Shraman OS: I love u too….


Hi again! Yeah its me Fati!! Hope u all remember me. I have written this OS. Hope u all will like ?

She come to his house to meet some one but no one was at home except him… She saw him and then tried to leave.. He came downstairs and without wasting a single micro second he holded her hand tightly and took her to his room….. She was continously shouting to leave her hand, it was hurting her….. but he wasn’t listening her…..
He came to his room, lock it so that she can not run….. He was so much angered and why he shouldn’t be?

He was still holding her hand so tightly, she tried numerous times to escape from his cluchtes but his grip was so strong. She was shouting to leave her hand but it seems like he has gone deaf… Some of her bangles broke in her wrist due to his tight girp and that hurted her but not only her, some of pieces also pierced in his hand too and it starts to bleed from her wrist and from his hand…

She got hurt more from him because the whole bangle got pierced in her wrist but only some pieces of glass pireced in his hand…….

The blood drops fall on the ground gaining his concentration… He saw her hand and quickly leave it…. Her eyes were full of tears. He made her sit on the bed and went to bring first aid, he didn’t noticed his injury but she did…. He bring the box and sit infront of her on his knees …. He took her wounded hand gently in his hand… She was just seeing him and her wound…. the tears were flowing from her eyes continously….He cleaned the wound soft handedly but the antiseptic which he was applying on her wound was giving her pain…..
‘‘Ouch’’……. He listened this and try to make his hand more gentle. He put the bandage on her wrist…. He was getting up but her hand stopped her…

‘‘Meri Chot ki patti nhi karogy?”
He was shocked that what she’s saying! Right now he has done her bandage, he even just to assure himself checks her hand……

She took his hand in hers and turned it to his palm side she took the antiseptic and cotton and remove the bangle pieces from his palm. It was his turn now to see her and his wound which he didn’t notice but she did…. She bandaged his wound and said
“ Jo patti tumny mery ki wo meri chot par nhi apni chot pr ki thi……… Meri chot pr patti tou ab hui hy!!! ”
He was shocked to listen her, her words were echoing in his ears again and again. He was seeing and her smile which was on her face…..
Both have kept their hands on each other injuries….
Ignoring his anger and keeping it on one side he asked her with such a polite manner,
“ Tum ny uss se shaadi ky liye haan kyn kia????? ”
She also answered him politely……
“ Nanu ki khwahish hy ”

He: Mana kr do!!!!!
She: Kyn????
He: Bus krdo!!!!
She:Bata tou do kyn???
Now he was turning back to his same angry state…..
He: Bus krdo! Aur kia tumhe aditya pasand hy??? ( in an angry tone)
She gets a lil scared, her eyes once again became red and filled with water!!!!

She: Shhhhh……Shra…….Shravan!!!! Nano mujhse naraz hojayen gy!!!!
Shravan cups her face and says in a lil polite tone,
Shr: Sumo!!!! Jis ko tum pasand nhi krti uss se tum shaadi kaisy krskti ho? Aur jahan tk nano ki baat hy I’ll make him understand!
Sumo: Shravan! Meri agar aditya se shaadi nhi hui tou kon se mujh se shaadi krega! Mama mami bahir ja rahy hain, nanu ki tabiyat sahi nhi rehti!!!!! Mae mana nhi krskti!
Suman tried to hide her tears……
This time Shravan got much angry than before and stood up from his place!
He went and took a heavy thing and threw it on the mirror and it resulted in breaking it….. and also scaring sumo…..
Sumo in a scared tone,

“ Tum kya kr rhy ho? ”
Shravan goes towards her and shouts on her,
“Aik baar boli hui baat smjh nhi aati bola na aditya se shaadi ky liye mana krdo phir kyn nhi smjhti tum meri baat sumo? Kyn? ”
Sumo was so scared,
Sumo: Pr….. Kyn???? ( she stammers)

Shr again shouts,
“ Sumo tumhy kyn nhi smjh ata??? ”
He walk here and there angrily……
Sumo: Kia nhi smjh ata???

