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Writer’s POV:
Shravan ran behind Suman as she ran and entered her room , he knew she was crying , crying badly…though he didn’t knew the reason for it , he wanted to know it.
“Suman , Suman please open the door , please Suman , what happened? Suman please tell me , did I do something?? If yes please tell me what , please Suman….” Shravan was yelling while he was crying continuously banging the closed door of the room in a hope that Suman will open it but to no avail.
He heard some slow sounds of sobs , “Suman….” He said one last time as now his own cries choked his throat and he wasn’t able to speak more, he sat taking the support of the door as streams of tears felled down his cheeks.

Shravan’s POV:
“ Tumhe Kabhi Apni Zindagi Mein Kuch Nahi Samajhta Tha…
Ajj Tum Meri Zindagi Ban Chuki Ho…
Tumhare Ansoon Kabhi Mayine Nahi Rakhte The….
Ajj Wo Mere Ansoon Ban Chuke Hain…..
(There were times when I didn’t thought you as anything…..Now You are my life……Your tears didn’t matter to me then………..Now they are mine…..)”
I said the lines as I heard her tears , those days were different , today was completely different ,from a stranger she became my Soul.

Writer’s POV:
Suman sat on the floor taking the support of the door adjacent to Shravan from her side , she was still crying though trying to stop her cries so that Shravan doesn’t listen.
“Shravan , I am sorry…..” Suman tried to speak with much difficulty as she tried to stop her tears , she wasn’t able to…

Suman’s POV:
“ Tum Meri Zindagi The , Ho , Rahoge….
Par Mein Tumhari Zindagi Mein Koi Vajod Nahi Rakhti….
Tum Mere Jeene Ke Maine Ho…
Par Mein Tumhari Kuch Nahi Lagti…..
(You were My life… are , you will be……….but I don’t have any place in your life………you are the reason for my Survival……..but still I am nothing to you)”
I thought the lines which I myself penned down 5 years ago , things have changed , I have changed , he has changed……THINGS HAVE CHANGED.
“Suman , remember out first so –called meet….” Shravan asked me while his voice easily revealed to me that he was crying, he continued speaking as I kept listening.

Shravan’s POV:

“ That day was a usual day , we were in 7th standard , together in the same section from last 2 years still we didn’t even talked a bit , maybe it was our ego only…………….” I was trying to talk to Suman when she cut in the middle.
“ It was ego from your side Shravan , from my side , it was only my hidden LOVE…” I closed my eyes as I heard her.
“ Yes , from your side it was your love that didn’t permit you to talk to me, class’s chui-Mui Suman who spoke so little , so slow(in voice) , so fast(In words) that even teachers needed to ask again that what were you saying…….” I said as a smile itself climbed up me as I remembered her funny antics.
“ Teachers , Unhi Se To Dar Lagta Tha (I was afraid of teachers only)…..” She said as now her crying voice seemed to change a bit into some forced laughter’s.
“ Acha , what I was saying , we didn’t talk to each other from 2 years though being together , that day , I was sitting in the class while next day it was our Hindi Exam and me being the topper needed to maintain it………”
“ I wasn’t less either……” Suman said in a teasing tone.

“ Still , you were always second sweetheart and if we add your class performance in all those public speaking Marks , You lacked a lot behind me…..” I replied enthusiasm filling me now.
“ Yaa , yaa , a person like you who is so used to public speaking , how would he understand the pain of a stage-fearer……” Suman replied and it seemed that annoyance climbed up her due to my comment.
“ Ok, Let me continue , don’t become the collage Sumo Wrestler now , So I needed to be the topper and I was doubtful regarding the syllabus and all my lovely dumbo friends took leave because they had to study , rest were those left who weren’t really supposed to study for the exams , they all passed with my support….” This girl again cut me.
“ You know what Shravan , I hated this about you , you cheater cock , I don’t understand how a person’s principal’s can allow him to cheat…”

“Suman , it was common , everyone in the class cheated , even Aditya , You know that sanskari Mahapurush yet he too told the test to anyone who asked , but off course exceptions like you are always there, You know my friends sitting in the exam hall with you used to curse you because you didn’t even move your eyes from your paper , acha Baba , let me remember my memories , don’t speak…… I was forced to ask syllabus from you whom I just knew existed from last year that too because you scored more than me in some exams , so yup , I asked you ‘Suman , what is the Grammer Syllabus for tomorrow….’ and what I got was a pen dropping sound because you got too alarmed by someone’s call , then a filmy turn of a sehmi si Heroine who stared at me like I was there to eat her up ‘Shravan appne Bulaya…’ I could understand your lips reading because nothing seemed to reach my ears from your mouth and I just repeated the sentence wishing to end the conversation as soon as possible ‘ ‘ what I got was some blank reply from which I could neither make a head or tail , your speed and then the way you speak , in a second and so slow….”

