Shraman ff !! Epi – 4


Hello everyone … Hope u guys like the flashback part..

Recap- She opened the diary and the first thing which she saw was their class photograph .. she smiled looking at the photographer..
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Dr. Suman and her Story..
in bold letter..

Epi- 4
First entry ( it is in the form flashback and diary entry)
Class 8
Wow …m excited for my new class..
I enjoyed a lot in the today..
but my class teacher is quite strict as he is maths teacher..
It was a new day new class but one thing is changed that now me and Adi r no more gud friends..
Now we hardly talk to each other..
only casual talks..
and it is just because of some stupid boys who think that we both like each other..
uff these stupid boys..
Ye namune kam the ke Aaj ek new boy guy came to our class.. I didn’t noticed him much..but our teacher introduced him.. His name was.. Umm kya tha ..
oh ya Shravan Malhotra..
bada hi padhaku type ka tha ..
pr anyways mjhe kya krna h..
Me and Nikita discussed about him…no not in that way..
we were talking about him as he is a good competitor..
oops Nikita is my bestiee.. I call her Nik..
That chashmish guy was of very descent type.. I have never seen him trying to start a convo wid girls like other guys..
He was always busy wid his books.. even during recess time he use to study.. He was different from others..but u never know ..kya bharosa inn ladko ka..
Few days passed
our regural classes started me and Nik use to fight a lot but our fights doesn’t last long , me and my friends use to a lot of masti..

it was IPL season
And u know what in my class both boys r girls r very much into IPL..boys bcoz of cricket and girls bcoz of their favourite actor or player..
and I being a S.R.K fan fully supported his team and Nik also being srk fan supported his team…but aahh my friend Urvashi being Raina fan (Suresh Raina)
supported his team and ayushi was csk supporter ..
we use to fight a lot during recess time..
we use to make funny rhymes against our frnds favorite player or actor..
we use to shout against each others fav team nd player/actor..but jo bhi kaho maza bahot aata tha..
Uff meri class m ek se badkar ek namune h..
Abhi one of my idiot frnd tagged me on cropped photo of srk.. he cropped his face and pasted it on some bald old man wearing dhoti..
we even use to fight on social networking site.. our IPL war continued there also..
Sometimes I was really annoyed wid that chashmish ..I mean who studies during the break time.. buddhu ladka..
but something was strange..
I sometimes found that new guy looking at our seat.. I thought that may be he is staring someone.. maybe Mansi or may be Nik.. but I was not sure so I neglected the fact..
after a week or so..
Our girl gang was playing truth and dare during the recess time..
boys were busy wid their gossip..
we spinned the pen (school m bottle kaha se aayegi)
it was Mansi’s turn..
Diya- truth or Dare..
M- truth
D-oooo.. truth.. So bae do u like Abhi..
M- no ways..
we were playing and DAT a guy Aarav from other section was irritating urvashi.. she ignored him in the starting.. one boy Jay from our class was provoking him.. as he proposed urvashi and she rejected him..
we continued our game..
it was Diya’s turn..
D- dare
Sumo- Go and slap that aarav..
diya was going to slap but we stopped her and asked her to slap Jay.. we were joking as we thought that she will not slap him..
But to our surprise she went to him and slapped him and now we all were hell shocked..
Shravan was watching all this but he was silent as he know that somewhere that jay deserve that slap..
Jay – what the dare u?
Now I will complain about u to mam..
all the other girls back out as they were scared..
Sumo- I told the dare .. so don’t worry no one will blame u guys..
U- but I also supported u.. so m with u..
S &U- do whatever u want to..
but poor Jay as he know Sumo and Urvashi are among the favourite student of mam.. so he didn’t complained about her
on the other side a guy takes a sigh of relief.. as now Jay will not complain about Sumo…
Sumo was smiling while reading the diary …
She closes the diary as she was feeling sleepy..

#Screen Freezes
Sorry for such a boring and short epi .. Yesterday my chotu brothers came to my place that is y I was not able to I promised u that I will post next epi by today thats the reason behind short epi..

One more thing comments r decreasing day by day..if u don’t like my ff then plz tell me I will not continue it further..
Thank you.. ??

Lots of Love.. ??
Ruchi.. 🙂

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  1. Awwwwww it was such a cute…… Loved it infact thanku for it i got my school memories…precious memories of my life… Thnku thanku…..

    Ary ary dont stop…. Cmntss will inc slowly slowly…..

