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Hey guys. This is the 2nd OS. I hope you are liking these updates of mine. 1st episode of ‘EDKV s2’ on 1st!

I was sitting in the office, when my heart stopped. He walked in, no matter how hard I tried, how short dresses, perfect makeup, but no! He would never notice me. He is ‘The khadooos Mr. Malhotra’.

He had joined in just yesterday, returning from london. I wore my perfect dress, for his party today. The party was full of rich people. Then walked in a girl, in a shimmer red dress. I musst say, she did look beautiful. Bt her eyes weren’t, they were looking for something, rather someone. Her face was full of glow when she saw him. How dare she look at him that way? Anyways, I went to him. She was going to talk to him, when she bumped into Pushkar. I laughed looking at her clumsiness. Pushkar hugged her, so it seemes that she knows the Malhotra family. Huh. Few days passed, and she came to our office now daily. I investigated and got to know that Shravan was fighting her case. I was upset by that fact, as they blended pretty well. I used to be confused. She supplied food to our office. He loved her daal, when I never understood why, it was an ordinary one for me! And she came today as well, Shravan’s office was blurred from the centre, but you can see the top and bottom part, by far, I guess he was mad at her. She went to him, he seemed mad at times. But then they were engrossed into a deep eyelock and coversation. Which irked me. He never noticed me such a way he noticed her! Ain’t fair.

Ofc, they shared more than friendship, cause Pushkar and she are friends. But no, there is something about them. They seemed to be fighting, or laughing or both. She used wait for him for hours, and he used to too. He looked her at the way I wanted him to look at me! But no, he noticed only her, moreover, the Malhotras loved her.
He never came to office for a day. I wondered and got to know that he spent the whole day with her.Then came the news that he was going to go to London, but then he stopped, news spread around the office that his father had died and she was the one who supported her. Well anyways. I got a promotion, I became his assistant for a Mr.Barry case, I was glad, he was not on good terms with her.

We fought the case, he never needed me, or noticed me, but I was with him, I needed nothing more.

We won! We were busy partying in the office when she walked in. She shouted at Ramnath Sir, but Shravan came in between. Turns out to be, the case we were fighting was against her PCT. I got to know her name ‘SUMO’. He said ‘Get Out sumo.’ She walked out helplessly, my chances were increasing. He showed he was mad, people went back to work, and he walked to his cabin. I was going to givr him his case file, but I did not. I saw that he was upset. Probably because of her. He was looking at her picture on facebook and apologizing. That was such a ‘Aww’ moment. Whatever he showed, he cared for her. This reminded me of the time they were sharing an umbrella in front on the office and talking. His hand was on her hand on the umbrella.

A few days later Sumo walked in and talked to Ramnath sir. I heard a little and got to know that Ramnath sir never wanted her around Shravan. That made me happy. He never came to office after that. Never did any of the Malhotra’s. When they came, my benchmate, Aayush told me that Sumo was going to marry someone, and some abuse took place, so formally, Shravan married to her in the court. I was upset and happy. He was her’s legally. But he never seemed happy about their marriage. He had started drinking, terribly. I was so upset about it. Then came the day, when my heart broke. He came with her, hand on hand, and introduced her as ‘Mrs.Malhotra’. I guess he accepted her. Preettyy nicely. They walked into his cabin. Her feet were near his’ s. Very near. He lifted her up. I could get that as her feet lifted up. They seemed contempt. I guess, they were made for each other.. I wanted him to notice me, but that never happened. But THEY were beautiful and cute together, I have to admit.
That’s all. I wanted to sum up EDKV once, on its first year. So I could not find any other way for doing that. I hope you liked it, it’s boring. Ik.

Anyways, all I would want to say is a big THANK YOU to EDKV who made me meet such wonderful people like you! I love you alll .. thank you for supporting my boring, headache works! I lovvee youuu..

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  1. IME

    YAY!!!!!! Ist to read this beautiful os dear.
    It was Preettyy nicely written and i have to admit you are really amazing writer and the story was amazingggggggg………..would be waiting for epi-2
    love you
    take care

    1. Nikita

      Aww! Thankk youu so muchh babyy! I love you too

  2. IME

    YAY!!!!!! Ist to read this beautiful os dear.
    It was Preettyy nicely written and i have to admit you are really amazing writer and the story was amazingggggggg………..would be waiting for epi-1
    love you
    take care

  3. Love_forever

    Finally I found time to read it! It was amazing girl! You know how busy I am today, so no long comments! Love ya!?

    1. Nikita

      Thankk youu soo muchhh!!!!!! ♥

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awww such a cute os haha Shraman ka love se jal gayi XD ??

    1. Nikita

      Thankk youu soo muchh joyeeee dii!! ♥

  5. Hey Nikita it’s very nice yaar. Missing edkv very much..
    Waiting for your next os. Please post it soon.
    Loads of love….
    Take care…

    1. Nikita

      Thankk you so much reemaa.. I lovee youu

  6. Prettypreeti

    Ohh good niki ..i liked it no i mean ilove it..wht boring..it wasnt boring and dont dare 2 call it boring..
    It was just awesome..
    Lots of love

    1. Nikita

      Oki. It was not boring.. thankk youu soo muchh!! Lovee youu tooooo

  7. Christie123

    Hey nishita it’s just fantastic!!

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Christie!!

  8. WeirdSister

    Thanks Nishi.. For this..
    Felt so good.. Reliving the moments and the story!
    Love ya!

  9. I am emotionally attach of this show .I love theme ,title track was totally magical song touch the heart .Miss you Namik Nikita.show give lot of happiness in my life

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