Shraman ff !! Epi – 5


Hello guys.. Back with other episode of Shraman ff..
You know what initially I decided to name this ff Dr. Suman and her Devil..
umm u all must be thinking y devil..
I don’t mean devil by his deeds but by.. umm kuch episodes m pta chl jayega..

Sumo was smiling while reading the diary …
She closes the diary as she was feeling sleepy..

Next day..
Scene 1
Shravan woke up with red swollen eyes..
He wanted to confront Sumo but first he wanted to gather information about her life although his friends use to give him information about Sumo to him..
But after schooling, he don’t know what had happened to her..
Because the Sumo he know was once shy but chirpy in front of her frnds and family.. Those Hazel eyes have lost there shine..
The smile for which he can do anything is not as bright as it was..

He was angry on Sumo but deep inside his heart he knew that Sumo can’t betray anyone..
Other reason for gathering info about her is so that she can’t lie to him..
He was so lost in his thoughts..
He remember one incident from childhood..

(Note : as i mentioned in the intro that Sumo was a shy m telling something related to it only..
After her parents death she use to live with her Nanu.. Now she is in Delhi from past 4 now she is frank with her frnds but not so frank like her other frnds..
and one more Shravan stays in school boarding of xyz school.. )

May, 20XX
Sumo was not well so she was not attending classed..
Her girls gang knew that she is not well.. but others were unaware..
After three days she came back to school as now she was better..
One of the asked the students to submit there Notebooks..
Sumo- Nik now what should I do my work is incomplete..
Nik- Are chill bae , go and tell this to mam .. She’ll give u someone’s Nb..
Sumo- uff tension m na mera dimaag kaam hi n krta h..
Nik- oh wow.. tere paas dimaag h?
Sumo- Arrrgh..Nik uhhh??
Nik- are m just kidding yr..
Sumo- jaa maaf kiya tjhe ..tu bhi kya yaad kregi..
Nik- Chl chl ab zyada timepaas mt kr..aur mam k paas jaa.
Sumo-oh ya ryt..

She went to mam and told her about the same (about her being unwell) ..
Mam- take this Nb and return it tomorrow after completing ur work..
Sumo- Thnk u mam..
Mam smiles..

Sumo went to her seat and have a look at the Nb..
Sumo (in mind) – Oh god..Why in this whole class only his Nb..
The classes ends and Sumo went to her place..
In the evening
She remembered that she has to complete her work..
she opened his Nb and she was very much impressed by his handwriting..
After completing her work she went to her Massi and praises his handwriting..
She even said that his handwriting is much more better than mine..
Her Massi was surprised as she never praises any guy..

Next Day
In the school , she showed his Nb to Nik and again praises his handwriting by saying that generally boys have bad aur OK ok handwriting but m surprised to see this..
Nik started teasing her..
Nik- Kya baat h .. kuch zyada hi tareefe nhi ho rhi h uski..
Sumo- Shut up u naughty head ..

Sumo(in her mind) – Oh shit.. I have to return his nb to him…
where is he??
Ohh mill gya..
oh no but how will I go there..iss Chashmish ko b boys row m jaakr hi khada hona tha..
[ now m telling row arrangement
1 2. 3. 4
_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _

1st and 2nd row are of boys
4 row is of girls..
3rd row half row girls and half boys..
Sumo’s seats is in 4 row and Shravan is standing b/w 1 &2 row..]

Sumo- Nik u r so good na..
u r my best friend na u will do my one work plz .. That Chashmish is standing in boys row aur tjhe to pta h na ki mjhe boys row m Jana kitna ajeeb lgta h and if by chance I go there abhi and frnds will tease me by Adi’s name and u know na ki I don’t like this.. please..

Nik- oye merit bullet train ruk jaa thoda sa.. Sans to lele.. kitna bolti h yr.. Now stop ur emotional drama ..m de dungi use Nb..
Sumo- Nik u know what yr I love you..
Nik- yr Sumo m not like that yr..
Sumo- Nik ki bachi even m not like that main as a friend bol rhi hu.. jb dkho ulta hi sochti h..
Sumo- now go and return his nb and say thanks from my side..

Nik goes to Shravan and returns his Nb and tell him that mam gave his Nb to Sumo..and Sumo asked her to return this Nb to him and say thanks from her side..
And here Sumo was biting nails ..
shravan turns and saw Sumo..
He smiled watching her silliness.. Sumo at same time looks there and says thanks to him through lipsing .. both smiled .. Shravan gestured through eyes no problem..