    Lots of love 🙂

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Pari..
      Thank you so much dear..
      Many scenes r from my school.. he he..
      Most Welcome yr…
      take care..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  2. Nikita

    Hey di !
    How are you?
    Amazing episode !!
    Don’t stop it please..
    I loved it.. And is that Nikita, based on my name?
    Anyways, I loved it.. I want shravan’s entry soon.. I know.. Uski entry ho gayi hai par phir bhi..I mean sumo ke saath
    Loved it.. And love you !!
    Nikki <33

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Nikki/ Nik..
      m gud ..wbu??
      How r ur studies going?
      Thank you so much dear..
      Yes it is based on ur name..
      Hero ki entry m to yr time lagta hi hai..
      take care…
      Love u 2.. :-* <3
      Ruchi… 🙂

  3. Oh Ruchi di! Pls post soon and it wasn’t boring haan. Keep writing and posting. Lots of love dear

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Nandu..
      Thank you so much dear..
      will try to post soon…
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  4. Marie

    O hello khabardaar Jo meri Ruchi di ke ff ko itto sa Bhi boring kaha toh 😀
    It was not boring at all di….!!! Even I enjoyed it a lot se Bhi ziada….!! School memories….!!!
    Well Mai toh pooochna hi bhool gai ke how r u…???
    Loved it di
    Plzzzz continue…..this…ff….
    Post ASAP ASAP n no Precap nor fair ab tohhhh plzzzz post ASAP….!!!
    Love u di….!!
    Take care !!

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Maria my small sissi..
      m gud.. wbu..??
      Thank u so much dear..
      Some scenes r from my class..
      #school memories.. 🙂
      take care ..
      Lots of Love
      Ruchi.. 🙂

      1. Marie

        M also gud API 🙂

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey ru amazing yeah i also love cricket and u know i was reading edkv ffs i comment on anushika’s ff and then it autocorrection to ru and now i m reading ru’s ff wow

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Jo..
      Wishing u a very Happy Birthday dear.. 🙂
      May god bless u wid lots of happiness and success..
      When I was writing this I remembered my cricketholic frnd Jo..
      IPL war is from my class..
      During IPL season we use to sit in front TV .. and chat side by side when there csk vs KKR.. and we ( me nd my frnds) use to tease each other a lot..
      He he…ur Autocorrect also remember me.. 😉
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruu.. 🙂

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey Ruu once again big wala thank u 🙂 and haha Cricket i just love it even me and my Cousins fight over our fav team and haha maybe 😛

    2. Ruchi

      most welcum dear..
      and u know our class teacher’s mobile ringtone was of IPL tune..
      we use to hoot whenever his phone rings in the class…

  6. WeirdSister

    Hey ruchi…I really liked it…so there will be a lot of diary entries I guess….eagerly waiting…luv u sweety!!???

    1. Ruchi

      Hey WS..
      How r u??
      Thank u so much dear.. 🙂
      Let’s see what’s next..
      try to post next epi of ur ff soon..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂 ^_^

  7. Ariana

    how r u dear? All good?
    The epi was wonderful. The diary part was sooooo cute. Loved the part where Sumo was clueless Shravan was staring at her. Actually I loved the whole epi from the core of my heart. Awesome one. Post next part asap
    LOVE U

  8. Ruchi

    Hi Ariana..
    m gud..wat about you??
    Thank you so much for ur overwhelming comment…
    will try to post next epi soon..
    take care…
    keep commenting..
    Lots of Love..
    Ruchi… 🙂

  9. Neeti

    hehehehe padhaku Shravan…
    even I’m Srk’s fan, that’s why I support KKR
    the photo prt ws the best prt
    bt who said its boring epi
    and about the cmnt decreasing, we always cmnt, I always cmnt late bt I do cmnt on ur ff di, so plsss do continue
    pst asap di
    luv u – Neeti

    1. Ruchi

      Hi Neeti
      How r u dear?
      I am also KKR supporter and the reason is same as urs..
      Thank u so much dear for always commenting..
      take care..
      keep commenting..
      will try to post asap..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi.. 🙂

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ruchi !!! Very nice ep dear ..
    Luv it ..
    Nd this ff is amazing .. don’t say it boring ..
    Post soon ..

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Fatima..
      How r u??
      Thank you dear..
      will try to post soon..
      Lots of Love..
      Ruchi… 🙂

  11. U r just awesome at story. …plz do continue it….

    1. Ruchi

      Hey Sadhvi..
      Thnk u dear.. 🙂

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