Shraman OS: A wrong Whatsapp message

Hey guys, I am back with a new OS. And probably the last one. Sorry for that but after this I wont be able to write any because I am going out for vacations so it will not be possible. If I get time I will try to be back.
So lets start with ‘A wrong Whatsapp message’. This idea struck in my mind when my friend sent a message, to the right person but that incident gave me the idea of a wrong Whatsapp message. So lets begin,

Suman pov: I guess I am in love with him… and I feel I cant even live without him, I will have to send a break up message to him. She remembers,

A big college is shown and there is a huzzle buzzle all around.this was the first day of the college, and all new students were searching for their classes. A girl is shown wearing baby pink top with black jeans, who is searching for her class, as she is walking she clashes with a boy rather a senior who was going towards his class. He holds her by her waist. He gets lost in her eyes, her brown eyes, baby pink cheeks. He keeps staring at her. While the girls eyes are closed in fear. She feels his touch and thinks that he is her soulmate, donno why but she felt very nice being with him. She heard a voice from back,
Are sumo…

Yes she is none other than Suman Tiwari.

She comes back to her senses and opens her eyes, but to her surprise after helping her the boy had vanished. She wondered who was he!

Preeti(her best friend): Are sumo.. where have you lost? In whose thoughts? Koi handsome banda mila kya? (you found any handsome boy here?)

Suman: oye chup kar (oh shut up!)

They search for their class and finally they found their class. They all were very excited as it was their first day, not only because of studies but because they will get to make new friends and enjoy college life. Everyone was busy making new friends but Suman, she was just lost in that boy’s thoughts!

Preeti: what happened yaar Sumo? Why are you so lost?
Sumo: No..nothing…
Few days pass by and that boy used to come to see her daily, he had found her class and so he daily used to come to see her. He had fallen in love with her, only confession was remaining. He used to smile seeing her smile and so on…

One day,
A boy came to Suman,
Boy: Suman, I want to say something.
Sumo: Ha Rahul bol! (yes Rahul say!)
Rahul: actually its like… I like you. Will you be my gf?
(Rahul was a boy in Suman’s class, they used to talk with each other frequently, but Rahul had started liking her from the first day itself.)
Sumo: What?? Really?? She thinks for a while and says yes!

(Suman didn’t like him but she wanted her to have a bf! All her friends were having one but she was the only girl with none, so she accepted the proposal only because she didn’t want to be lonely and different from her friends. She proudly wanted to say her friends that she also has a boyfriend.)
Rahul: Thank you so much Suman.. and he forwards to hug her but she refuses.
As she didn’t want to get so close with him.
Days passed by and they used to spend time with each other. She started liking him as a friend but as a boyfriend!
That boy who had saved Suman used to feel jealous seeing their closeness. Everyday when he used to come back home he used to break things of his room to take out his anger. One day he decided to become friends with her and then propose her.

Few days later,
When Rahul was absent, and Suman was alone in the canteen, that boy comes towards her and unfortunately they both clash. The boy hadn’t expected that! Suman, who was carrying coffee in her hand became very angry on that boy because the coffee had fallen on her.
Suman: Don’t you have eyes or what? You idiot boy!
The boy did not want to fight with her lady love and so he just silently listened her. A while later Suman realises that all this while she had been talking alone and the boy didn’t even say a word. And all the students in the canteen were staring at her. She feels embarrassed and leaves from there. That boy felt very upset.
After 2-3 days that boy goes to Suman,
Boy: Hey
Suman: you!!
Boy: I am sorry for what happened in the canteen that day.
Suman: hmm.. its ok!
Boy: so friends?
Suman: I don’t even know your name and friends?
Boy: My name is Shravan Malhotra!
Suman: I am Suman Tiwari, and they both shake hands. They talk for some time about studies. This way they started meeting every day. Suman never told him about Rahul, she met Shravan without informing Rahul. She felt a connection with Shravan. They started getting very close day by day. Suman started loving Shravan and slowly stopped spending time with Rahul.
One day,
Shravan confessed his love to Suman. Suman didn’t realise her love for him and so she does not say anything, she just walked off. Shravan felt very bad.
That entire night Suman was thinking about Shravan and she realises that she is in love with him.

