SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( second episode )


Hi guys here I am with the second episode of shraman ff. Thanks for your lovely comments love you everyone so much????. No proof reading.

Episode 2

Recap: – shraman to bunk classes and do outing together and masti.

Shraman plan to bunk the class and when teacher was not present in the class. They silently leave from there and they go in the direction of back gate there was security guard shravan jumps from the wall he asks sumo to jump from the wall she tried many times but fails miserably. At last with so much difficulty she jumps the wall.

Shravan: – sumo dekha tu intni moti hai ki asani se jump be nahi kar sakti moti kahi ki

Sumo: – ??? shut up duffer stupid idiot tu boli mat lambu

Shravan: chup kar moti

Thy both start fighting the people say this is not your house go and fight in your home you husband and wife. Shraman ☺️☺️☺️ blushes listening this. They both go to a nearby pani puris shop. They have a competition sumo eats 10 plates while shravan had finished one plate shravan says yeh moti toh mujhse asani se jeet jayegi bhukkad ki tarah kha rahi hai.
Finally sumo wins the competition.
They go to orphanage and plays with children it starts raining sumo dances with children her hair becomes wet shravan gets mesmerised seeing her. They both enjoy after sometime they sit in car and leave from there. Sumo was sneezing badly and was shivering shravan gives her his coat and a handkerchief.

Shravan ( in anger) – sumo maaza aaya na kisne kaha tha tumhe ki baarish me bhigo aab dekha bhukar aa gaya bacho ki tarah behave karti ho.

Sumo: sorry shravan aage se aisa nahi karungi.

Shravan: it’s okay now your home has come you can leave we will again tomorrow.

Sumo bids bye to shravan and leaves from there. Shravan leaves to his house they both doze off to sleep thinking about each other!!!!!!!!

Precap: shravan and sumo family together to go on a trip.

So guys how was second episode sorry for the typos. Love you everyone ???? for the lovely comments and thanks silent readers.

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  1. Ariana

    amazing!!!!! Loved it….btw i have a question. Is this childhood ShraMan or frown up ShraMan coz Sumo was being called moti.

    1. Sriya

      thanks ariana shraman are studying in college shravan was teasing sumo as moti nothing else:-) love you loads thanks a lot for loving it: -)

  2. Marie

    Hello sriya di….!!!
    Wow wow wow ep was sooooooo goooD…!!!
    I lyked it…no………no….I loved it…..!!!! Shraman scenes were so amazing haha their fight n husband wife wala part WS mast…!
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt ep n their trip….
    Plz plz plz post ASAP ASAP ASAP
    When will u gonna post nxt chappy….plz jaldi..!
    Love u di…!
    Take care…
    By 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thanks ariana shraman are studying in college shravan was teasing sumo as moti nothing else:-) love you loads thanks a lot for loving it: -)

      1. Sriya

        sorry for the typo love u loads marie next part posted by me: -) this is not fair you are not posting your ff too fast and making me wait for it eagerly and every time asking me for posting it early: -) your sissy won’t talk with you love you lots and lots and your ff too you have to post it jaldi jaldi jaldi and jaldi please post asap: -)

  3. Neeti

    Bhaooo…………Sriya di
    It’s me Neeti.
    The epi was short. But as some great person said “CHOTA PACKET BARA DHAMAKA”, i would say “chota epi bara dhamaka”.
    I luvd the “husband wife” prt.
    And your story is so nice that we had to cmnt.
    I think i did not cmnt in the pre epi, bt i loved that epi too.
    Luv you and your ff ,from- your younger sis, Neeti

    1. Sriya

      thanks for calling it as a nice ff and thanks for saying that you had to comment i am on cloud9 after reading your comment my happiness has no bound love u lots no problem you did not commented I am not younger than you I am studying in 7th only and I am 12 years old love u lots from your younger sissy: -)

      1. I’m younger than you di. I’m a old women who reads in lower class so you are elder

      2. Nandini aka Nandu

        Hey sriya u are only 12??? Well am 13
        ??? gald to have u here dear☺☺☺?

      3. Nandini aka Nandu

        Cmon yaar neeti. An tu bahut irritate kar rahi hain. Chip chap batayegi konsi class mai hain??? U 13 only, right?? Then too?? stupid…. (Don’t take it seriously I spoke all this being a good friend)?????

  4. Sharmansangel

    Hi sriya what an episode yaar please post asap

    1. Sriya

      thanks Sharmansangel next part posted by me: -) love u lots for the wonderful comment: -)

  5. Great start girl. Liked both of the episodes. Btw when are you gonna post the next one? And yeah what are their (ShraMan) ages? Anyway keep writing ?

    1. Sriya

      sumo is 19 and shravan is 22 love u loads will keep writing next part posted: -)

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello !!! Fabbbbbbb ep .. luved it to the core ..
    Post next part soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Sriya

      thanks dear posted next part will take care thanks a lot for your care and love u loads dear: -)

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi sriya di! Great going, it was fab as usual. But i have a doubt ki if shravu and sumos families are gonna go for a trip, so how do they know eachother. Forgive me if i sound foolish. Lpts of love,

    1. Sriya

      thanks for the comment sumo and shravan are childhood besties so they are families are also have a strong bond with each other you are not at all foolish your my sweet cute sisso love u loads: -)

  8. sriya ihave the same question as ariana. epi was awesome

    1. Sriya

      thanks they are college students and he is calling sumo moti just for love u loads: -)

  9. Nikita

    loved it..!! but i have a question, is this childhood shravan? or clg shravan? as our present Sumo ain’t fat.. or does shravan only say that to tease her?

    1. Sriya

      thanks clg he is clg shravan he is just saying to tease sumo love u loads and I think you are die hard nikita shraman and nimik fan love u loads: -)

      1. Nikita

        Yes i am…

  10. Its so..perfect..yaar☺☺☺
    Nice bonding of two frnds..☺☺☺☺

    1. Sriya

      thanks for calling it perfect even it is not a perfect ff I think so it is the boring ff ever sorry for boring you guys love u loads for the comment: -)

  11. Prettypreeti

    Sriya it was fab
    Ur storyline is very nice
    Loved to read it
    Post next soon

  12. Sumo

    amazing sriya.. m late but though read it… I loved it.. ??

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