nicely..

Few days later…
All 6 get to know each other very well…

Precap: Dhruv to know shravan’s feelings regarding sumo..

In case you don’t know:

Manhoos- disgusting ( In a crazy manner )
Mahaan aatmao- Great souls ( sarcastic way)

Thank you for reading.. Comment soon..n khushi di, its the same khushi.. Hoped you liked there entry…

Plzz comment…


  1. Nikita



    Guys just as a matter of fact just imagine naa that sumo is not in love with shravan? It would be really nice for me then.. Please just imagine that sumo never felt for shravan…she always thought that she had a connection with him but never knew what it was…

    Thank you

  2. Maria

    Nikki !!! It was fabulous yr!! U rocked as usulal !!
    I loved d whole ep!! Khushi n dhruv entry was awesome yr!!
    U r an amazing writer!! 😀
    Lov u dear!!

  3. Anamika

    It’s was an superb romantic and a very cute epi Nikita
    I was silent reader of all the ffs on edkv page
    Now I thought I should appreciate work of u all
    All the writers rock …… lovely di Nikita Maria khushi sumo wierdster an nd everybody
    Sorry if I missed anyone..?
    Luv uh all ???

  4. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    super duper epi…. entry of dhruv n khushi was fab…… n the part i liked most was MAGGIE….. i mst say it was vry tasty epi… 😉

  5. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Superb Nikki……and ofcourse I loved my entry and dhruv’s also….it was superb…..shravan and sumo are so cute…and peekar also….really waiting for the next episode plz post soon….
    Love u dear??

  6. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    how cute Niki!! I loved it keep writing keep posting.. well while I imagine dhruv its only utkarsh Gupta dat comes to my mind….?????

  7. angel_pari

    hey nikki it was so nyc 🙂 especially that cooking wala part awwww so cute loved it…. U rocks dear!!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.