Shraman: My Love ( One shot by nixi)


Yup me I m back with an os on shraman…..!!! Hope u will love it..!!! This will be on max sumo pov…!!!
One shot :

My Love
Life was so strange till I met him he was charming handsome hunk of the college….!! Every girl used to die for his little look so was I he was my crush no no mega rush I was a nerd of the college…..who wears spectacles and traditional dresses..!! everyone used to tease me for this….!! I just came to college study attend all the classes go home and study nothing else, my life used to revolve around study, study and study nothing extra…. I am suman malhotra daughter of nirmala and ramnath malhotra…my dad used to always busy in his office parties trips and all he never tried to understand me neither he used to have time for me and my mom was busy in her friends parties shopping’s and all….

One day:
This is was day of my college function…there will be dance fun and many more tat time no one was my partner except me everyone had partner I thought so anyways I had gone to the party wearing a blue long frock with makeup I was scared and nervous as this is the first time ever I wore this type of dress…as soon as I entered everyone eyes fell on me no one thought me to see like tat everyone got mesmerised and complimented me…..tat time my eyes fell on him my mega huge wala crush shravan kapoor was standing and chatting with his friends…. I just stood there and smiled at him….he saw me and give a smile…..!! he excused his frnds and gone for attending a phone call….!!! when he was talking I gone to my one and only best friend deepa…!! and he too walked in tat direction and by mistake I fell on him…!! I was on his arms…… I don’t know wat to say I was just blushing like a red tomato….!! we came back in our normal position…!! he started the conversation..!!

Shravan : hi r u fine…!! u didn’t got hurt right….!! by the way wht is u r name??….!!
Sumo ( blushing ) : my name is suman malhotra everyone calls me sumo ya I m fine anyways nice to meet u everyone in the college talks about u only…….!!
Shr: yes I know but I am not comfortable with it means I want some space in my life everyone drools over me it makes me feel suffocated right..!! But I m glad u r not like tat can we be frnds??….!!
Sumo: yes sure why not??…!!
They chit chat for sometime…!! When one person comes on stage…!!
Person (on stage) : ladies and gentlemen this is a very special occasion for college so let’s enjoy its time for a dance everyone come with ur partners and rock & roll on the floor..!! a huge applause…..!!

Everyone claps all go on the stage with their partners…!! except shraman
Shr: suman would u like to have a dance with me???….!!!
Sumo: sure why not will love to dance with u..!!
They both go on stage the music plays….lights go off…!! Tumhe apna banane ka junoon plays…..!!

Shravan puts hand on sumo belly he twirls she fells on his arms he turns her round and then shravan bends they share a eye lock he then picks her up in his arms and turns he slids her waist edkv tune plays….!! they both see each other for some time…!! then lights come back…..!! everyone claps for them…!!
They then come back to their normal position…..!! sumo was now blushing like hell…!! she was not able to meet his eyes neither he was able to..!!
They left from there after the party finished…!!
Days passed….there friendship grew more stronger and stronger..!! one day sumo parents decide her marriage with aditya son of the most richest, and powerful business….!! sumo was unhappy but becauz of her parents wish she agreed heavy heartedly…!!

Sumo parents: sumo we r seeing u always whenever aditya or his family comes, u always say u have to study with shravan or he called u always spend more time with him it’s not good beta we have also some respect and reputation u can’t make fun of it like this in the society….
Sumo: just stop it ha when u cared about me did u have ever time for me always busy with u r office parties and shopping’s ever had time for me no just buy me clothes give me all the luxuries that doesn’t mean u tried to understand me or I m happy with it from childhood till now I always craved for parents love but no u r always busy with u r own life…..!!

She left from there angrily….!! she shut her room door and cried badly she fell down on the floor with a thud…!! whole day she kept crying and slept there only…!!
Aditya listened this and got angry he smirked devilly…!! he gone to sumo room..!!

Aditya: suman don’t worry baby I will take u r stress and tiredness today we will become one come baby let’s enjoy..!!

He tries to force on her…!!
Sumo: no plz help me u b*****y cheapo I thought u were nice person chi don’t dare to come near me..!!

She fights with him..!! then only shravan at right time reaches there and beats aditya blue and black..!! sumo was just crying there shravan gives his coat to her…!! sumo parents came there,!! And scold aditya and thrown out of him the house….!!!

@the next day :
Sumo parents with sumo come to shravan house….!! he welcomes them…!!
Sumo parents: I know beta this is not ryt time but we thought to get married u with suman…!!

