Shraman- Is this love or lust for u (Prologue)

Okay hehe this is sriya back with a few shots/ff on shraman………thanks for your immense love & support in my previous ff I m not sure u would like it or not……or hate it but giving a try….!!
Is this love or lust for u
We see a man dragging a girl ….! she is crying and begging him but he is merciless and ruthless he keeps on dragging her…!

HE: why sumo ha u broke my heart into million pieces u married aditya u betrayed me I can’t believe u could stop this low ha how can you marry him
She: stop it shravan ha because of u aditya divorced me because of u my parents hate me now they don’t want to see my face u became a beast shravan u r no more that old shravan….!
He: ha sumo I became a beast but just because…of u….!

She: I didn’t know shravan ki that my one mistake will change my whole life…!
He: u deserve it sumo u have to pay more for u r deeds
He throws her on the store room and locks the door…..sumo keeps on crying badly…..but he didn’t gave a damn to her……..!

Prologue ends……!

So waiting *waiting* tell me fast if u want me to continue or not because in this ff/few shots because this won’t be like my previous ff they would face many problems to be one because I don’t let anyone to be together so easily like I did in previous ff….!! so bye guys love u all for the support…! tc…..!!!

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  1. Angel20

    Yes a big YES! Please continue.. I love these type of stories!!

    1. Sriya

      Thnxxxx Maria ??????

  2. Wt a typical…story..
    U came up with sriya…?????
    Very interesting..
    Go a head????

    1. Sriya

      Thnxx sona di no worries at last they will be one ???????

  3. Plz post it soon….
    I am waiting..
    I love it ??

    Make romantic and long…

    1. Sriya

      yep lets see will try to post asap thnxxxx for reading and commenting>3333 ???????

  4. I want their romance not their fights. plz make them as love birds.

  5. Neeti

    So much suspence. Nd wat wat wat Adiman ki shadi ho chuki thi, nai.
    Why is Shr behaving like dis with Sumo. Woh I am already so sad nd u r making me more sad. U know Pari di (Angle_pari) left us, she said she will never come back, hw could she do so?
    Pls di pst soon, I am already crying bcs of Pari di nd u made me cry by saying it has only few shots
    pls dont make me cry anymore
    luv u bye- Neeti, Sadti (sad+Neeti)

  6. OMG!! What was that ?
    Can’t get over it. It is damn interesting.
    You have to continue for sure. Can’t wait for your episodes now. Post soon. Take care ?

  7. Ariana

    Okayyyyyy…atom bomb explode kar dia yaar…I’m victimized!!! Mar dala!! now u post soon or I really die. Can’t wait for it. Ur comeback is already exploding my brain cells so better post asap to make me survive. All the best for another wonderful ff. I’m sooooo excited!!!
    Love u honey
    take care

  8. WeirdSister

    Hey sriya…
    Loving it…
    Post very soon..
    Luv ya?

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG Shravan ?
    So interesting sriya
    Love u 🙂

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