Shr: Yehi that I love u, I love u so much. Mae tumhy kisi ky bhi saath, remember kisi ky bhi sath nhi dekh skta aur wo aditya…… I hate him sumo I hate him……
Today shravan poured his whole heart out infront of sumo…..
Suman was shocked, happy, astonished, broken, she had mixed emotions…..
‘ I love u sumo ’, these were echoing in her ears….. she was not believing that what she just listened was it true,just to make her self believe, she pinched herself so hard, the words were real. She was still pinching herself but she didnt even feel the pain…..
Shravan was seeing her when he noticed that she is pinching herself. He remove her hand and said to her in a loud tone,
“Pagal ho kia? Chot lag gai tou? ”
He was busy in scolding her and she was lost. He was not stoping and was scolding her continuosly when she said,
“ I love you too ”

Shravan: Sumo tumhy apna kha……… when he realized what she said,
Shr: You love me too?
Suman nods and shravan was hell delighted…… he picked her up and move her round and round…..
“ Mujhy neechay utarao!!!! ”

He stopped and put her down…..
Sumo: Ahhh!!!! Shravan I love you but that don’t mean ky tum mujhy marry go round ky mazay do……
Shravan took her to the bed and made her sit…..

Shr: Aaj mae bht khush hoon……
Sumo: Shravan u know I was bind in a promise with someone so I wasn’t able to confess my love to u jab tak u don’t confess yours. Iss liye mae ny aditya se friendship barha li so I knew that u will get jealous and u will confess one day soon but uska yeh result niklay ga ky tum saray rishtey tor do gy, apny aap ko chot pounchao gy (holding his other hand which was injured before from boxing), nanu mera rishta aditya se jor dein gy…… I am sorry shravan ….. I am sorry shravan….. she was continously crying even she gets hiccups….
Shravan runs to his side table where he used to keep a jug full of water, he poured the water in the glass and runs towards her and sits on his knees infront of her and gives her the glass of water….

Shr: Ye lo paani piyo….. aur ye rona band karo……
She drinks water while he wipe her tears….
Sumo: Shravan, I am sorry……. and she again starts crying as she was not able to forgive herself…..
Shr: Bus krdo sumo…. saying this he hugs her…..
She feels a bit okay…
Shr: Sumo tum ny kis say promise kia tha?
Now suman was unable to tell something because she knows that if she’ll take ramnath uncle name then he is surely going to leave her forever and now when both have confessed their love, she can’t live without him…..
Sumo: Wo….. Wo shravan…..
Shr: Hmm bolo na…. Shravan was holding her wounded hand in his hand gently…..
Sumo: Mae tumhy baad mae baataon?
Shravan nods in okay but suddenly the smile on his face disappears. Sumo worries …..
In her mind,
“What if he gets to know the truth?”
Sumo hesitantly asks him “Everything okay?

Shravan : Haan! I was just feeling hungry…… :p
Suman hits shravan from a pillow and says “Bhookar!”
Shravan: Kuch bana do na please ?
Suman goes and in her mind she thinks that she will never let him know the truth of Ramnath uncle………

P.S. Its a OS I had written before Sumo’s marriage with Aditya (when it was just decided) but I was unable to complete it so now that I have complete I though to share it with u guys. I hope u all will like but yeah Its a bit incomplete, I know that u will all wonder that its end is a bit awkward but that’s what I can imagine only. If I get time I am gonna write another OS starting from the end of this OS…

Sorry for all grammatical mistakes. I did not even proof read it. 🙂

Happy Reading…… ??

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  1. Anushika

    It was very nice and well written,Really loved it,I was hoping that Sumo will tell about Ramnath uncle but anyway I loved it.
    Lots of Love
    Take care

  2. ☺???hmmm…
    Its a nice one fati..??

  3. Ariana

    Awwwwww….Shravan turned so furious!! Perfect confession. I wished everything went like this on the show. Enjoyed it a loooooootttttttt. Make more OS
    Loads of love

  4. WeirdSister

    Plz write another one…!
    This was too good..
    Loved it..
    Love u…

  5. Angel20

    It was amazing! Awesome! Fabulous and what not!!
    I loved it.. Each and every bit of it!!?
    Caring for each other..?
    Everything was so perfect!
    It’s OK.. For the abrupt end but I’m happy with Shraman uniting☺☺
    Come back soon! Please??
    Love you

  6. Nikita

    Loved it so much!
    Ahh! Beutiful!
    Love you FATI

  7. This was just so amazing. Loved it. What a confession though ? ?
    Really loved your os. ?
    You wrote so amazingly beautiful. Do write more os. ?

  8. Dhira

    Superb OS
    Do write another OS
    Pleasure is all mine to read
    Thank you for such a amazing one?

  9. jealousy can make things wrong but at same time can change thinks to perfect…
    u used this concept really well fati
    hope to get another from u

  10. Fati

    Sorry for not replying! Thank u all of you..
    I love all of you ?
    And if I get time I’l write another one too ?
    Take care everyone…

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