She types a message,
She sent the message and she realises that it was sent to Shravan! She wanted to send it too Rahul!
Everything was shattered for her. She cried a lot. When Shravan read it, he was also completely shattered. He cried. He realises that maybe she loves Rahul as he had seen them together many times. He cried a lot, and was in pain that his love didn’t accept him.

Next day,
Suman went to Shravan,
Suman: Shravan listen.. that message… was..
Shravan: I understand! Its ok..
Suman: listen to me that message..
Shravan: I have to attend my class, will meet you later.
Suman: Shravan… she cried but he didn’t turn.
Shravan wiped his tear after turning.
Suman also went for her class. Later when they had a break, she went to Rahul.
Suman: Rahul listen..
Rahul: Yes.. say na..
Suman: Actually I want to break up with you. I don’t love you.
Rahul: you cant! I love you more than anyone else in the world.
Suman: no Rahul.. I am sorry, she starts to leave.
Shravan hears them, he realises that the message was for Rahul. But he felt cheated as Suman never told him about Rahul. He turned to leave, but then is stopped by a noise.

Suman: Leave me Rahul..
Rahul: You are only mine…
Suman: ahh..
Shravan runs to her and saves her from Rahul. He beats him blue and black. Rahul runs away from there. Suman quickly hugs Shravan
Suman: I love you Shravan..
Shravan: I love you too Suman..
The End!

So I am done with it! I know it was very boring because I wrote it in a hurry. Sorry for wasting your time 🙁 please comment and let me know your views whether good or bad!
And I am done with my last OS. As I told you I am going out and after that my exams will begin so hardly I will get time to read other ff’s so maybe I will not comment. Bye bye I have to do packing now.. love you all…
Thank you!

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  1. good one ….no one is writing. . story……yar…but u have written. .thanks….

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Ruhi☺☺

  2. Ufaaq

    hey maria the os was ammmaaaaazing
    dnt u dare to say its boring
    axha g so u r also leaving
    now see how tu family will bash u like the way they bashed me
    axxha kidhar ja rae h vcaaton pr??????
    tussi ja rae ho………..tussi na jao
    have a saafe journey
    enjoy fully
    best of luck for ur exams
    take care
    with love

    1. Angel20

      Hey ufaaq!
      Thank you so much☺☺ and sorry I’ll not say it boring again..?
      Ok so firstly tonight I’ll be leaving for ‘Tirthayatra’ I mean pilgrimage to various darga’s I hope you know that..?
      Then after that I’ll go to Goa✌✌
      Thanks and yaa I’ll enjoy, I’ll try commenting☺
      I’ll be back after my exams don’t worry?
      Thanks again..
      Love you❤

      1. Ufaaq

        r u not a muslim maria??????????

      2. Ufaaq

        trithyatra to hindu ki hoti haina yarrrrrrrrrrr hamari to ziarat hoti h
        tm b naw confuse kr dia
        acha sorry for that
        r han mere liye b pray krna ok????

    2. Angel20

      Yes I am a Muslim. that’s why I told Na I’ll be going to dargah! Or you can call it mosque only..

    3. Angel20

      Are ha malum hai! But mujhe voi sujh raha tha! Ha ziarat hoti hai? pata nahi mujhe tirthyatra word bohot pasand aya isiliye?? sorry for confusing you!

  3. Beas

    It’s awesome di. Will miss u a lot . Enjoy ur holidays and good luck ? for ur exams. I hope ur condition is better and plz carefully climb the stairs from now onwards. Byeeeee!! Loads of love ❤
    And di have u stopped the ff ‘ Pyar Dosti Hai’?? I m asking this coz I was
    an ardent fan of that one. Sorry if I hurt u ???

