SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers (third episode)


Hi guys sriya here with the third episode of my shraman ff. Hope you guys like it too??????. Thanks guys for your encouraging comments and why comments are becoming less day by day and I am ending in 25th chapter. Guys in this ff shraman are rich and sumo mother is alive.

*****Episode 3******

Precap: – sumo and shravan family together to go on a trip.

The next day

Sumo was sleeping peacefully her mom comes there to wake up. She says get up sumo don’t you want to go to your college. Sumo says let me sleep peacefully. Her mother gets a idea she brings a bucket full of water and throws it on her. Sumo gets up shouting flood has come here her mother starts laughing seeing her. Sumo says why today also you are waking me up don’t u know today is Sunday and I have no college today. Her mother says oh now a days I am forgetting everything any ways I want to tell that our family and shravan family will go on a trip together and we will be leaving tomorrow. So start packing your bag now only. Sumo gets super duper happy when her mother leaves from there she jumps in happiness ????. She calls shravan and tells this matter he also gets super duper happy.

*******the next day******

Everyone are ready for the trip and shraman are damn excited. Both the families decide to go by train. They all get settled down in the train. In Whole compartment both the families were only there. Shraman and preekar were sitting away from rest of the family. They all were going to Kashmir.

They four decided to play truth and dare. It was sumo turn and shravan asks question from her.

Question 1: do you believe in love sumo

Sumo: yes

Question2: do you love anyone

Sumo: yes my family

Question3: do you love me sumo

Sumo: yes

Everyone gets shocked shravan didn’t understand whether what she said is true or not??? Sumo starts laughing seeing him shravan don’t take me seriously I love you as my friend only nothing else. They get relieved after hearing that especially shravan. They enjoy together and doze off to sleep!!!!!!!!!

Precap: – shraman snow fighting. Preekar romantic moments???.

So guys how was third episode. Love you everyone and please comment guys I am craving for your comments otherwise think it as a last episode hehe ??? lol I am not joking okay.

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fab ep .. amazing .. bt too short .. plzzzz next part should be a bit long . Plzzzz .
    Post sooooooon ..

  2. Prettypreeti

    Sriya u r very nice writer
    Very gud

  3. Nikita

    Kya likha hai sriya!!
    Absolutely awesome!
    Sumo ki dil ki baat muh pe aa gayi.. Hehe..
    Aur abhi se jaane ki khabar na do.
    And post soon.. Aur next wala lamba okay?
    Chalo bye..!
    Post soon

  4. It was too short rey…but gud.we r enjoying to read ur ff..its nice..gud…☺☺☺☺
    Don’t end it so soon.

  5. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey sriya! Dont worry u will get more comments as u write more episodes. But old write a bit long yaar. Lots of love post soon????

  6. Ariana

    The 3rd question!!!! Sooooo……but just frnds…. Fine let ShraMan take their own time, but u gotta post next epi sooooonnnnnnn. And yah as for this epi… was awesome!!! u rock

  7. Awesome update…loved it……….
    Please update the next part soon……..

  8. Sumo

    amazing… loved it..✌

  9. I am a silent reader.Love your ff
    Pls continue it

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