Shraman OS: His Voice (Part 2)

Thank you so much for your positive response. I am really very happy that you all liked it so lets begin with the next part,
Shravan has booked his tickets and he started packing his bags, as he was packing his bag his eyes caught upon the card kept deep inside his cupboard. He takes it out and opens it. He hugs the card and tears flow out from his eyes. It was in his usual routine to see that card, spend some time with it and sleep. He gently places the card in his bagpack, wipes his tears and closes the chain of the bag. Pushkar, his brother, his bestie comes to him,
Pushkar: where are you going bhai?
Shravan: nothing.. there’s just a meeting in Delhi so going to attend that.
Pushkar: really?? Meeting? With whom?
Shravan: umm.. there is one client!
Pushkar: seriously bhai!! Why are you lying? You know na you are very bad at it!
Shravan: I am not lying..
Pushkar: look at me and say this, look into my eyes.
Shravan: I am sorry Pushkar for lying, actually the thing is I have some ray of hope thati can meet my Sumo, get her back! I guess, no I believe that she is in Delhi.
Pushkar: really bhai? I am so happy for you! Now you have to bring my ‘to-be bhabi’ back! But how do you know that?
Shravan : ill tell you that later. Now I just need to go!
Pushkar: as you say bhai
They share a hug.
Next morning, scene shifts to Delhi,
Suman is seen cleaning the room of her so called house. As she was cleaning, she notices a rose fallen down from the flower vase, she remembers something seeing that, fb,
In the college, everyone is busy chatting, eating, making new friends in the canteen as it was their break time. Suman sits with a girl named Aisha. They introduce themselves as it was their first day of college. They were busy eating their fries when Suman notices the same boy entering the canteen. She feels happy seeing him. That boy comes next to her and asks for a seat beside her as it was a 4-chair table. Suman happily nods in yes. That boy sits beside her. He introduced himself to Aisha and Suman.
Boy: hey, I am Shravan Malhotra, and what about you both, he said that just looking at Suman.
Aisha’s pov: oh my god!! He is so damn hot! She first proceeds her hand forward and says I am Aisha. Shravan who was least interested in her just passes a smile. Aisha takes back her hand in disappointment.
Shravan: and what about you Miss Beautiful?? Suman blushes hard.
Suman: I am Suman Tiwari.
Shravan forwards her hand, and says : so friends?
Suman places her hand on his and they both are lost again in each others eyes. They felt that they should never leave each others hands. But Aisha coughed to get them back to their senses. They both shy.
Aisha: so tell us something about you Shravan.
Shravan: yes.. so I love nature, I am a very cheerful person, fun loving and so on… he continued to say but Suman was just busy staring at him.
Aisha: so I will tell about myself, she goes on saying but who was interested? Suman and Shravan started stealing glances of each other. When Suman looked at him, Shravan turned away and vice-versa.
Shravan’s pov: Suman is just so beautiful! I have already fallen for her. I wont wait for long, I will confess it to her today itself.
Suman’s pov: what is happening to me? Why do I feel that I just keep on looking at him. I just want to hear whatever he says not because I want to listen him but because I want him to be near me, with me so that I can keep looking at him. Is this love? Love at first, second and now the third sight?
Shravan gets up from his chair saying he will be back in some time, while Suman feels sad. Some time later Shravan comes back with a bouquet of red roses. In front of everyone he kneels down, he grabs everyone’s attention saying,
The first time I met you, actually saw you, I had fallen for you, the next time in the class, and now the third time, sitting beside you Suman Tiwari! I have fallen for you! You have stolen my heart, I cant even feel my heart beat as it is with you. I have fallen for you at every sight. People say its love at first sight but for me its love at every sight. I really love you a lot, and will always do. Will you accept me as your boyfriend, husband and soulmate? The whole crowd cheers for him. They start hooting,
Accept him Suman! Accept him! He is the best. At that time all the girls in the canteen who had hopes of making him theirs were shattered. They were jealous rather than being happy.
Suman’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness. She runs towards him and says yes, she accepts the bouquet and hugs him tightly saying I love you too.
Suman has a smile on her face along with those tears which are always ready to burst out. She picks up the rose and says no…!!! she throws the rose and wipes her tears,
Why should I shed tears for you? I hate you Mr.Shravan Malhotra! I hate you!!
She continues doing her work. After some time as usual she leaves for her call centre. Shravan is seen on Delhi airport coming out with his bags. He takes a taxi, to go to Hotel Paradise. As he had already booked a room in that hotel. After some time he reached that hotel. He takes his bag and enters the room. He places all his things properly and freshens up. After he is all set he again hires a taxi to go to the address given to him. The address of Sharvari Dixit. As the taxi was moving at its normal speed, Shravan noticed that now it had stopped due to the signal. He looks out of the window, and he sees an ice cream vendor. In front of him was standing a couple enjoying their ice cream. He remembers,
He and Suman were in a car coming back from the college as it had been a daily routine for them. Shravan used to drop Suman to her house in his car. As they were moving, Suman noticed an ice cream vendor,
Suman: Shravan !!! see there! Ice cream…
Shravan: so what??
Suman: I want to eat ice cream. Please stop the car.
Shravan: its already late Sumo, your parents must be worrying. We will have it some other day.
Suman: no.. no.. no.. I want it today and now itself.
Shravan: ohho.. you behave like a five year old crying for an ice cream.
Suman: whatever!! I want it.
Shravan: ok baba.. he takes the car to a side and stops. Suman runs out of the car and orders two ice creams.
Shravan: no I am not in a mood to have ice cream.
Suman: who told that I am taking one for you? Both are for myself only!
Shravan: acha…. You naughty girl! Shravan smiles at her kiddish acts.
Suman takes the ice cream and offers it to Shravan, he says no but she insists. He licks the ice cream and takes the cone in his hand. Suman was confused. Shravan put the ice cream on Suman’s face and laughed loudly.
Suman: shravan you!!!! Wait I will show you. She takes one from ice cream and runs behind Shravan, and finally applies it on his face and they both laugh loudly. Shravan hugs her.
Suddenly a sound is heard, it’s the horn.. shravan comes back to his senses and notices that the signal is now green. His pov: Sumo I will get you back! I love you.

This part ends.
What was that card? Why was Shravan so attached to the card?? To know that keep reading.
So done with this part! The comment box is just below, put down your comments before leaving this page, so that it brings a smile on my face as well. Waiting.. love you all 

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  1. Diya

    Nice episode..!!! So many hidden ans r their in their relationship !! And love at first sight…for both……,amazing !!! Keep it up !!!

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  4. Loved it soooooooo much di!
    It’s was simply MAJESTIC!!!!
    The way you described every single emotion was mind blowing????
    This all seems so realistic! I can seriously imagine Nikita and Namik right infront of my eyes spending cute moments together☺️☺️☺️☺️
    M sooooo badly waiting for the next one!
    Do post incredibly soon!????
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    Post really quickly…
    Lovely epi..
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    1. Angel20

      Ya I know this isn’t one shot! Actually at first I thought to make it os but then the story was quite long so I divided it! I will post it soon! Love you too☺

  8. This was really nice. Sorry can’t do a long comment.
    I really loved it. ?

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  9. May that card was his first gift from his love..let’s see..wt it was?????
    Nice one dear?????

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      Thank you Sona! Let’s see if your guess is right!☺

  10. Nice ff.i am little busy for long comment because tomorrow is my brother’s marriage

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  11. Ariana

    Wonderful!!!!!!! But still toooooo much of mysteries…What happened? Y does she hate him? It’s killing me. But now Shr is there to chase her I’m very happy. All excited. Post sooooonnnnnnnnnn

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