Hey guys kashish here with a shraman one shot…. hope you guys like it too….
Note: I wrote this os for ragsan before! Now I am writing this on shraman…

One shot….

We saw a boy lying on the road drunken… a girl sees him and takes him to her house…. he gets up from the sleep and is shocked to see himself in a luxurious house…. he goes downstairs and the girl sees him and comes towards him.. woh u were drunken and was lying in the street.. so I thought to help u and brought u here…. hope so now u are fine…. he says I am an poor heartbroken person my lover cheated me and left me my parents have thrown me out of the house… so I drunk every day and lie in the street… no one is there for me… I am all alone… the girl says I am suman kapoor a famous business woman… but my parents had died in accident… so I am all alone like u..

the boy says I am shravan sharma… anyways u are lucky that u got this many money properties and many more.. and see what I am… I am just a poor person after my family thrown me out of the house… suman says no u are wrong even after having this much money properties and everything I am alone I have no happiness and colourfulness in my life and till now I have not see the outside world…. suman says that is your problem okay take leave from your office for 1 month… in this one month I will show all the places which you want to visit… sumo hugs him in happiness… they both feel goose bumps…. sumo then leaves him and says yippee thank u okay I will take leave from my office…then she takes leave from office…

1 month passed….

Every day they used to go to different places and roam here and there….they daily used to have pani puri competition… then they have chat…. they used to have ice cream at night and used to go to long drives…. and used to click many selfies together… in this one month sumo was very happy and contented… she enjoyed her life a lot…. in this one month shravan never felt alone there was happiness and colourfulness filled in his life…. he stopped drinking and changed a lot he now does a job…. he became a responsible person……. there life changed a lot in these 1 month….

One day shravan said to sumo that I am leaving from your house now I got a new rented house…. he leaves from there…. they were busy on their works… shravan whenever met sumo he avoided her… it hurt sumo a lot… sumo became pale and dull she now was alone in her life again there was no happiness in her life… she locks up herself in a room and cries seeing her and shravan pics…. she loved him badly and needed him back again in her life…. one day sumo get tired… and go to shravan house…

She saw shravan and said: why shravan ha why are u avoiding me whenever I tried to talk with u and u always ignored me…. we are best friends na…. why are u avoiding me then…
Shravan shouts and says: because I love u ha I love u so much sumo but I don’t want to be betrayed and cheated again by anyone…. after what happened with me in the past……sumo was shocked and cries and falls down with a thud….she says I love u too shravan I love u more than my life but you are not ready to forget past and move on your life shravan…. move on shravan do you think will I be happy seeing this don’t u have this much trust in your love and in your best friend…. I am leaving shravan today only I am leaving to abroad…. you hurt me a lot and my emotions… there is of no use of the love where there is no trust… I am leaving far away from you…. she leaves from there crying…..

shravan falls down with a thud… he gets very angry and guilty on himself for his foolishness… he cries and slept there only…. when he gets up he sees the time… he thinks that sumo flight is now only I have to reach her before she leaves me I have to stop her…. he reaches the airport he was about to enter when security guards stop him…. he says see there is a lion…. they go there and say where it is…. shravan runs from there and enters … he searches for sumo then he listens to announcement that flight only departed…. he falls down on the floor with a thud… he cries badly….. when someone from behind taps… when he turns… he sees sumo…. he hugs her tightly…. he says I am sorry sumo I did not…trust u and hurt your feelings I am really sorry I love you so much….. she caresses his hair and says shravan I am so happy that u understand now…. they both said together one month changed my whole life and laughs…..they get married and lived happily ever after….

The end…

So guys how was it??? Hope you understand… there is a moral we should always have trust and faith on our loved ones…. without trust there is no love….. trust is the most important anything based on relation… have faith and trust on your loved ones….. this is was the story of one month changed their whole life….. hope u are not bored after reading my stupid boring one shot… love u all take care see you soon guys….stay happy and blessed…

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  1. WeirdSister

    It was short but amazing!!??

  2. Marie

    Hey kashish…. I read it before yep u wrote it on ragsan now on shraman 🙂 🙂
    But I won’t be able to cmmnt on that cause of sm prob but I can here….
    It so amazing yr short n great loved it….!!!
    Keep posting 🙂
    Love u
    Take care

  3. Nikita

    Cute and Amazing kashish
    Keep writing more !!

  4. Ariana

    Awwww..It was so cute. Just 1 month!! It’s amazing. Loved it. U r a wonderful writer. Write more OS on ShraMan.
    Lots of Love

  5. Neeti

    hey Kashu di ( hope u don’t mind if I call u Kashu di)
    super os….
    short, simple yet beautiful
    plsss di write another os
    luv u sooooo much- Neeti

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey kashu api !!!
    OMG !! this OS was just something amazing awesome fantabulous fantastic ?? .. just ,,, just fab …
    Luv it to the core ..

  7. Sweet…story..???

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