SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( episode 8)


Hey guys thanks for your response in previous chapter….. marie di here is the another gift for you……hope you guys like this one too….. and nikita di from now I will call u in nicknames like nikki nikko or whatever…….no problem na di…..

Episode 8

Recap: – shraman rain dance…..someone confesses someone………
Sumo left from there…..shravan runs after her…. while sumo was running it started raining….. she stopped there shravan reaches there he takes her and starts dancing with her…. he twirls her then he picks her up in his arms and do some dance steps they both were totally wet….. they keep on dancing on rain….after sometime rain stops and everyone claps seeing them… they then come back to their normal position…. all left sumo was also going when shravan stopped her and pinned her to the wall and asked why are u avoiding me sumo we are best friends right….. sumo says I can’t tell u… shravan gets angry and holds her hand tightly and says why sumo ha tell me u have to answer me u can’t avoid me like this and he holds her hand more tightly she screams ouch…. shravan says tell me fast… sumo says because I love u shravan malhotra I love you more than my life and I don’t our friendship to be break because of this reason…. then she left from there running and crying…. shravan falls down on the floor with a thud… he was totally shocked and numb…. he did not understood what to do…. he left from there in the car… sumo slept thinking about him….. and shravan reached his home and slept thinking about sumo sudden confession…..

After 1 month
In this whole month they (shraman) avoided and ignored each other… whenever the other used to tried to talk the other person used to left from there….. they are naughtiness was gone…. they were now no more best friends like before….. they became more serious and responsible in their lives…. they were no more the naughty devils and the pranksters…. there family noticed the changes between them….. all were sad seeing the two best friends like that…….. they tried to ask the reason many times but they gave excuses……every time and used to run away from

Precap: – sumo and shravan to be stuck in a closed room…

So guys how was it so sad boring and stupid one no problem please excuse your sweet little cute sissy… so marie di did you liked my gift….. sorry if I make u or anyone sad for this stupid boring episode and thanks for bearing me and my stupid ff…. so it’s a bye from sriya love u all… take care and neeti I watched dream girl sometimes…… only….. anyways nikita was cute in that also….. so it ‘s a bye from # nimik # shraman and # edkvian fan……..

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Bahot acha gift hai yaar

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxx shramansangel !

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep ..
    Just awwwwesome … not at all boring .. nd ohhhhhh suman’s sudden confession .. really nice ..
    Precap is thriller ..
    Post soon ..
    Waiting ….
    Take care ..

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxx fatima ! yes precap is thriller will post soon ! take care !

  3. Ariana

    WONDERFUL EPI….Yaar how do u manage to shock me every time with ur dhamakedar epis? I’m so excited abt the next epi. Can’t wait. Post soon.
    Lots of Love

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxx a lot ariana di will post soon love u lotsssssss

  4. Neeti

    hehehe Maria di khush ho zyegi nt khush bt maha khush…itna baria surprise phir bhi apne boring kiu kaha..:(..
    wow Shraman ka rain dance and de became serious ? nai our devils ar gone
    waiting fr d nxt epi…wow lock ho jaooo Shraman beta jaldi se hehehe
    Sriya di plsss pst asap
    wo sab se iss liye puch rai thi bcs mujhe last me kya hua wo janna tha maine akhir me dekha nai na…
    luv u Sriya di- Neeti

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxx neeti sissy will post asap last me mein bhi nahi dekha lekin dekhna chati hu ! tumhari tarah ! love u neeti sissy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh..god..sriya…
    Tumney tho kaha ki …September take episodes..nahi likh oavogi..
    Par haha surprises pey..surprises..diye..jaa rahi ho..him sab ko…well acha laga..Teri surprises..???

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sona di aur surprises milenge love u lotssssssss i am just writing for you guys and in september i will pakka not write okay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u di !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. Marie

    Hey my dear…..!!!
    OMG OMG….!!! Thank u so much yr ❤❤❤❤ really a wonderful gift fr me….
    Oyy dont say my sriya’s ep boring acha…its not boring not even a bit hahah neeto nai bilkul sahi kaha mai khush nai bht khush ho jaon gi…..!!! N m so happy n consider myself so lucky that i have such loving sis like u all…..!! N my sriya baby thank u so much fr such a wonderful ep…!!!
    Love u more more more ……….!!!!!
    take care my dear…!
    Frm ur sisiii maria

    1. Sriya

      welcome maria di it is my pleasure come on di i am also so lucky infact the luckiest person in the whole world to have a sissy like you love u to the infinity muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh take care ! from your sissy sriya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nikita

    First of all, whatever you call me is fine, but pyaar se bulaogi to hi.. Gusse se nahi..
    Jut joking, you can call me anything Sriya.. Tu bhi toh meri behen h na..
    And the episode was nice..
    Sumo confesed Shravan, and he left.. Aww
    Dono devdas ban gaye :'(
    Anyways, I’m damn excited for the precap… Both locked in a room.. Great..
    Accha waise, how are you..
    Okay bye now !!
    Loads of love,
    Nikita (nikki di, nikko di, nik di) jo bhi bulana chaho..<33

    1. Sriya

      come on nikko di pyaar se nahi bulaogi hehe bahot pyaar se bulaogi app bhi mere didi hai ha dono do devdas ban gaya i was like rofl i am fine di okay bye take care loads of love nikko di !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah take care nikko di

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