SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( episode 6 )


Hi guys sriya here with sixth episode of shraman ff… so sorry for the delay u see exams are coming … September (exam time ) my summative assessment 1 will start next whole month I will be busy I guess I will not be able to update for the whole September….

Episode 6
Recap: – sumo love confession to shravan pics… shravan enters the room!!!!!!!!!!
Sumo and shravan ran away from there…. pushkar and all laugh seeing them…. the two devils slept in their respective rooms! sumo says I love you shravan malhotra I love you so much I love you more than my life she was saying this to shravan pics… shravan enters the room he says how dare you sumo for hiding such a big truth from me…. from now we are no more friends our friendship has been broken here only suman tiwari….. I am leaving far away from you…. he leaves there sumo shouts no and gets up from her scary dream…. yes it was a very bad scary dream…. she says what is happening to me I think I am in love with shravan but I will never confess my feelings to shravan otherwise our friendship will break because he doesn’t not believe in love and all…. I have to stop thinking about him and sleep…. she dozes off to sleep!

The next day
Everyone get up from the sleep! But sumo and shravan the kumbhkarans were sleeping peacefully….Preekar tries to wake up them but fails… they thinks of a idea… they throw bucket of water on them…. they both shout flood someone save us please! We are drowning here please save us! Preekar starts laughing like a maniac seeing them in that state…. the two devils get angry and start throwing pillows on them Preekar also throws pillows on them… like this they had pillow fight the whole room became messy and untidy… elders laugh seeing them!

They all go on trekking….. they all climb the mountain…. but shraman the devils were tired in the half way only! They see some horses are there! They jump on the horse and do horse riding! Sumo horse was going fast it looses it balance ! and was going in the way of jungle! Shravan sees this and jumps on sumo house and then jumps with her from that horse! And they both roll down together on the ground! They share a cute eye lock between them shravan was on top of sumo! They then go to elders and the two devils make a big giant snowman… they name it shraman snowman…. they all enjoy and leave from Kashmir from the train!

Precap: – sumo and shravan to reach their homes!

So guys how was the sixth episode…. let me know through your comments… love u all… take care…
Many of u have doubt that is pushkar elder than shravan then suno he is elder! I am 12 years only in January I will be of 13 years old! Hope I clear all your doubts! Keep smiling and take care!

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  1. Marie

    Hey sriya…..!! Yr ur ff is so good…..!!!! Shraman r really devils ahhahahah n bad dream I wish I could happen soon n shr n sumo become one I knw it will happen soon in ur ff……but now their r only cute nok jhoks which I m really enjoying’…..
    Best of Luk fr ur exams yr…..!!! Try to post ASAP….!!!
    Hahah m 14 that means m elder than u….or I think dat u r elder than me wow…!!!
    Post soon…dear….!!!
    Love u so much
    Take care,..!

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxx a lot marie di ! yes shraman r really devils thanks for your wishes will try to post soon love u lot se bhi ziada di ! take care…!

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Ohh u will be 13 next year..means u r in 7?? Lots of ????. Keep writing dear. Study hard.

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxx nandini will study hard lots of love to u also !

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shramansangel !

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey sriya dear !!!! Fabulous ep ..
    I thoroughly enjoyed the ep nd especially that flood scene .. hahahaha .. that was really something funny ??? ..
    Best of luck for ur exams .. May Allah grant u success ..
    Nd yeah don’t forget to post when u get some time .. ok
    Till then .. take care ..
    Lotzzzz of love . ?

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxx fatima thaxx for your congratulations no at all will forget if i get free time lotssssss of love to u also !

  4. Nikita

    Hey sriya !!
    First of all,
    All the best for your exams!
    The episode was mind blowing !!
    Just try and post soon in october..
    Amazing episode!

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxx nikita di for your wishes yippeee glad u loved it will try and post it in october if i get free time now only then i will post now only !

  5. That’s really very sad that u r not gnh to post the other part in whole September???????????
    Nice one???

    1. Sriya

      awwwwww sona don’t be sad if i get time today i will post okay dear lotssssssss of hugssss and kisses to u umaaaaaaaah

  6. ......Kaya......

    The update was just awesome
    Loved it
    Eagerly waiting for the next update
    Please please post soon

    1. Sriya

      thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kaya will post soon !!!!!!!! i mean will try to post soon !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Neeti

    oo toh ye sapna tha I got saved…
    really nice epi di…Shraman the devils? hehehehe
    wow the eyelock I’m imagining it and blushing….
    so sweet epi
    post soon
    a ques fr everyone: did u watch Dream Girl- Ek ladki Deewani Si, where our Nikita Dutta ws all jhalli and dramebazz

    1. Sriya

      awwwwwwwwwww neeti thaxxxxxxxxx oh oh blushing neeti
      answer for your question: – i watched that show sometimes only but nikita was cute and gorgeous anyways
      will try to post soon !

  8. Ariana

    Awww don’t worry Sumo, Shravan will propose u. Waiting for that epi. Anyways I loved the eye lock part including the whole epi. WOnderful. Post next part soon…
    Love nd blessings

    1. Sriya

      awwwwwwww you are right ariana di thaxxxxxxx for liking the eye lock part will try to post soon lots of hugssssss and kisses to u ariana di umaaaaaaaaah !

  9. Such a fabulous epsiode ?
    Loved it a lot <3

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