|| Who are you? || ShraMan OS || By Nishita

Hey guys. I’m posting this and another OS today! Yahayy! Its for as EDKV completes a year.
The 2nd OS comes up on 28th or 1st so stay tuned!
This is not my original idea, so please cooperate, its based on the film ‘A Vow’


Shravan: no mom! I’m pretty sure who I want to marry, okayy?
Nirmala: unh! Fine!
Shravan keeps the ring in the cupboard.
A girl walks out drying her hairs..
Shravan: heyyy
He goes to her and was about to kiss her when the doorbell rings.
Shravan: sumo…..
Sumo: what? Your romance timings have always been bad!
She opens the door
Shravan *frustated* bhaiyaa doodh nahi chahiye aaj! Bolo to tha kal aapko!
Bhaiya: aree haan. Sorry. Jaldi jaldi mei bhul gaye hum..
Sumo: Go bathe, I’ve to go for work!
Shravan: par aaj weekend hai..! We had a plan remember? Dinner and movies and red wine?
Sumo: yes, but dinner to raat ko hoga naa, abhi din hai. Okay bye!

She was walking out, Shravan hugs her from the back
Shravan: plss.
Suman: Shravann.
She gets rid of him and kisses him on the cheek and leaves.
The door closes which said ‘ShraMan’s’ from outside.
Shravan smiles and runs his fingers through his hair.
He goes to see his ring, but finds it missing.
He goes through the whole cupboard, and finds it in Sumo’s shelve.
He calls her. She was sitting in a cab.
Shravan: so you knoww? Accha tell me if it’s a yes or no?

Sumo: yes or no? Question kya hai?
Shravan: Will you change our 3 year long live in relationship into a marriage? Will you marry me?
Sumo: umm…y…e…
Shravan hears an accident sound.
Shravan: SUMOOO..!
He rushes to the hospital with the ring.
Sumo’s mamaji and mamiji were already there.
Nurse steps out and nods. Shravan understand and walks inside. Mama and mami enter the room.
Sumo was lying on her bed, with a bandage wrapped around her head.
Shravan rushes to her and holds her hand.
Shravan*crying* are you okay? I’ll never let go. Is it paining. Sumo…kuch to bolo.
Suman: who are you?

Shravan: its me Sumo, Shravan!
Sumo:mamiji, ye kaun hai?
Mami: beta…tumhara accident ho gaya thaa..
Sumo: accident? Par mei to PCT ki opening se waapis aa rahi thi..
Doctor: Mr. Malhotra and Mrs. Tiwari. Umm…
They follow the doctor.
Doc: I’m sorry to say, but Ms. Tiwari ki pichle 4 saal ki memory jaa chuki hai. Usse amnesia hai..
Uski memory waapis aa sakti hai, but only under rare conditions. It’s all up to you Shravan.
Shravan: it will.. I will.

Doc moves out.
Mami: tum aisa kuch nhi karoge. Waise hi humari suman ki zindagi barbaad kr di hai tumne. Hum usse waapis Tiwari Killa le jaayenge. Bas.
Shravan:aisa kuch nhi hoga. Aap jaiye, le jaiye Sumo ko.. lekin uski memory to mei waapis launga!
Mami: humari beti se door rehna..
Saying so, she walks away.
Shravan leaves for home, he cries remembering those moments.
Shravan: mei tumhari memory waapis laa ke hi rahunga..
Suman is sitting in her bedroom.
Shravan jumps in to her room from the window and places a hand on her mouth.
Shravan: look suman, I know tumhe kuch yaad nahi hai. Tumhe to meri shakal bhi nahi yaad hogi. But please, mujhe yaad dila ne do. Agar tumhari memory waapis nahi aayegi to mei mar jaunga. Please suman?
She nods and he removes the hand.
Sumo: look…
Shravan: Shravan..
Sumo: im sorry shravan, but mujhe nahi yaad hai. I’m sorry.
Shravan: accha bas itna sun lo, ye lo..
Iss bag mei humari saari pictures, memories hai.. please ek baar isse dekh lena.
Saying so, he leaves. Sumo looks at the pictures, and tries hard to remember, but she doesn’t.
Mami: mana kiya tha naa uske paas aane se! Himmat kaise hui? She throws his bag, and leaves.
Shravan: uski memory mei laake rahunga, aur na aap, ya police mujhe rok sakti hai.
He slams the door.
Mami and Suman are in the hospital, Shravan reaches there..
Shravan: sumo?
Suman: mami.. mei washroom jaake aau?
Mami nods.
Suman walks towards the room where Shravan was standing.
Suman: kyu kar rahe ho tum aisa? Mami ne mujhe sab bata diya hai. Tum mujhe stalk karte ho?

