SHRAMAN: Love or hate for each other ( Concept)


Hey guys I am Tara here well I am new here… this is my first ff and that too on my favourite couple shraman…

Concept: –
this ff starts when ramanath says to sumo to go away from shravan life… sumo then decides to leave abroad… she leaves a letter to shravan that she hates him and is leaving to abroad… she becomes a successful business women… and returns to India here shravan was a successful lawyer…. sumo family decides to get married to her… shravan now hates sumo…. what will happen when he gets to know that sumo is going to marry someone else???
Will he let their marriage happen??
Will shravan get to know the truth of his father??
Will sumo break her promise and go to shravan??

To know stay tuned guys to this ff. Hope you guys liked it… please support me as it is my first ff….so it’s a bye from tara….love u all take care hope u guys support bye edkvian and nimik aka shraman fans…. hope to meet u guys soon if I get positive response suggestions are mostly welcomed… so bye take care guys…… miss you and love you….

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  1. pretty preeti

    Tara lovely sweetheart
    Too good
    Continue it
    Post soon

  2. Marie

    Hey Tara…..!!
    Welcome my dear….!!
    The concept was so great I loved It to d core…..!!
    Plz plz post ASAP ASAP !!
    Take care Tara !
    Will u mind me asking ur age so I can decide wat to call u Tara or API (elder sis in Urdu language)
    Anyways plz continue it u will surely got positive cmmnts dear πŸ™‚
    Love u toooo

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Tara !!! Very nice concept ..
    Post soon ..

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    Of course Tara. Btw his old are u?? Pls continue. New things are always welcome???? lots of love. Keep writing dear.

  5. Pooja26


  6. Nikita

    Hey Tara!
    welcome to the TU family..
    excited to see this ff …
    please post soon..
    seems an interesting concept..
    post sooon!
    waise, what’s your age? i mean should i call you di?
    i guess i would have to cause i’m the smallest one in the TU family..

  7. Neeti

    sry I’m late actually super super super late..
    actually my data pack expired, so couldn’t cmnt bt bt… bt… again separation bt de have to be together oneday, that’s enough fr me
    pls pst epi asap
    lots of love- Neeti

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