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Christie: Thanks a lot dear , Love you…….be happy…..
Ariana:Aww , thanks a lot for this sweet comment dear , well I have been here since 1 year and have gone through similar situations , I don’t think we have met though I was a commentor on EDKV page when the show was on air for question somedays , do you know Abhi?? If you do then we must be knowing each other……..Do reply……Love you…be happy…..
Rukhsar:Aww , thanks a lot dear , loved this sweet comment , then I should say that you are completely like me because Suman is just the way I am , in fact her character is purely inspired from my own antics in school , thanks alot again…….Love you……be happy……

Shravan’s POV:
“ Suman , I really do , you know you didn’t matter to me for much of the time but that day , that day when I saw you , it was like a life-changer , I can’t share what I felt that day , our farewell party , it had been two years since our sections were changed , that day I just saw you and something happened to me , for the first time , some special feeling , my angel , I found her… I don’t know why my emotions took so much time to be revealed but it was special yaar……” I told her.
Sounds of some slow sobs seemed to come from the other side , “ Our farewell party Shravan , I can never forget that , it was the last time I saw you , last time before collage……” She said as she again started to cry.
“ For me it was the first time to me that you existed…..You came in the auditorium in that light pink suit with your straight hair and the same fear on your face…..all girls and boys were looking towards you , no one knew that that girl with two pleats could look so good , I remember Anaihita was talking to me when suddenly she paused , I was like , what happened and she just said ‘Turn Back’ I did and I was shocked , you know for next 10 minutes my eyes were struck on you….” she cut me.
“ Alright , you found me beautiful on an occasion and you think you love me….great…” Her anger visible in her voice.
“ No Suman , it wasn’t like that , it was just that I noticed you, I looked at you and then was never able to look anywhere else…..” I said as I remembered that day.
“ Do you really love me Shravan..???” Her innocent question came next.
“ Do you have a doubt Suman..???” I asked.
“ I am sorry Shravan for whatever I did in collage…..” I laughed out loud , her collage antics , Ok let me just clear , after school I had lost my heart to her but was not able to tell her and contact with her , Impossible , till plus 2 I don’t even think she had a phone for her own self and her nature , no doubt I had to turn a Romeo , then she went to some other city , Ok to be precise to Mumbai where I landed 6 months ago after a complete of 2 years of separation.

Suman’s POV:
After school , I came to Mumbai for my further studies , I don’t know how , when and why but I was completely changed in an year , completely , from the darpok Suman I became the Sumo wrestler , Collage’s Diva and the angry Young girl who would break someone’s head if someone messed with me , Ragging students with my gang , enjoying with them , chilling out everything was my life , I loved this life , much more than my school life and here came the twist in my life , My school love back in my life but completely changed , Shravan came but I never came to know that he was my Shravan , wish I had , Me and my friends ragged that Shy boy from a small city and made fun of our classmate Shravan never knowing that he was My Shravan Malhotra , wish I had known , it was something like a role reversal between us , I turned out to him and he turned out to be me.
“ Kahan Kho Gayi….” Shravan asked as I was remembering those days.
“ Shravan , why you never told your caste…?? You were so changed face wise thats why I wasn’t able to recognize you…” I complained.
He laughed , “ Suman , I was able to recognize you very nicely and I was loving the change in you so how could I tell you that I was Shravan , I thought you’ll beat me like hell if I told you that I was the same Shravan who had by mistake pushed you down the bench in 5th standard…..” That is bad.
“ Shravan , I even ragged you and you were so changed , you became totally shy…..” I asked confused
“ Ahan….I am not shy…not at all but I just wanted to see your boldness ….remember when you and your gang threw eggs at me on my entry…”
“ Sorry….”
“ When you tripped me down and I fell down…….”
“ Sorry…”
“ When you snatched my project and submitted it as yours , you didn’t cheat , right???” He asked like a teacher.
“ Shravan , it was you who spilled coffee on my project…..” I complained.
“ By mistake and on what , on your half complete cover page…..” He was laughing at my explanations.
“ You and your collage antics Suman but the best one was today one when you got to know that I am Shravan Malhotra…..Yaar , No problem na…..why you started crying……” Shravan asked me still laughing.
“ I am sad na Shravan , I hurt you sooooooo much , I used to spoil your homeworks , disturb you , and every other thing I can do so that I can remain the topper and you never minded , sorry na….. “ I was again feeling low.
“ Oh God Suman , I enjoyed it na yaar , Seriously , I am loving this Sumo wrestler a lot……don’t cry because of that infact I am sorry , I know how much I hurt you….first of all you loved me so much and then you had to bear so much….” He assured me.
“ Shravan , you heard me today backstage…..”
“ Yaa I did…..”

