SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers { EPISODE 15 (pt-2) }


Hey guys its me again here I was busy with my exams but not worry I will be regular from now only my last exam is left which is on Thursday so no worries ! thnxxx for comments and silent readers !
Episode 15 {pt2}:

The haldi function got over ! it was 2hrs left for marriage everyone was busy in marriage preparations and preeti helps sumo in getting ready……! sumo was wearing a red bridal attire dress with light makeup and heavy jewellery ! preeti makes her ready and left from there ! sumo was biting her nails continuously she was very nervous for her marriage ! her phone starts ringing ! she sees it was shravan ‘s call ! she picks up the call !
Sumo: hello shravan yaar I am very happy for our marriage but I m nervous ki agar mai ek acchi bahu aur patni bane ka faras nahi nibha paoungi toh??
Shr: arre chill mar sumo I know aise kuch nahi hoga tu acchi patni aur bahu ka faras acche se nibha legi ! aur ha I m also excited and happy but for our first night ! ( ‘cough ‘cough aww shameless shravan hehe lol )
Sumo ( blushing ): aww shut up shravan u r too shameless hate u !
Shr: but I love u !
Sumo: ewww it ‘s waste of time talking to u bye !
Shr: bye sweetheart……my sweetheart !
She cuts the call…….!!
Sumo(thinks): I never thought in my whole life that shravan is so shameless but cute too!

2 hrs passed…..!
Pandit was chanting the mantras ! sumo & shravan were stealing glances of each other ! it was time for pheras they both take seven vows ! and shravan fills vermillion on sumo’s head and ties the mangalsutra their marriage is completed ! they take elders blessings………….!
It was time for sumo’s vidaai everyone were crying and sad that sumo is leaving them………!! shravan consoles her and they left to malhotra mansion………!

First night:

Shravan comes out of the washroom…..! sumo was looking at the stars….! he hugs her from behind….!!!!
Sumo: shravan u know what I still can’t believe the person who used to hate love like hell would fall for me

Shr: I also never thought that I will fall in love with ms jhalli !
Sumo: shut up shravan I hate u good night I am going to sleep….!!
She was about to leave….!! shravan holds her hand tightly he comes near and sensually he touches her shoulder and kisses it and he kisses her cheeks , forehead and finally comes to lips he looks at sumo she gives him a positive response…!! he smashes his lips with her they both were equally kissing with full of passion & love…..!!! he lifts her in his arms and takes her bed he comes on top of her & consummates their marriage…..!!!

Precap: last chappy epilogue….!

So guys hope u liked it bye sweethearts cupcakes and my sissies…! this is sriya signing off….!! soon coming with a ff named shraman- Is this love or lust for u….!!!

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  1. Oh
    Acha…u have planed for next ff..that ff title..itself sounds hard And different and that’s wt I thought..when I read the first line of this ff part..where u mentioned u will b I’m scratching my could you b regular as ur ff will end with the very next I got the answer and very excited for ur next ff dear…
    And as usual a lovely..ff?????

  2. Thank God u have posted it….

    I was waiting for it …..It was good but less romantic as i expected….


  3. Dhira

    Awesome episode
    Waiting for last part
    ? Ending it ? starting new one ???

  4. Neeti

    Haahhh, Shravu is so shameless, ye devil Shravu toh bilkul nahi hai.
    ;-(;-(;-( ap ye ff end kar rahiye.!!! Bt vry happy ki ap new ff la rahihe. Yar ye Varun ke fans itne kiu he. Kuch din bad ahi Varun Dhawan ka fanclub na ban jaye:-P.
    Hahahahaha Shraman convo was so funny!
    Reception party hai na, ya ap bhul gaye? Maine farmayis ki thi yaad hai?
    Accha nw going, luv u, tc- Neeti/ Leeti

  5. Marie

    Hey sriya yrrrrrrr m so happy that u posted it u know I was missing u so badly yrrrrr
    But ur part ufff so amazing how can u ri8 so well!!??? Wow!!!! Wait wait wait signing off what does that mean don’t u dare singing off !!! Come back ASAP warna I will beat u so hard…!!!
    Ok but this ff was such a fab ff….!! By a wonderful writer like u….!! Loved it n love u so much…!!!!
    Take care
    All the beat fr last exam!
    Huh come back ASAP !!!!!!!!!! !!
    Love u love u by by
    Ur maro di!

    1. Sriya

      Yippee I m happy Maro di is back Huhhh why beating? I said na I will post it today only means today only
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u soooooooooooooo much olaaala my new ff will be different from this very big wala different okay I can say that only okay if u say I will rock the paper ????????? love u toooooooooo the space byee byee
      – ur sriyu

  6. Ariana

    Omg girl such a sweet epi!!!! I’m out of words… They r married still there r cute nok jhoks…Awwww so adorable! I’m a little sad coz this wonderful ff is ending on the next part but no complaints. U carried it along beautifully. And besides, u r gonna work on another ff so I don’t miss u. Post the next part soon sweetheart
    Looooaaaaaddddsssss of love
    take care
    stay blessed
    huggies nd kissies

    1. Sriya

      Huhhhhh yup sweetheart ( ur nickname ) my all episodes of this ff are sweet & sugar just like u that’s why I kept ur nickname sweetheart oops sorry I made u sad no probs I will come back soon with a new ff ( today only )
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u soooooooo much ???? lots of hugs and kisses to u sweetheart byeeee tc
      – your sweetheart

  7. Nikita

    Ohh.. This was very beautiful sriyu! Loved it so much..
    I mean, yayy! ShraMan are married..
    But why are you ending it?
    But I’m glad that you’re gonna come back soon..
    So do come back soon!
    Love you sriya!
    -Nikita 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thank u nikister huhhhhhhhh ending it? yaar u know i m too lazy to continue more……! yup my mind got a new idea but i m not sure if u would liked that as this ff……..but would give it a try……!! yup today only with a bang when the epilogue ( means the last chappy ) will post soon i will post promo for my new ff…..! love u tooo nikister……!

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