End of flashback..
(after remising old days his mood lighten up and for a moment he forget everything)
Shravan smiles remembering this..
He took his guitar and was singing a song for Sumo..
‘Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe na faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan

Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe naa faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan
Tere qareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa
Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe

Ho ho…
Tujh se mohabbat hui
Hai meri hai bas ye khata
Tujh se main door rahoon
Yeh mujh ko gawaara kahaan
Main tere saath mein hi rahoon
Chhodo ye saara jahaan

Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahishKi sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe woh

ho ho…

Ho ho…
Ho ho wo ho… Ho ho wo…
Teri adaaon mein doob loon
Doob loon main tujhi mein
Ho jaaun tere itne qareeb
Ki main dikhoon ab tujhi mein

Paas bithaoon ye zulf sawaaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe
Ho ho… ‘

After finishing the song (or I would rather say after coming back from his school memories or after remembering those cute moments) he kept his guitar aside and started contacting a khabri (information gatherer)
ask him to collect him info about Dr.Suman Tiwari.. and him to meet after a week with the info as he will be busy with his work. as he is a engineer now.. and this week his sister’s b’day and he love her small sister (not a real sister but she was his classmate when he was taking coaching for engineering and he treat her like his small sister although Shravan is few month elder than her..) a lot ..

#Screen Freezes..
No Precap

Thank you guys for ur precious feedback..
Hope i didn’t bored u all…
take care 🙂
Keep commenting.. 😉
Love you all.. ???

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  1. Marie

    Yo!! Ruchi api!! How r u??? 😀
    omg this ep was just fab……no u didnt bored us at all….the school moments n d song…its one of my most fav songs!! Ye ep toh boring ka b bhi nai tha!!! It aas like…i cant say words kbatam ho gai bhese ab kya tareef karoon agar ap hoti toh hug karleti apko…!!!! Hawwww no precap too bad now u have to post asap asap plzzzzzz
    take care api
    love u so much
    frm ur sisyyyyy

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Maria..
      m fine.. wbu??
      Thnk u so much dear..
      Sorry for the precap.. but at that time I was blank regarding what I will write in next epi..
      u also take care..
      will try to post ASAP..
      Luv u 2 Sissii..

      Ruchi.. 🙂

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ruchi !!!! Great ep ??
    Post soon ..
    Take care..

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Fatima..
      Thank u so much dear.. ?
      will try to post ASAP…
      u also take care.. 🙂

  3. Hey ruchiiii it was amazing i toh totally loved it……..
    Flash back
    school memories
    such a sweet and cute memories that lipsing wala thnkss awwwww how cute……
    Loved it
    loved it plzzzzzz post soon…

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Pari
      Howz u?
      Thank u so much dear..
      Will try to post ASAP..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love ?
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  4. Nikita

    Hey di !!
    Amazing episode yaar.. Just lved it !!
    Post sooooonn
    ShraMan childhood <333
    And the songs one of my fav's..
    Amazing episode
    Nikki.. (Post soon)

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Nikki/Nik..
      How r u…?
      Thank u so much…
      That song is one of my favourite song too..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love..??
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  5. Ur episode was just awsum….i liked the book wala eye talking btwn shraman …..plz post ur update soon….i m waiting…..

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Sadhvi..
      Thank you so much dear..
      Hope u will like the next part also..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  6. Neeti

    Ruchi di, this is nt fair, this is nt fair…
    after writing so beautiful epi u had to say u bored us this is nt fair….plsss agli bar se bht accha tha ye bolna, okkk, plizzzz
    wow fb moments are amazing, I was really lost in it….
    sry canrcmnt any more, I’m really sleepy
    by by – Leeti ( late+Neeti)

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Neeti..
      How r u?
      Sorry yr…
      Thank you so much dear..
      m glad that u all liked it..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  7. WeirdSister

    Hey ruchi..I m loving d flashback parts…u just rock it there…
    I loved d epi…
    Post soon..
    Luv u..??
    I hve uploaded chp 3.. Plz read…its published..??

    1. Ruchi

      Hi WS..
      kesi ho yr??
      Thank u so much…
      m glad u liked the episode..
      will try to post asap..
      I read ur ff.. it was amazing..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of love.. 😉
      Ruchi.. 🙂

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