SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( episode 9)

Hey guys sriya here with next episode of my ff……hope you guys like it too..and I will post my ss soon…….
Episode 9
Recap: – shravan and sumo to be locked in a closed room……..!

The next day
Shravan and sumo left for the college…….when they were walking in opposite directions in the college ground….accidentally they both dash each other sumo falls in shravan arms……. they both share a cute eye lock………edkv plays in bg……….sometimes after they realise their position and come back in their actual position…..they both left in opposite directions……….

At evening…….
All left the class sumo and shravan were in the class only students think no one is there in the class….so they lock the room and left from there….when shraman tried to open the door but it did not opened they tried many times but they failed to open it…….! sumo says hai bhagvan ji yeh kya kardi ya abhi yeh khadoos shravan ke saath akele mein rehna padega ! shravan holds her hand tightly and says mera jawab bina sune kyu chali gayi thi wah se……ab sun main tujhse bahot pyaar kar tha hu ! jabse tune mujhe avoid kiya hai yes sumo I love you so much sumo hugs him in happiness…..they both hug each other after sometime they depart……..! then shravan sees towards sumo lips she nods in positive sign…..he places his lips on her soft lips…..sumo clutches his shirt…..they both kiss passionately…….after sometime they depart they were breathing heavily due to lack of oxygen………! they slept there only whole night….holding each other’s hands……………!

Precap: – sumo and shravan to tell this to their families…..

So guys how was it and I am planning to end it in 15th episode….as I have to focus on my exams…..and I have to be regular on my ss also na….so 15th episode will be the last……so it’s a bye from sriya sissy love u all……..! and maria di please don’t cry I can’t even imagine it in my dreams also ! sorry for making you cry di “puppy eyes”…….

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Bravo kam se kam kahin toh mile i love this

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shramansangel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ahhhh finally everything got resolved .. luv this ep ..
    Post next part soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fatima will post soon ! take care !

      1. Sriya

        sorry i mean posted

  3. Marie

    Hey sriya darling…..!!!
    Hahah I will not cry…..plz don’t say sorry….!! 🙂 🙂
    N yr wat a mast ep…!!! Finally they patch up!!! Wah Wah sriya kamal dhamaal bemisaal ep…!!! I really really really loved it frm d depth of my heart….!!!
    Precap luks amazing…..!!!!! Waiting anxiously…..!! Post ASAP ASAP
    Wat wat wat..?? Y ending it…!! So soon!! No…!!! Yr plzz ok don’t post regular if it’s effecting on ur studie but ATLEAST don’t end it…!! It’s d great ff…!!!
    All d best fr studies…..!! They always cms Frst…!!
    Love u uncountable !!
    Take care
    By by

    1. Sriya

      hey marie di or maria di….!!
      okay no sorry happy now????
      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx di next part posted aftern posting 9th episode yesterday i wrote 10th episode also and posted few minutes back……!!!!!!!!!!!
      okay will not end so soon and no problem in this month i can post in free times……!!!
      thaxxxxxxx for your congratulations……!!!
      love you more than uncountable
      take care…!!!
      by by di…!!!

  4. Oh…
    Finally…love confession hua…
    No more avoiding…kadoos shravu ek mahina lag gaya..usey reply dheney mey..
    For bhi kehtey hai na..anth bhala tho sab bhala..
    Happy for precap..
    Note: pls..make it some more long??☺

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sona di???
      yes pyaar ka mausam agaya
      sahi kaha di apne anth bala toh sab bhala
      me too happy for precap just joking….!!
      okay will make it some more long just for you all guys….!!
      super duper happy???

  5. Neeti

    hello Sriya di, me phir se assman nai nai TU se tapak pari….
    awww finally the cutest luv confession…
    pilizzz don’t end it nw ya focus on studies bt u can write once in a month na, plssz don’t end it
    inki chat mangni path biha mat karwana plss…engagement, mehndi, sangeet, haldi and den shadi after shadi a reception also plssss
    pst asap di
    luv u- Neeti

    1. Sriya

      oh meri pyaari neeti sissy tu toh pata nahi kahi se bhi tapak padti hai…!!! and post your ff also asap post asap post asap plzzz okay i will extend it some more….!! yes all the rituals will happen actually i thought till marriage okay no problem will give you reception also…!!!!!!!next part posted…!! luv u too meri pyaari behena…!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sriya

      thaxxxxx ariana di omg omg so many wonderful comments i am on cloud9 awesome writer i am so happy to get this comment from an awesome writer you are actual awesome writer di plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post your ff asap plz yes will extend it till 20th episode for you all okay????? super duper happy????love u to the uncountable….!! di take care di….!!! next part post?????..!!! few minutes back?????

  6. Ariana

    OMG!!!! What an epi. It’s too gd to make me speechless. Now wht to say? Lemme find some words……ummm…..
    K i should stop or the comment will b never ending! U r an awesome writer!! Pls don’t end so quick I will cry. I got into the story sooooo deeply tht can’t just get over it. Pls can u try til 20th epi? I’m not forcing, just a small request. And yah, post next part soon
    Love U
    Take Care

  7. Nikita

    Brilliant episode sriya !!
    Absolutely beautiful..
    Ahh .. Eye lock !!
    You write very well !!
    And finally confession !! Yippe..
    And if you wanna end it its okay, but listen, if you find a track for this ff, don’t stop.. Just post it on free times.. No Presure !! But don’t end it.. This is on the ff’s I look forward to always.. Anyways, amazing episode.
    Great precap !!
    Post soon !!
    Loads of luv,
    Niki di..

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