“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-1


Hey guys.. I’m nikita (also known as shraman to most of you) and I’m back with a five-shot..(Preekar and Shraman.. Shravan knows pushkar, rest all are unknown)

1st semester, day 1

A guy walks in .. Tall , handsome.. He sits in the chair.. (Oh yea,this is a college love story) a girl sits beside her.. They share a smile..(Are they shraman? Noah! They are our preekar) another tall handsome hunk enters

Pushkar: hey bro.. Here.. (Pointing towards the seat beside him)
They guy is shravan..
Shravan sits beside pushkar.. He looks at preeti and raises his one eyebrow , “who is she?”
Preeti : its preeti.. He does not know me… Chill..
Shravan: ok…
Pushkar (bringing his hand forward) : Friends?
She brings her hand too and holds his hand.. They smile.. And share an eyelock.. Shravan coughs and they look confused.. Then they notice their hands and seperate them..
(None of them are nerds okay?)
The teacher enters.. Just then a girl comes in running.

Teacher: you are late!
Girl: I’m sorry.. Actually there..wo…
Teacher: don’t repeat it.. Go sit..

She sits beside shravan..

Shravan: hi!
Girl: hey..! I’m sumo..
Shravan: I’m shravan..
They shake hands and try to concentrate on what the teacher was teaching..
(The seats were like this.. Shraman side by side and behind them preekar side by side)

Preeti passes a chit to pushkar:
“Movie after this class?”
Pushkar writes sure.. He passes it to shraman who agree as well..

Shravan : kuch samajh aa raha hai?
Sumo: (doing a sign which means “sab sar ke upar se ja raha hai..)
Shravan laughs looking at which sumo also laughs.. Teacher: who is that
They both look down and act as if they are taking down notes.. They secretly smile at each other..

Next class is 40 min. late so everyone goes to the canteen.. There the prefect announces, the room-mates are this time paired in 4

Shraman-Preekar cross hands and start praying that they 4 get the room together.
As rest of the ppl were unknown to them..


Names were kept announcing..last 2 were left..

All were shocked
Shravan was upset.. He wanted to stay with everyone but did not occur a word.. Just then rohan comes to shravan and says,

“Yaar bhai.. I love bhoomi.. Priya-sagar are already a couple.. Pls exchange karlo..”

Shravan was very happy but did not show his excitement..

Shravan: okay…

Rohan hugs him and leaves..

Pushkar pats him..
Then he gets happy and opens up..

All 4 go to their room.. And arrange it their way… There were 2 parts of the room and 4 single beds.. Sumo hangs some twirls and bird hangers on her bed and arranges a think blanket on one side and 2 cushion – bouncy pillows on the other and puts up some cooking posters. Preeti puts some posters on the wall above her about fashion designing.. Pushkar arranges his bed and puts some posters of bands (he was very much into music) .. Shravan hangs some famous lawyer’s pics and some quotes on the wall..

They all then go and attend there rest of the classes cause due to the room-arranging they were too tired for the movie..

Precap: 4 friends first night in their room

If you don’t know me.. I’m the one who wrote the ff “mil jaate hai toh bane kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi” and “shraman..the inseperable bonds” .. Plss comment as they are so encouraging…@bhoomi @tanya @sumo @nandini @lovelylady I missed you all so much..!!

Credit to: nikita

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  1. nikita shayad tumne mujhe miss nahi kiya phir bhi pehli comment me hi kar deti hu brilliant ff plz continue

    1. Bt 1 thng story should be more masaledar shramam means thoda pyar thoda jhagda i miss that plz dont mind ok

      1. Yae sure .. Thank you.. And I never saw your comments in my old ff’s so.. Anyways.. Keep reading

  2. hey Nikita ..nice one….n boys n girls are sharing same room….lol……. naughty imagination

    1. Thank you

  3. so dis is really interesting… college life of d pairs .. post soon.. n niki u write so well..
    waise m so lucky. .. even if u don’t want.. dere’s my name on very ff .. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Thank you sumo.. And yes of course. Your name has to be everywhere..!

    1. Thanks tanya..

  4. Nice story…

    1. thank you nandini..

  5. Inu

    nice story.interesting.i think ekdv here in your view will be new.

    1. Kind of.. But yea.. Thanks

  6. It was good. I liked it.

    1. thank you

  7. Bhoomi

    Superb yaar.. But i dont know any rohan ?? .. Funny too.. loved it..

    1. Maybe you will know someone.. Thank you

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice and very cute

    1. Thanxx

  9. LovelyLady

    awsm story…. frsh track…..
    love to kn that u miss me…. i miss u too dear…..
    bt awww i m not in that class mates list…..

    1. because i cannot name lovelylady a character.. tell me your name. .you would be in the story soon…

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