All about shraman “an important message to people” ( ek duje ke vaaste )


Hey guys……..
Maria here with n important msg for u all……….

————PLEASE READ—————–

I won’t say anything exept a request and a msg…..
Ok guys so as u all know that our beloved show is ending……it’s a heart breaking news…….for every edkv fan……n bht hadh tak it’s confirmed……

I also believed this…..but after last night….no I though there is still hope……hope of saving our show….yes guys u heard me ri8 we still can save our show…..if anyone of u on twitter then go n see wat we did last ni8 was amazing we trend #dontendedkv
Yes….n we were on the 10 rank across the worlds trending…..isn’t it AMZING??

Yes I m telling u all this cause I also want u all to participate in this trend guys….I beg u all……that if u don’t have an id on twitter then please make one n trend as much as u can on (on insta on twitte on FB on every website!! )

Plzzz guys come n join us (all the edkv fans) in trending so we can save our show……I know that u all r die heart fan of our actor namik Paul aka shravan and nikita dutta aka SUMAN……for them….please come on to twitter today we have two weeks ….
WE WILL TREND #Edkvcantend or #DontEndEdkv so plz come n join us….

There are so many FCs are helping us…..n that….so why not u all?? After all u all are EDKVians na??

So please I really want to save our show that’s y I m telling u this…..
If anyone of u on insta n twitter….then u can msg me
In insta my I m currently running n FC of nikita dutta so u can msg me there…..
N all the details are on insta or on twitter every page……

I n my frnds discuss this matter with producers n directors also…..they all said try….so we should na….??? Even ek duje ke vaaste ki cast is helping us on twitter…!!
We can do this….!!
“THERE WERE MORE THAN 52.2K tweets last night 😮 ” can u imagine….??
Even Namik Paul was shocked….yes guys if we can tweet this much in just three hours so think what we can do if u all will also join….

Guys I and my friends nikita (Nikko) and khushi are also there….
Hope u will all join us there………..

Thank u…….
Ur sis maria…….. 🙂

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  1. Priya15

    Dear it’s possible through mail also… See 23rd epi page.. I gave 2 mail id’s.. I m thinking to send mail.. As I m not allowed to open fb or other social sites account… But ya l Send mail

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey maria..I hve signed d petition..
    Nd even though I m not on twitter I saw d page of edkv fc..nd it was like…well…exploding..
    I really hope it gets an that it can have a logical ending nd not n abrupt one..

  3. Angel_pari

    Good attempt mario

    i,m in 🙂

  4. Neeti

    I am crying badly, Sony dont want to continue our show! How could they do so? I dont have a twitter acnt. I have a acnt on Insta (as u know) bt I that phn have gone mad again! Pls do smething if u can. Keep going evry1.
    Lets pray, lets hope- today a true lover of Edkv

  5. Ariana

    Well all those who doesn’t have twitter can call/mail sony. I did call the SET India (Canada) nd they said “Decision hasn’t been completely taken” so there r hopes. Pls pray. On twitter the two FCs r banging it up nd I love how now other show fcs also shows support, I really don’t want the show to end

  6. hey I have signed the I m not In twitter……………u guys are doing a grt job

  7. madhura joshi

    i want that shown must not b in air soon this show is different than the other daily soap plz plz plz it is humble request the show should not be ended soon plz except my request

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