Hi guys sriya here u all must be thinking that why I am so late right guys anyways from many days I wanted to write a shraman os. Hope you guys like it this is just like a small intro of it if u will like then I will post or try to post soon the os.
Shraman: love me like you do
We see a 28 year old boy was alone in a big dark room. He was seeing pictures it was of his and a girl. He says five years have passed away sumo still I have not forgiven u for your deeds you are my wife and I am your husband but we are just living like divorcee couple why sumo why u did these with someone who is innocent and not at fault how could u stop so low that u tried to do kill someone. No sumo u cannot be my sumo u have changed u can’t be my sumo whom I loved the most and devoted my whole life. This cannot happen you are not my sumo he shouts at top of his voice. He cries rememebering the moments they spent together.
Here sumo was also crying remembering shraman shouting at her and blaming her and when he thrown her out of the house not giving her chance to speak and not trusting her. She says why shravan was our love was so weak that u didn’t trust me and gave me a chance to speak u just believed some outside person and thrown me out how could u shravan I know u cannot be my shravan u have changed and she cries badly.
Prologue ends
So what is happening here?
What happened in past?

What shravan believed was truth or not?
Did sumo really tried to kill someone.
To know stay tuned to this one shot. So guys now u want me to post this one shot or not. It depends upon your comments and opinions do tell me If u want me to post this one shot this is was just a intro. Love you guys and ff maybe today or tomorrow or onr 18th whenever I get time I will try to post it.

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  1. Sriya di plss continue, and why intro you should have posted it now abhi mere teacher a rahe he to abhi jati hu bt wapas ane ke bad bara cmnt karungi
    love you bye – Neeti

    1. Sriya

      i didn’t know u guys will like this much anyways will continue asap love you too xx

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Yup yup yup please post soon yaar. Keep writing. Waiting…….lots of love

    1. Sriya

      thanx a lot nandini aka nandu lots of love will try to post asap

  3. Superb plzz update fast

    1. Sriya

      will try to update fast thanx a lot

  4. Marie

    Wow sriya di…..!!!
    Such an amazinggg intro by d most wonderful writer……!!
    Do u think we we let u stop…??
    continue….fr sure….i want this asap asap asap…..!!!!
    Plz plz kaldi se post karo di…..!!
    Love u a lot se bhi ziada….!!
    Take care..!

    1. Sriya

      welcome marie oh amazing writer not at all ya will post tomorrow today i have to do work otherwise my teacher will kill me and u will not get any one shot and i want to share a happiness new in sst exam i got 37/40 and in psa ( problem solving assessment) i got 19/20 love u lots lots lots and lots and you are too amazing writer take care will post asap love u lot se bhi ziada

  5. Nice….your OS seems interesting…. continue soon…….. awesome prologue…………… post soon…..

    1. Sriya

      thank u kaya

  6. Woww…
    Bahut achi hai.ff..

    1. Sriya

      thank u sona di

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Woe sriya … very nice story .. u should post this one shot .. I luv it .. post this soon ?????

    1. Sriya

      thank u fatima

  8. Superb it seems really interesting plz do post it

    1. Sriya

      thank u naina

  9. Ariana

    Seems soooooooo interesting. Post the OS asap. I can’t wait so long. EVen no stars on the sky that i can count to spend time. So u gotta post soon. Love u

    1. Sriya

      hey thanks ariana di will start writing now and will try to post asap love u too take care

  10. Amazing. Pls post of soon

    1. Sriya

      thank u anushika

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