“ But you understood , right , thats why you said thanks and went….???” Suman asked me as I laughed.
“ Thanks was a courtesy Suman and what I heard was nothing , I thought I would ask Aditya only because I couldn’t continue the conversation…….(I laughed again forgetting my tears that seemed to be too old now) That was like nothing , I didn’t thought about you after that though I remember thinking not to talk to you ever….” I was laughing like hell now.

Suman’s POV:

“ Yaa , I know its so easy for you , you know that day was like the best day of my life , the whole day at home I was thinking about you ,’ He asked me a question , wow , He considers me intelligent , he knows that I exist ‘ and so many more , your face seemed to come in my mind every now and then, because of you only na I lost my 1 mark in Hindi in which I was the best , even better than you…….” I told him as I remembered that day , expressing it in words wasn’t possible but still the whole day was rocking and shocking , I wasn’t an introvert at home though , in fact I was a full to enjoyable coolbie at home , I don’t know what happened to me in school but lets leave that topic , I was roaming around in my home with my Hindi book in my hand and my Shravan Malhotra in my mind , his one word too mattered like hell to me.

“ Acha Shravan , thats why You didn’t speak to me for almost 6 months after that , How mean…..” I told him with anger.
“ So what , you were so mean , you never told me that you liked me…..”
“ I had fallen for you the very first day I saw you in my class in 5th standard but I was afraid , I wasn’t out of those cool-cool girls in the schools , those with puffs , clips in the hair , messy hair still looking awesome, I was a type of girl who had those well tied hair , a girl who would fall anywhere , anytime and look the most funniest creature in the world , girte- Padte rehna meri aadat thi aur tum , tumpar to kain Marti-Girti thi……”
“ How do you know???”
“ I don’t know , I heard it somewhere that Anuradha used to like you , and then she used to fight so much with you , I used to find you both a perfect pair , that serial type , Ladte Hain ,Par Pyaar Bhi Karte Hain( They fight but Love each other too), she used to be a topper as well and in 10th class seeing you roaming around with her on trip , you know how I felt……….” I said to him as he cut.

“ Acha , thats why when I and Anuradha were sitting together in the ice cream parlour on Trip, you turned your face towards your friends like…………I just had a glance at you and I was like ‘I don’t look so bad that she needed to turn her face…’ Yaar , we were just friends who used to fight , you know she was jealous of me……..”
“ There was another Shravan , Samukshi……..”
“ Your friend Samukshi….seriously? She told you?”
“ No , but what your friend , she was your friend as well , in fact more than me……”
“ I know you didn’t had any friends na……” He teased me.
“ I heard it somewhere that she too liked you , you know I was like she was perfect for you , a good debater , she was even good in studies and I even saw you happily talking to her…….”
“ Oh God , Suman I never imagined you were such a jealous creature………seriously , they were my friends yaar….”
“ But you were a part of those Boyfriend-Girlfriend type groups , I know, don’t deny now…….” I asked desperately.
“ Yaa , but that doesn’t mean I had a girl friend…” He said in his angry monkey tone , wish I could see him but the door was still between us.

“ Shravan , you know , you meant the world to me , I was afraid to tell you , I felt you’ll insult me in front of everyone and it will spread like a gossip , you know I was a kind of person who was happy hiding behind supporters rather than coming into limelight myself , I even hated when someone talked about me , someone tried to bring me to front then how could I accept that thing , I was scared of you and I had my reasons , I had the newest of thoughts of the world , the things which other people didn’t think to improve , I wanted to do that , I wanted to fight against biased ness between girls and boys and I myself was…..” I had tears remembering those worst memories of my life when I used to cry just because as usual I wasn’t able to speak nicely in some class speaking thing , It wasn’t once , it happened to me every time I had to speak , I seemed to be so mysterious , I seemed to be so quite , it was all , all result of my fear , I was scared to face people, I was scared that what might a person think about me, I had my worst of the experiences.

“ Shravan , I was broken then , I seemed to be happy from outside but I can’t speak how my life was.”
“ Suman , I was the cool dude of school , every girl wanted me but still I never found my princess in them , you know why because I wasn’t suppose to get a princess , I was supposed to get a fairy , an angel…….and It was you…………”
“ Shravan , please , don’t just tell me that you love me because I do…..I know you don’t why would you???” I asked him as my past came in front of my eyes.

Shravan’s POV:
“ Suman , I really do , you know you didn’t matter to me for much of the time but that day , that day when I saw you , it was like a life-changer , I can’t share what I felt that day , our farewell party , it had been two years since our sections were changed , that day I just saw you and something happened to me , for the first time , some special feeling , my angel , I found her… I don’t know why my emotions took so much time to be revealed but it was special yaar……” I told her.

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