Shravan’s POV:
By the way I suppose I forgot to tell , today was our collage fest and also award giving day and so Sumo Madam came to know my name because my whole name was announced when I got the best sportsman award and then she turned to Suman Tiwari –the bechari , Realisation struck my Sumo and she realized that I am her Shravan Malhotra , by the way today , another realization struck me too that she loves me.
“ Shravan , what you heard…???” Her voice came from the other side.
“ Everything………..” I smiled.
“ Shravan …..”
“ Ok Baba , I just heard that you can’t love anyone else because you love a handsome hunk called Shravan Malhotra….”
“ Oh God , I never used Handsome Hunk…..” She angrily said.
“ Ok Baba sorry , now atleast open this door , I am waiting from so much time so see your face…..” She didn’t reply after that.
Suddenly I felt the support behind me vanish as I almost fell down because the door was opened but I got saved , Suman held my head in her lap.
“ I won’t let you fall down….” She smiled.
“ You love me , right???” She asked again.
“ You don’t trust me Suman….” I replied angrily still in her lap.
She smiled as she laughed , “ Just say that na then……..”
“ What??” I asked naughtily.
“ Shravan….”
“ Ok , Now you are scaring me, Ok I love you Suman………………I love you……….” I shouted like a mad. She kept her hand on my lips and closed her eyes.
“ I love you too…..” She slowly said in my ears still closing her eyes. I hugged her tightly not to leave her ever.
Besharmiyan, barbadiyan..

Hai ishq ki shaitaaniyan
Ye fitoor jo sir pe sawaar ho
Jeena bhi phir Dushwaar ho
Kiski majal koi rok le
Kiski majal koi tok le
Ishq k junoon ruke nahi
He bawari yeh aashiqui
Gustaak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui

Badi he ajaab kasi yeh talaab
yeh he aashiqui
ziddi badi…!
badi saar firee hai yeh aashiqui
Kiski majal koi rok le
Kiski majal koi tok le
Ishq k junun ruke nahi
Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui
Gustaak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui
Bekhauf si ye aashiqui

Jo yeh sang chaale Sang challe
Jo yeh rang chadhe Rang Chade
Phir kya fikaar koi kya kahe
Yeh hai wo aag jo na bhuj sake
Aise baarishe jo na thaaam sake
Ishq ke junun ruke nahi
Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui
Gustak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui
Bekhauf si ye aashiqui
(Yeh aashiqui bawri
Yeh aashiqui gustaakh si..)
This Is my Suman , My Suman , she is the Suman I love her a lot , a lot………No Matter what she’ll always be mine and I’ll Always be hers. We both will always be each others.

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  1. hey piyali, it was just mind blowing…
    fabulous.. it was really sweet..
    juat loved it yaar..
    lots of love…

    1. Piyali

      thanks a lot for your support and this beautiful comment sweetheart…… you alot lot lot……be happy…..

  2. hey piyali just superb.
    its amazing & fabulous…
    & the song is too good.
    I loved it.
    so keep posting..
    take care….

    1. Piyali

      hey dear , thanks a lot….even I love this song a lot…..I just ended with the TS dear……thanks a lot again………Love you….be happy….

  3. Nikita

    Hey Piyali! I must’ve not been here when you uploaded the first shot . So I just read them both. They’re amazing.. you potray emotions well… I loved it.. hoping to see more of your work..
    and since its our first conversation here, im Nishita.. im 14 years old.. !!
    So I assume you’re Piyali .. right??

    1. Piyali

      Hey dear , no problem but thanks a lot for this beautiful comment , well Myself Piyali and me too 14 years old…………happy to meet you…….love you alotl……be happiest……..

  4. Wonderful!!!! You just nailed it ?

    1. Piyali

      thanks a lot dear alot……love you……be happy…..

  5. Rukhsar

    Piyali job piyali…..awesome epi…..really loved it….as i said earlier sumo is just like me but today realization stuck me that shr in this story is also like me…..when i was in my home country mu school life and college life was like shr and when i came here my school life turned like sumo….don’t know what will happen to my college life here…..but i really loved ur story felt like i m reading my own story and i am glad that i found a friend just like me

    1. Piyali

      Thats really very very sweet of you dear ,You know I was shocked when I read your comment last time that you are like Suman , I thought its not only me , I am not able to express anything in my school and thats why found this world of tellyupdates to share everything…I don’t know why but I feel like sharing with you……the school story is completing like my own story , well I don’t think he’ll ever fall for me like Shravan did for Suman and I’ll be ever changed but still hopes for the best………..I just wish your school as well as collage life goes awesome…I am happy you considered me as a friend , hope to stay in touch with you , thanks a lot for sucha sweet comment , I am smiling…….Love you alot… happiest……

      1. Rukhsar

        Awwwww…….u r such an adorable frnd…….don’t worry I’ll pray for u that he falls for u jusk like sharman……i also like tu bcz here i am the real me i can i can express my feelings i can make frnds so love this website and if u want u can pm me we can chat then

  6. heyyyyyy abhi is it u?????
    where were u yar????
    missed u
    remember me???
    nice shots
    ammmmmazingly written

    1. Piyali

      Hey , no , no dear , I am not abhi…….I am myself searching for her , she was a great friend to me and thats why I said in my comment that if you know her , you would have known me….I am not Abhi dear….even I miss her a lot………a lot but she isn’t around………thanks a lot for the comment dear….love you alot lot lot……wish that be both can see Abhi soon…….Love you… happy……

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