Sumo and shravan shocked..!! they with no option left…!! they get married….!!

They tried to understand each other…..!! shravan never force her he gave her all the space there bond grow more stronger than ever…..!! suman became a big famous doctor…!! shravan parents used to take care of her like their own daughter she was very happy….they never let her feel alone…!!

One day:
When shravan was driving the car…!! a truck came the man was driving fastly one person from behind signed him something he was none other than aditya…!! the truck dashed the car and within few seconds shravan was lying on a pool of blood..!! some people came there nd checked his phone and called..!! sumo picked it up they told her everything…!! her whole world turned upside down..!! she ran from there..!! she was running on the road she was tensed and nervous tears were continuously rolling down her eyes….!! she was only shouting shravan…!!
She found him and immediately took him to the hospital…!! she treated him his condition was unstable and critical..!! the doctor’s lost their hope…!! after sometime they came to know tat he fell into coma…!! sumo could not bear the pain and left from there and gone to ganesh murti which was in hospital…she fell on her arms and cried badly please save shravan bhagwan ji I can’t live without him I love him a lot please he is my life without him sumo is nothing please save him….!!

He suddenly starts breathing….!! she goes to him…!! shravan opens his eyes…!
Sumo: shravan u r so careless I hate u why did u do this dammit
Shr: why u care about me
Sumo: because I love u yes dammit I love u lot…!!

Shravan gets happy..!! I love u too sumo…!! they hug each other….!!
After 5 yrs:
A boy was running papa plz save from me mom I don’t want to drink milk and jumps into his papa arms….!! his papa smiles sumo why r u disturbing my champ if he doesn’t want to drink why r u forcing him the person reveals to be shravan and the boy was shraman shravan malhotra….!! they both hi fi each other..!! suman says how mean u both r in one team no one cares about me…!! shraman and shravan says mom we love u so much and cares about u too…!! they all share a family hug…..!!

The end…!!

Hope u guys like this boring one shot….!! so it’s a bye from nixi….!! Love u all muahhh take care…!!

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  1. Rukhsar

    It was amazing not boring i liked it and ur ff also seems interesting so post asap

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx rukhsar….!!! posted…..!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ariana

    It was such a unique love story. Shravan the cool dude marrying Suman the nerdy. Awwwwww…. So sweet. Make more OS on ShraMan.
    Loads of love
    Take care

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxx aru will sure upcoming two shot…..!!!! loads of love aru…!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Angel20

    It was very nice!

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx maria…..!!!

  4. Marie

    Yo nixi…..!!!!!!! It was great amazing n awesome u r a very talented writer yr…!
    Do post like this always
    Lots of luv…!

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx maria will post always oops jhinga lala hu hu jhinga lala i m dancing oh rofl i m not at all yaar anyways lots of love to u also
      ~nikko ( my favourite name)

      1. Marie

        Hahaha u my my darling n it’s also my fav name Nikko I call my siso nikita hamari nikita Nikko….now ek aur Nikko great 😀

  5. Nikita

    Awww. It was soo cute..
    loved it yaar..
    Do makes more OS…
    Loved it so so much..
    Do make more!
    love you!
    take care!
    Nikita.. 🙂

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxx nik will make for os sure next upcoming two shot…!!!! love u a lot will take care…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nixi !!!
    From the start till the end .. I was like awwwwww ?????? very cute one ???????
    Love it yar ..
    U write soo well ..
    Great ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx i wrote wat ever i got in my mind will take care for sure love u loads muahhh…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yaar…loll…lovely..???
    Its like a short update or some summary of a serial…???????
    I felt so…
    I enjoyed it..thanks for this..
    But..I found a could it b shravan u firstly..mentioned that its shravan kapoor????????

    1. Nixi18

      oh well certainly not i took it nearly 1 hour to write ot welcome pleasure is mine thnxxxxx a lot oops the moment i posted i noticed it muahhhhh love u loads take care it is shraman shravan kapoor…!!

    2. Nixi18

      oh well certainly not i took it nearly 1 hour to write welcome pleasure is mine thnxxxxx a lot oops the moment i posted i noticed it muahhhhh love u loads take care it is shraman shravan kapoor…!!

  8. LogaMegan

    Hey Nixi it was not boring it was awesome
    Pls do write more os or ff
    Bye Tc

  9. This was an unique storyline though really amazing. Loved it a lot ?
    Take care. ?
    Do post more os like this 🙂

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