    1. Angel20

      Hey Beas thank you so much..
      But I am not that Maria.. I’m the other one! Her name on tu is Marie here. And I didn’t fall from stairs??
      And yaa I’m also missing that ff badly?

      1. Beas

        Oh so sorry di. I was just confused ?. So so so sorry. Plz forgive ???

    2. Angel20

      It’s ok yaar! Galti hogayi hai..

      1. Angel20

        Hojati* ☺☺

  4. Hey Maria di!
    Awwww….the OS was sooo cute!
    Honestly, I simply couldn’t imagine Shravan calmly listening when someone was yelling at him!!
    Well, since you’re going for your vacations, does that mean you won’t post your FF on KRPKAB either?
    I’ll miss you di!
    Loads and tons of love!????????

    1. Angel20

      Hey darling…
      Thank you so much☺☺
      Yaa vaise even I can’t imagine that??
      Well yes I’ll not post that, I had actually started writing the last episode of my KRPKAB ff but then didn’t get time to complete it. If I get time before going I’ll surely post it☺
      I’ll miss you too jaan… I’ll be back after my exams! So don’t worry.. and and and mujhe bhool mat Jana????
      Love you so much????❤❤?

      1. Ohh..I’ll be waiting for your post! Although I hadn’t really expected the last one so soon!
        Of course, I won’t forget you di! Pakka!
        Best of luck for your exams! Hope you excel in all subjects and pass with flying colours!
        Love ya!?????

    2. Angel20

      Thanks dear! But I feel my story is completed and I don’t wanna drag it that’s why!☺

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey maria…..!!!!
    I m gonna miss u girl…!
    How long will u be holidaying..?
    U better stay in touch…otherwise it would be bad for u…?
    D story was nice..
    Plz plz be back soon..
    Love u loads..
    Enjoy ur vacation..
    Take care..
    Have fun

    1. Angel20

      Awww I’m so sorry, I’ll stay in touch pakka!
      I’ll only stop writing, I’ll mostly comment!
      Thank you so much☺☺
      Yaa hopefully after my exams.. and I’ll be back on 1st November and again I’ll be going out on 9th November!
      I’ll have to study in the mid period because my exams will start after reopening! So after my exams I’ll write!
      Miss you too..
      Thanks again!
      Love you❤❤

  6. Sami

    Hey maria
    Now u r also leaving
    What d hell re t from the day when i joined this site everyone started leaving it
    Pls comeback soon
    Enjoy ur teerthyathra
    Os was fantastic awesome as always

    1. Angel20

      Hey sami!
      Don’t worry yaar I’ll be back soon! Probably November end or December.
      Thank you so much?? Ya I’ll try to enjoy as I really don’t wanna go! I find it a bit boring.. have to travel a lot??
      Love you❤

  7. Pooja26

    superb thought
    love shraman 😉 😉 😉

    keep wrting……..

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??
      Love you..
      Take care..

  8. chalo matlab I was ri8! sabko Pari di ki bimari lag rahi hai ya kahu lag gayi hai, ha?????
    phir se aisa bola to suicide kar lungi, usse pehle apko do thappar lagaungi, samajhte kya hai khudko, bare he to nai marungi, apna hat hai kisliye, duniyame kya aur koi ghumne nai jata, kisi aur ke exms nai hote, sab kya apke gale par gaye, dobara aisa mat kehna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! samjhe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kuch din bad phir a to sakte hai na ap! ya phir woha ayu maiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aur ye os abtak parha nai a v parke ati hu, heheeheeeeeee

    1. Hawwww mn ne kya kiya

      1. chor k jane ki dhamki dena suru kiyaaa!!!

