ShraMan: I Fell 4 U …!!!! #one shot# #by Purvi#

Hello friends… Remember me or not? Bhool to nhi gaye? Yad bhi kesy rakho gay.. ? forget that.. let me remind u who I am.. I m Purvi, the one who wrote an Os of ShraMan in December.. named ‘Friendship To Love’ yaad ayaa… U all told me to write more but I was so busy nd couldn’t got time so that’s why.. here i present u all an os of mine.. hope u all like it.. i knw it isn’t as good as urs.. but still…

A girl was shown crying her heart out hugging a pillow. She was so engrossed in her thoughts. Yes, she was Suman.
S – “Ahhh I just hate him.. How dare he do that? He played with my emotions. He played with my feelings. I was a fool to believe him. How can I believe him. Suman, he said he loves you and you accepted. Huhh…!!”

Next Scene –
A boy was standing outside a mansion. It was Tiwair Villa. Yeah, he was our hero Shravan Malhotra.
S – “Kya karun? She must be crying. Haan I will go into her room from the window.”
He said and moved towards the garden. He thought how to climb upto her window. Just then he saw a ladder, he quickly got it and started climbing. He reached upto her window and saw that the window was closed. He heard some sniffs from inside the room and got sad. He knocked on the window.

S – “Who is knocking on my window?” she got up from the bed and opened the window. She saw him with wide eyes and opened her mouth to shout but Shravan placed his hand on her mouth.
S – “Sumo pagal hai marvayegi… kisi ne dekh liya toh…” he said and took off his hand.
S – “What the hell is this? What are you doing here?”
S – “Sumo, yahin pe saare sawaal poche gi andar bula ly.” She gave him her hand and he came inside. She closed the window and turned to see him. He was lying on her bed.
Suman – “Oyee Sadu get up from my bed.”
Shravan – “Not yours. Jo cheez tumhari wo meri.”

Suman – “Shravan I said na get up. Its my bed.”
He got up and holds her waist. He tucked her hairs behind her ears moving his finger on her face sensually. She closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Shravan – “Pyaar me no you and me only We.”

She jerked him.
Suman – “You don’t love me and I don’t love you.”
Shravan – “Jhooth.”
Sumam – “That’s true I don’t love you Shravan Malhotra.”

He pulled her and holds her from her waist.
Shravan – “Acha agr tum mujhse pyaar nhi kerti toh mere touch se kyun fark padta hai?”
Sumo – “Mujhe koi fark nhi padta.”
He holds her more closer. She closed her eyes more tightly.
Shravan – “Ab bhi nhi.?”

Sumo – “Nhi.” He pulled her even more closer, their chest crashing with each other.
Shravan – “Ab bhi nhi?”
Sumo – “nhi..” she said with her eyes closed.
He kissed her cheek.
Shravan – “Ab?”
Sumo – “Nhi..”
He bites her earlobe. She moaned.

Shravan – “Ab bhi nhi..?”
She pushed him with great force.
Sumo – (shouting) “Haan mujhy fark padta hai… (started crying) haan fark padta hai tumhare touch se, yehi sunna chahty thy na…. haan mujhy fark padta hai kyunki pyaar kerti hun me tumse….” he got very happy and came closer to her. She cried badly.
Shravan – “Toh problem kya hai?”
Sumo – “Tum. Tum ho problem.”
Shravan – ‘Main?” he asked being confused.

Sumo – “Haan tum Shravan Malhotra.. cuz you don’t love…” he didn’t made her complete her sentence and smashed his lips against hers. She jerk him off.
Sumo – “How dare…” he again kissed her. She again pushed him.

Sumo – “Shravan….” he again captured her lips… now she gave in and responded back.. both were nibbling onto eo lips…. their kiss was showing their love,passion,desire which they carry for each other. Soon they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen. He cupped her face.
Shravan – “Sumo I Love You.. I love you so much meri jaan… I only love you. I know my friends gave me a dare to make u fall in love wid me but I swear I seriously fell in love wid u.. ur cuteness, ur innocence, ur siyappas, ur dramas nd especially ur beauty made me fall for u. Sumo MY LOVE FOR YOU ISN’T FAKE.” (it echoes)

He kissed her forhead and she hugged him tightly.
Sumo – “I love you too Shravan, thank u for entering in my life.”
He kissed her hairs and hugged her back even more tighter.

The End…..

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