Shraman ff !! Epi – 6


Hello guys..
Sorry bcoz from now I won’t be able to post my ff regularly and the length of epi may vary according to the time I get.. Sorry as I know this epi not up to the mark and very boring..

Now let’s start with
Sumo’s P.O.V
Today was a very hectic day as Adi is also not well..
From tomorrow I have holiday of a week.
Ufff yr I don’t like these functions and all much but just bcoz of that stupid Aryan I have to go..
Tomorrow I will call Aditi to join me for shopping bcoz I don’t have any single traditional dress which will go for engagement function..
But m happy for Aman ..
Aman has changed for good..
Earlier he was so possessive about anything or person he like or love…
P.o.v ends

(Now it was Sumo’s daily routine to read diary whenever she got some time..)
Flashback /diary entry..
class 8th
Summer holidays..
As always my holidays was boring.. I spent my holidays with my bestie Arushi ….
We both use spend out most of the time together during holidays max 10 hrs.. We both use to go for morning walk and than we use to chat and after that back our home..
Than we use to meet after breakfast and spend our day together till evening only there was a gap of 2hrs during lunch time and sometimes we use to have lunch together..
We use to discuss about our crushes.. Although we knew that we will never confess our feelings to them even if they also feel the same for us..
Humari baato ka new topic tha padhaku Chashmish..
And at night we four use to play badminton..
Me,my sister (Preeti) ,Arushi and Shrey ( our family friend)..
We use to bet that looser will give chocolate to the winning team..
we use to play till 10…
teams use to change daily..
Whenever me and Shrey were in same team we use to fight a lot..
Sometimes one of Shrey’s friend use to come and watch out match and he had a secret crush on me according to Aru..
During holidays I use to miss my class a lot.. our masti and everything..
The month of June was about to end and so does our holidays …
On 26 June.. When I was at my home , someone messaged me nd I got shock of my life..
After that I use to spend my most of the time at my home.. I use to avoid going outside.. That day has huge impact on my life.. That person changed my life..

School reopens
Few days passed but there was no sign of Chashmish … he was regular student.. A thought strike in my mind which made me a bit sad .. I don’t know why the mere thought that Chashmish left the school is troubling me a lot..
But few days later he came back to school ..
exams were near so now we were more focused towards studies..
we scored good in our xams …
He use to stare at our seat..
but so stupid of me ..I thought that he use to stare Nik..
After about 7 months I can say that i have seen his diff. shades..
*secret admirer

Sumo’s P.O.V
Shravan oops Chashmish I never thought that a guy like him will be possessive about a girl whom he don’t know much..
I still remember that incidence ..
we were class 8 our Hindi teacher has asked 4 girls to do inspection and mam left the class among those 4 girls one was my seat partner and bestiee Nik..
I was outside that time..when I came back I saw that 3 boys were standing near my seat … I thought that now how will I go in..
Among the 3 one was Chashmish…
me: xcuse me..
Chashmish by his one hand made way for me (his one hand was in front of those two boys making way for me..) .. His hands were acting like a barrier.. I smiled watching him and he also smiled..

#Screen freezes

No Precap

Thanks for ur precious feedback..
Sorry for short epi and for mistakes..
And a big Sorry as I was not able to comment on ur ff’s..
Thanks Sriya.. m glad that u read my ff and u like it..
Thanks Pretty Preeti for mentioning my name on ur ff.. Sorry as I didn’t commented.. actually now a days my browser is not supporting me..
Hope u like this epi..
keep commenting !!! 😉
Love u all.. 🙂

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep ???
    Bt plzzzz do mention the recap next time before the ep bcz I used to forget the track .. otherwise this ep was amZing????
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Hi Fatima..
      hw r u?
      Sorry this time I forgot to add recap..
      Here’s the recap for u guys..
      Recap- Shravan after completing song started contacting a khabri (information gatherer)
      ask him to collect him info about Dr.Suman Tiwari.. and him to meet after a week with the info as he will be busy with his work. as he is a engineer now.. and this week his sister’s b’day and he love her small sister (not a real sister but she was his classmate when he was taking coaching for engineering and he treat her like his small sister although Shravan is few month elder than her..) a lot ..

