Shraman ff !! Epi : 9 AND PROMO


Hi guys m Ruchi back with my ff after 2 long months..
I know many of dnt like the story but m continuing this bcoz i dnt want to leave it in mid way nd most importantly bcoz your replies to my ques in Aru’s update.. So u have to tolerate it..
Sorry to those who were waiting for my story if any..
Thank u so much ‘ARU’ for conveying my msg on your update… Thank u guys for replying..

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After result we all were nervous bcoz now we all will be in different sections..
And here i was thinking what will happen if chashmish will be in my class nd what will happen if we both will be in diff section.. All these things were making me mad..

In the very first day of our new class, Everyone sat in their new class but section was same as that of prev class but only for first day..
Our class teacher asked everyone to give their intro..
And by the end of the day teachers told the students there new section..
But damn i was absent..
i was so nervous and eager to know our new section ..

So i called Nik nd asked about the day..
She told me the above mentioned thing.. After that i asked her about my nd her section..
Nik: we both r in diff section
ND Sumo was like what the hell..
Nik: u r in 9 ‘D’ ND M in 9 ‘A.’.
(I wanted to ask her about ‘his’ section but i dnt know what stopped me to ask about him)
I asked her that whether anyone from our section is in my class ..
Nik: yep bae KJ .. nd u both even can sit together .
sumo: But we use to hardly talk when we were in same class..
But at least she is a bright student nd not spoilt brad type of girl..
Nik: atleast u have someone ..there in my class there is none from our group..
me: we both r in almost same boat.. dnt worry i will come to meet u whenever i get time.. gtg be..

Next Scene {My first day in School in new class}

For the very first time in my life i wore suit (school dress).. I entered in the corridor shruti was standing outside her class (9th ‘C’)
She hugged me ,i was shocked bcoz we both r not that much gud frnds..
Shruti : wow Sumo u r looking amazing in suit
me: thanks u r also luking gud..

Me and Kj had casual conversation.. Our friendship was growing with each passing day..She was not aware of Shravan’s proposal,, nd we both were not that much gud frnds that we could discuss anything with each other .. Although most of my frnds knew this (all credit to radhika and Shruti)

Few Days passed our whole group use to have lunch together in 9th ‘C’..
KJ was still unaware about Shravan’s proposal.. Till now Shravan was not seen in the school..
I thought that maybe he left the school but at the same point I dnt want to think like that nd that list also suggest that he did not left the school.. { That list had the same of students and their grades … List was pasted on the door of each section … nd bcoz of that List my frnds got one more opportunity to tease me … Our grade was same (Do I need to tell who include in this ‘our’) ….

After two or three days he was back to school..
And now m really dead.. bcoz now my frnds teasing session will be on a new level.. Oh God !!!
During the recess time Shruti nd Mansi came running to us… We(Sumo nd KJ) were washing our hand ..
Nd she was like SUMOOOOOOO u know what I have a news for u (I asked her through facial expression ‘WHAT’) .. Guess what .. who is new monitor of our class ..
Me- How would I know this??
Shruti- your dearest Shravan
Me- what? (IN MIND- Now Kj will also tease me)
KJ-I really had a hint that there is something fishy but I was not sure about this.. U all use to tease her that thing I knew but I never knew about whom u use to tease ..
So Ms. Sumo we really need to talk…
Sumo(less audibly)-m gone today..
[NOTE- Sumo nd KJ r now very good frnds] #SCREEN FREEZES


Sorry for SHORT EPI (AND BORING TOO) AND grammatical mistakes.. Won’t be able to post next epi soon ..
Take care
Lots of love

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  1. hey ruchi I am very happy that you post.
    acchuly I was very eagerly waiting for this.
    & ya its not at all boreing.
    promo was also interesting one. & ya post next one soon.
    lots of love.

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Reema
      Sorry for making u wait..
      Thank u so much dear..
      will try to post soon..
      Keep commenting!!!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ruchiiiiiiii !!!!! Glad u r backkkkk !!!!! Welcome backkkkk dearr !!!!
    This part was nice .. promo seems interesting ..
    Post whenever u be free ..

    Take care ..

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Fatima!!
      How r u?
      Thank u so much dear..
      will try to post soon..
      take care..
      keep commenting
      Lots of Love

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        em fine .. wbu ??

    2. Ruchi

      M also fine dear…
      Belated Merry Christmas… Lol

  3. Hey ruchi, it wasn’t boring at all. It was superb and promo seems interesting. Pls post soon.

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Christie..
      Thank u so much dear..
      will try to post soon..
      keep commenting!!
      take care..
      Lots of Love..

  4. WeirdSister

    Glad to c u back ruchi…
    D promo seems interesting nd exciting…
    Plz post soon..
    Love u loads!

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Niyati aka WS
      Thank u so much swtty.
      will try to post soon..
      And yes m eagerly waiting for nxt epi of ur ff..
      take care..
      Love you!!

  5. Nikita

    How will I everr get bored from a ff that has my name (partially)..
    Amazing episode.. waiting for the next episode. .

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Nik
      So glad to see u…
      How r u ???
      Thank u so much dear…
      nd m eagerly waiting for next epi of ur ff… Post soon dear…

  6. Ariana

    Omg Ruchi dear I’m lateeeeee
    sry girl but I’m glad u posted
    like Finally!!!! I had been waiting soooooo long for this
    thanks so much dude
    n ik it’s hard for u to post soon but can u pls try? pls pls pls
    It’s very hard for me to wait
    anyways stay blessed n take care
    merry christmas
    love ya

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Aru …
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      hehe Sorry for keep u waiting…
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      #Merry Christmas!!
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