      2. Ariana

        Maria di!!! I’m gonna miss you.
        you have been such a sweetheart to me
        our journey together hasn’t been that long but the bonding was strong.
        Ur write ups r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooddddddd
        I love every single shot of urs.
        Tusi na jao
        I can understand u have vacation planning nd other work but I hope u can pop up to surprise us with some brilliant stories
        I’m really gonna miss ur sweet words.
        U r a very very very talented girl.
        Stay blessed forever
        keep smiling
        love u
        hugs nd kisses
        take care

    2. Angel20

      Are nahi suicide mat karo yaar.. aisa mat kaho.. ok ok I’m sorry firse Jane ki baat nahi karungi lekin ab thode Dino baad aungi.. pakka… Vaise ap asakto ho Yaha.. 😉
      Sorry.. love you..

  9. Prettypreeti

    Maria di it was soooo awsome.
    Ur os was marvellous as always

    Why r u going ????
    OK I know its religious so pray well my good wishes.
    Come back soon.
    I loved this os.title was fab.
    Good one.
    Lots of luv

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Preeti☺☺
      I’ll pray for all of you…
      Thanks again??
      Love you❤

  10. Ur os… All os are just so awsome maira loved it enjoy ur days and be back soon take care

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??
      Yaa I’ll be back soon!!
      Miss you..
      Take care..
      Love you❤

  11. Nikita

    Mario, do come back soon..
    The storyy was amaziing….
    I thought something, with the same title.. So I thought maybe you got the same idea, but gladly this wasn’t it. My ideas totally different..
    Anyways, this was a cute os
    Do come back soon!
    Love you!

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much dear??
      Our ideas are different☺ so you also come up with your idea Na!?
      I’ll be back soon??
      Love you❤
      Take care…

  12. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it ws really beautiful bt that doesnt mean maine maf kar diya! ek Maria wo hai jise bol bol k thak gayi ki rest le lo aur ek ye hai jisi na jane k liye rqst kar kar k thak gayi, sare Maria jiddi hote hai kya!!?????? jo v hai it was awesome nd I luvd it, come back soon
    luv u – Neeti

    1. Angel20

      Ok baba… Haha?? ham ziddi hai ??
      Thank you so much??
      I’ll be back soon!!
      Love you❤
      Take care…
      See you soon..

  13. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Maria!!!!
    This OS was Mind blowing yar ..
    r hmen sad sad kr k khud vacations pr ja rae ho yar .. bt thnx for this OS r should I say a GOOD-BYE LETTER … enjoy ur vacations nd make a come back sooooooon .. ok naww ???
    Till then take care ..
    Stay blessed
    Stay healthy.
    Nd love u ???

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??
      Awww maine ap sab ko sad kar diya Na.. mai vapas jaldi aungi… Yeah a goodbye letter?
      Of course I’ll be back sun ap sab ke bina nahi the sakti?????
      Take care…
      Love you too❤❤

  14. Ariana

    Maria di!!! I’m gonna miss you.
    you have been such a sweetheart to me
    our journey together hasn’t been that long but the bonding was strong.
    Ur write ups r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooddddddd
    I love every single shot of urs.
    Tusi na jao
    I can understand u have vacation planning nd other work but I hope u can pop up to surprise us with some brilliant stories
    I’m really gonna miss ur sweet words.
    U r a very very very talented girl.
    Stay blessed forever
    keep smiling
    love u
    hugs nd kisses
    take care

    Ohhh it got posted as a reply to Neeti’s comment. TU sucks but k I’ll miss u

    1. Angel20

      I’m gonna miss you too??????
      Thank you so much for your love and support and I guarantee you that I’ll be back soon.. well of course I’ll pop up if I get anything in my mind and get time to write it down. I’ll surely give a surprise then…
      Thank you so much..
      Tune to mujhe emotional kar diya??
      Stay blessed..
      Be happy..
      Miss you??
      Love you❤
      Will be back soon…

  15. Diya

    Oh Maria di !! Awesome !!! Very nice story !!! Sorry for late comment !!

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much??❤❤
      Love you❤

  16. Hey awesome story yaar just love it.

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much☺☺

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