SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( fifth episode )


Hi guys sriya here with the fifth episode of my ff. Hope you guys like it too. Thanks guys for your encouraging comments and love for me. Love you all so much my happiness has no bound and I am on cloud9 and are they less readers of shraman ffs???

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Fourth Episode

****Episode 5****
Recap: -now what will these two devils shraman do with pushkar.

We see the moment pushkar enters the resort he slips down and hits the wall with a thud he screams in pain. Preeti helps him to get up and everyone laughs seeing him especially shraman they were laughing like a maniac. Preeti suppresses her laugh soon bursts out laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He gets up and eyes angrily to shraman. He enters his room and two to three rotten eggs fall on him. He says waak chi disgusting he washes his head and dries it with a towel and he goes down everyone starts laughing pushkar gives a confused face preeti points to his face he goes where mirror is present and sees that his face is covered with a stinky brown mud. He eyes shraman damn angrily. He washes his face and starts running behind shraman they both run in the whole resort finally pushkar catches them and holds their ears tightly. They both scream in pain loudly they sorry bhaiya maaf kardo hum dono masoon se baache he galti toh sab se ho jata hai lekin maafi maang na aasan si baat nahi hoti. Pushkar says acha bache ho tum dono tikhe abhi batatu hi ki chote bache galti milne par punishment milte hai toh mai tum dono ko punishment deta hu. Shraman sorry bhaiya aage se mujhse galti nahi hogi. Shraman says maaza aaya na bhaiya.

Precap: – sumo love confession to shravan pics. Shravan enters the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would happen next guys think fast now no episode today tomorrow my exam is there and I have to prepare well already I am very lazy girl and pray for my exams. Love you all bye take care will post next update tomorrow.

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi sriya! Thanks yar for posting it jaldi. All the best for the exam dear. But i am confused, shravan is so tall so hiw come pushkar held his ear???;) lots of love. Keep writing.

  2. Marie

    Hello di….!!
    So goooD really loved it…!!
    Hahahah shraman r really devils…!
    Wow love confession so excited…!
    Thanks. A lot fr posting it early 🙂
    N all d best fr ur exams my prayers r wid u always….!!
    Love ya..!
    Take care n study hard…

    1. Sriya

      thanks a lot marie it means a lot to me will study hard muahhh love u too thanks for your prayers welcome dear next update tomorrow okay dear now bye going out with my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will have ice cream today xx

  3. Prettypreeti

    Hello sriya
    All the best for ur papers dear
    U r amazing
    It was so cool
    I too have same ques as nandu has
    Please tell me
    Loved it
    Lots of love
    Loved it

  4. hey …………………….nice update………….it was really funny………..awesome…… soon…………………….

  5. wow……………….funny update……………really nice…..

  6. Nikita

    Hello sriya di!
    How are you?
    Kya lihte ho ap!
    The episode was really amazing..
    Shraman are really pranksters..
    Sumo’s love confession and Shravan enters?
    Jaldi post karna
    Take care
    Lots of love,

  7. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode sriya di I loved it

  8. All the best for ur exams..
    Thanks ..for ur all of us..
    Well..shraman ffs padney salon ki 20hai..Max pata nahi..including silent readers…
    Baaki mujhey nahi pata..☺☺

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey sriya !!!! Nice ep .. nd OMG !!!! What the guyzz hv done wid pushkar .. ohhhhhh .. itni brri punishment .. nd plzzzz clear my confusion .. pushkar is older than Shravan or elder ?? Bcz ShraMan said BHAIYYA na to pushkar that’s y m asking ..
    Post soon .. will b waiting ..
    Take care ..
    Ba bye ..

  10. super funny episode… i loved it….plss next part bhi jaldi upload kr dena

  11. Ariana

    ROFL!!!! It was so funny! I loved it yaar… Nd the precap…..Don’t have words for it. lemme not think of it. coz if i start thinking, i’ll daydream the whole night. (then i guess it’s called nightdreams?) anyways post asap. Can’t wait longer

  12. Hehehehe its so funny… Sry Fr late cmnt Sriya di…
    I’m waiting to see Shravan’s reaction..which you already mentioned in promo?
    abhi mujhe schl Jana sry
    pyar hi pyar-Neeti

  13. Sumo

    amazing.. loved it..❤

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