Shraman…the INSEPERABLE bonds.. Two Shot

Hi guys.. I’m nikita.. The one who writes the ff ” MIL JAATE HAI TO BANE KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI ”

So here’s my story:
(Basic idea: sumo n pushkar are best friends)(shraman not met)(pushkar-shravan are not brothers) so let’s start

A girl is shouting: do it properly! Oh preeta! Yeh kya hai? Aisa hota hai?
Pushkar comes in: full on SUMO mood!
The girl is revealed to be sumo..
Sumo: arre pushkar.. Bhai dimaag mat paka..
Pushkar: okay okay.. My tiffin?
Sumo: here..
Pushkar: sumo I need your help
Sumo: haan toh bol..
Pushkar: actually there’s my client, Shravan.. So he has a deal with us.. I’m his lawyer.. But he needs a tiffin service so.. Tera naam de doon?
Sumo: mujhe usse milna padega…
Pushkar: haan to chal mere saath….

Sumo goes with pushkar.. They go in sumo’s ambassador..

Pushkar: ab to yeh khatara bech de..
Sumo: chup kar..meri darling hai ye..
Pushkar laughs.. They reach the office..
Pushkar is entering.. Sumo trips and a guy holds her.. Yes it is SHRAVAN..
They share an intense eyelock… Edkv plays in bg..

Pushkar: Mr.Shravan.. She is sumo.. I mean suman.. The tiffin service girl…
Shravan: okay..

Sumo is still lost in him.. He makes her stand.. And goes in.. Sumo is still lost in him..

Pushkar: aapka aakhon se pyaar khatam ho gaya ho toh chale??
Sumo: hmm? Haan? Chalna nahi hai?
Pushkar: kamal hai yaar!

In the meeting.. Pushkar is explaining the case.. Sumo is waiting in the same room so that when the meeting ends she can discuss with shravan.. Everyone is paying attention.. Except shravan.. Shraman are lost in each others eyes… Pushkar notices it… He sends everyone and sits and adores them.. “So perfect for each other…”
He coughs.. Their eyelock is broken..

They discuss and shravan agrees for PCT’s tiffin service…

Shravan: I would love to have you for me..
Pushkar: kyaa?
Shravan : I mean I would love to have your tiffin’s for me.

Sumo smiles

Pushkar: chalo bhai.. Ho gaya?
Sumo: kya?
Pushkar: aankhon-aankhon ki baatein?
Shravan: naah

Pushkar leaves

Sumo notices and breaks the eyelock.. They start talking… They get to know each other and discover that they. Have a lot in common… They exchange phone numbers.

Few days later

Sumo goes to pushkar’s room

Sumo: mujhe tujhse kuch kehna hai..
Pushkar: yahi na that you love him?
Sumo: tujhe kaise pata?
Pushkar: maate.. I’m your best friend.. I know you..
Sumo: I love you!
Pushkar: you love me or him?
Sumo: pushkar!
Pushkar: bata naa
Sumo: tujhse dosti wala.. Usse saccha wala…


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  1. So good nikita .. 🙂 Is this real story or fiction ??

    1. Fiction… Thanxx..

  2. Wow yarr… your imagination is jst mnd blowng…..
    Loved it a lot……..

    1. Thank you.. Keep loving.. Actually na.. I can’t write all these long ficitons… So I’ll just end the one I have then write only two-shots.. That’s fun.. Direct love…

      1. Ya dear…i too was thnking abt suprfst love… even i wrt in my cmmnt bt thn deleted as i want to kn your imaginatn………
        N u cleared the fact……
        Love u dear

      2. Thank you for your support.. Pls keep supporting me like this.. And keep reading my ff’s

    1. Thank you.. Dhara…

  3. Nice…. I will look forward for the next epi…..

  4. wow awesome yaar too good

  5. Nikita it’s awesome.
    Loved the pushkar-suman bonding.
    ShraMan’s luv @ 1st sight is really nice.
    Continue soon. .
    waiting for the next shot…….

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