      Thank you so much..
      keep commenting..
      take care.. 😉
      Lots of love
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  2. Ariana

    Awww Ruchi such a sweet epi. It’s like Sumo has a soft corner for Shravu. Loved the epi a loottttt. I adore the way u put flashbacks. It spices up the ff. Anyways how r u? It’s been soooo long. All good?
    I’m really excited for the next part. Put precaps too… Post next part asap. Pls pls pls not late this time. I’ll be waiting
    Love u
    Take care
    huggies and kissies
    Ariana (Aru)

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Aru…
      m gud dear … Wbu..??
      Thank so much…
      Ya, Sumo has soft corner for Shravo but she is Not aware of that…
      take care…
      will try to post soon…
      keep commenting !!
      Love u 2!! :-* 🙂
      Ruchi… 🙂

  3. WeirdSister

    Hey ruchi..missed u dear…
    Loved it…
    A bit confused at d starting…
    Post soon..
    Luv ya..

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Niyati…
      hw r u dear?
      Thank u so much…
      by mistake i typed Aryan in the start its Aman only…hope now ur confusion is cleared?
      Missed u All…
      take care …
      keep commenting…
      Love you !! 😀 🙂
      Ruchi… 🙂

  4. hey ruch such a adorable and cute epi…

    Loved it…. But is this ur school story???? Or like a true story as moments and concept is too sweet and inocent like a school love story (hope u dont mind me asking this )

    awsome epi

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Pari…
      Thank u so much dear…
      It is not my school story but yes some parts are from my school ( Frm diff love stories of my school)
      that ipl wala scene was frm my class… As m srk fan… So i added that…
      i dnt mind u asking that…
      nd some are out of my stupid imagination… Hehe
      Take care…
      keep commenting… ^_^
      Lots of love
      Ruchi… 🙂

  5. Nikita

    hey Ruchi di!
    How are you?
    and why’re you late??
    The flashbacks + pov + ShraMan = AWESOMENESS
    Loved it loads, so Sumo has a thing for shravan, that seems interesting..
    And so does Shravan.. nice..
    Love you loads !! *_*
    and don’t disappear now !
    love you, *
    Nikita ^_^

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Nik..
      m fine dear..wbu??
      Sorry yr.. was a bit busy…
      Thank u so much for ur overwhelming comment..
      m glad u like the epi.. 😀
      hehehe..will try..
      take care..
      keep commenting!! 😉
      Love u 2 !!
      Ruchi …. 🙂 :-*

  6. hey ruchi epi was mind blowing !! post asap.

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Deotima !!
      Thank you so much dear !!!
      will try to post asap.. 🙂

  7. pretty preeti

    Hey rucs I read ur ff today so late sorrryyyy
    Lekin yaar epi mast that
    I was really happy reading it u r really great writer
    It was superb
    Ur idea superb
    Welcome yaar lekin u r mysis so why thnx not guddd very bad
    Post soon
    Tune precap kyun nhi likha
    Very bad again
    Lenin ur ff great
    So very gooodddd
    Love u

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Pretty Preeti…
      No problem dear..
      Thank u so much sissi..u r sooooo sweet..
      ooops. ..
      u know what meri elder sis ka naam bhi Preeti hai..
      Will try to post soon..
      and when u r going to post next epi of ur ff??
      Precap nhi diya bcoz don’t know what will come in my mind for next epi.. he he 😉
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Love u 2 yr..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  8. I missed your ff a lot.
    Loved this episode so much. It was just so AMAZING. The way you add those flashbacks is AWESOME. It makes your ff even more interesting.
    Post soon. Take care ??

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Zainab !!!
      Thank u so much..
      Hope u will like the next episode..
      will try to post soon..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  9. Tara

    wah.. ru kya likhti ho tum.. i always knew it u r superb witer.. sorry for late cmmnt.. actually i was reading ur previous epis….
    loved the epi..
    awesome way of expressing..
    loved ur ff..
    lots of love..
    ur ‘Ta’

    1. Ruchi

      Hey ‘Ta’
      Thank u so much dear..
      No problem yr..
      Love u loads!! 😉
      muahhh!! :-*
      ur Ru… 🙂

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