Shravan: mei tumhe stalker dikhta hoon! Sumo, agar mei stalker hota, to kya mujhe pata hota ki tumhare parents ki death ho chuki hai, kya mujhe pata hota ki tumhari maa ka naam P riya hai? Mujhe pata hai, tumhe kitna empty, akela mehsoos hua tha. Kya mujhe pata hota ki tumhe dance karte nahi aata? Kya pata hota mujhe ki mamiji and sab tumhe kaise treat karte hai? Mujhe tumhare baare mei har choti se choti cheez yaad hai, aur har badi se badi, because you told me all this! Because you loved me dammit!
Ek chance dedo mujhe, tumbe sab yaad aa jayega. Aur ye lo, tulips, tumhe pasand hai naa??
Sumo nods. She takes the flowers and moves out.

Mami: beta ye kahan se mila?
Sumo: mami.. woo.. this kid was selling this outside, so I took it..!?
Mami nods thinking that she wasted her money.
Shravan used to come daily to her hospital or her room. She used to tell him all of their memories, he brought her all the things she loved.
Sumo is waiting in her room, and checking her phone again and again.
Shravan walks in.
Sumo: you’re late!
He holds his ears.
Sumo smiles
Sumo: so ye sab to thik hai…hum mile kaise the??
Shravan: wo actually tumhari PCT ki inauguration ke baad, kisi ne tumhare PCT par case kar diya thaa, and meine wo case lada thaaa.. aur hum jeet gaye!
Sumo smiles.
Sumo: Shravan, im soory, but tum kab tak aise karte rahoge.. I mean, tum jaante ho meri memory waapis nahi aane waali, phir bhi? And.. kab tak mujhpe hi atke rahoge? Shravan, its better ki tum…

Shravan: sumo nahi.. I loved you, I love you! Mei jaanta hu its a dot away from impossible, but mei phir bhi koshissh karna chahta hoon.
Saying so, he kisses her cheek. Mami enters just them and slaps Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan….
Mami: nikal jao! Get out!!
Shravan: sumo….
Mami: out!
She drags him to the door and shuts the door.
Sumo is crying.
Mami: jaanti ho naa tum ki ye tumhe stalk karta tha?
Sumo does not reply and runs to her room.
She searches her shelves and cupboard, she finds file.

There she finds the legal reports of the case of her PCT which Shravan fought! She then finds a couple of letter written by Shravan to her.
It said that he loved her ‘daal’
[Daal ko to aana hi thhaa!!]
She cooks the daal, and picks her stuff, and goes to Shravan’s house.
She knocks on the door.
Shravan opens it and smiles.
Sumo looks at the nameplate, the pictures and everything of the house.
Shravan: Sumo..

Sumo: look Shravan, tumhe jitni purani wali Suman waapis chahiye, mujhe bhi utni hi. But ye possible nahi hai. Mar mei ek baat jaanti hoon, ki wo aur ye sumo tumhe utna hi pyaar karenge.
Shravan smiles
Sumo: waise..daal khaaoge?
She opens the daal and chapatti.
She feeds him, and he feeds her.
They smile.
Shravan: sumo, tumhe wo baate nahi yaad to kya hua, hum phirse chalu karenge. Hi, I am Shravan.
Sumo: Hi, I am Suman.
Shravan: Sumo..
They smile and shake hands.
They are still crying.
They hug each other .

‘—— THE END ——‘

How was it? I’m not sure. Please leave your comments down below!!

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  1. Finally it got posted! I was waiting for this one, man!
    I have already read it, but since you want a better comment?, let me tell you, it was absolutely brilliant. You’re one hell of an amazing writer, and I so, so hope you keep on writing this beautifully!
    Loads of love, and a big sorry for being so formal!?

    1. Nikita

      I know.. thankk you….. so muchh.
      Love you tooooo

  2. Christie123

    Hey nishita you are just amazing so are your writings. I just loved it. And will be waiting for your 2nd os on 28 or 1. So pls post the 2nd os soon…

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Christie… thank you!
      I’ll definitely post sooooon! Love youu

  3. Hey Nikita such a great os. It’s really awesome one.
    It’s fabulous, amazing and lovely os. Keep it up.
    Keep posting…
    Loads of love…
    Take care…..

    1. Nikita

      Thankk youu soo muchh Reema!! I lovee youu tooo!!

  4. WeirdSister

    Oh Nishi..
    It was really damn emotional…
    Loved it..
    Keep writing..
    Keep posting..
    Love you loads..!
    I am waiting for the next..

    1. Nikita

      Thankk youu! I love you tooo..!!

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow i loved it a lot nishita the ending was just very good loved the way instead of remembering Shraman starts their love story afresh by introducing themselves that is so diff and nice ???, keep it up yaar ???

    1. Nikita

      Yaa.. agar usko sab yaad aa jata, so it would’ve been very like, melodramatic and dramatic! So I thought to write this! Im glad you loved this.. thankk youu
      Love youuu!!

  6. IME

    Awesome dear i loved it veryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhh
    Would be witing for next os and episode too
    take care
    love you ????????????????????????????????

    1. Nikita

      Thankk youu soo muchh!! I lovee youu !

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