Shows you want season 2 for?


Many shows air for a very little time but they have a great impact on us , we start loving the show very much . there are some shows which we badly want to see again , which should have season 2 with the same cast3

Diya aur baati hum:
It was awesome show with awesome cast . it showed the journey of sandhya and her husband suraj , and how sandhya achieves great heights as an ips officer wid the help of suraj and his family . though it was on air for five years , we still miss the show and want season two wid same cast and interesting plots

Ek duje ke vaste:
The plot revolved around two lovers and childhood friends and followed their struggles to unite and be with each other . it had a huge fan following but went off air soon . people have always wanted season two of it

The best show which ended in very short period of time . people loved the chemistry of swadheenta and adarsh , the leads of the show . The series was a romantic courtroom drama and thriller, based in Delhi, which focuses on the bureaucracy of India, how the country works, and the high-level politics that happens behind closed doors with a terrorism angle .

Tashan e ishq:
People loved this show so much . The story mainly revolved around the lives of three characters Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj, who at various points in their lives experience variety of emotions including love, betrayal, jealousy, hatred and obsession etc . the show ended on a happy note wid the reunion twinj and marriage of yuvi . but the show and the Jodi of twinj r still missed

Its indeed a sad news for all swaragini fans that the show will be going off air soon . the pairs of swasan and raglak were greatly loved by their fans . the show will be missed by all . it would be great if the makers come up with a second season with the same cast

Nisha aur uske cousins:
It was one of the shows we have seen with a huge fan following . it ended shortly with the happy union of kabir-nisha .

Badtameez dil:
many people loved the Jodi of mehbeer(meher-abeer) , the show went off air in star plus and continued to be on air in hotstar , but it ended soon with the reunion of the divorced couple mehbeer and their son akshat .

there are many more shows which are loved by fans . so which show do u want a season two . vote for this and leave a comment as well

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  1. Season 2 for swaragini wid same cast . NO CHANGES IN THE CAST ?

  2. Adishu

    no doubt I want second season of SWARAGINI…. I love my swasan n raglak…. n I want them back… Same cast…

  3. Cynthia

    I want s2 for swaragini, dehleez and dabh.

    1. yes , and for me its dehleez because there were only lil swadarsh scenes and they ended the show , i think there will be season of dabh but the cast will be missed a lot right ? i think nobody else can play the role of police officer better than deepika singh , so it be wonderful if they have atleast deepika singh as kanak

  4. no other seriel for me comes before TEI.. the bestest show wid dragging in storyline.. with intresting tracks and new twists every week.. the most important thing is sidhant gupta my love.. and twinj-soul of the show..they are bestest jodi of tellywood and they will always be.. sidhant and jasmine are the best part of TEI and even zain played his role very well.. the whole cast of TEI was best.. i really miss the trio and i really miss watching TEI and twinj at 8 pm everyday.. so now everyday 8 pm and dont let anybody to watch any other show and swich off my tv at 8 pm and watch repeat epis of TEI bcz i only want to relive TEI… so plzzzz comeback wid TEI season 2 wid the same cast(sid-jas-zain as main lead)

  5. sorry i wrote dragging but it was actually no dragging.. TEI never dragged any track or storyline for long time unlike every other shows and dat was the best part of TEI

  6. JenniferAndrews

    Season 2 of swaragini an EDKV.
    Loved both the shows to infinity cube

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    TASHAN E ISHQ is the best show I have ever seen… I want the season 2 for it with same cast… I loved the chemistry between twinj urf sidmin… and the villain yuvi was icing on the cake… it was a cute love story… but the fans were disappointed during the replacement… I would love to see TEI season 2 with sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin , Zain Imam as cast..

  8. I love swaragini and raglak more than my life….. so I would suggest season 2 of swaragini….

  9. CAsush

    i want swaragini season 2 only for raglakz they are so good nd amazing

    1. yes , for me too . itoo want swaragini and i just love raglak a lot

  10. Second season of swaragini at any cost…….they desearve a second season as the show ended abruptly and also due to channel’s fault……want sr season 2 with the same cast….miss my swasan… the core

  11. I wish second season of ishq ka rang safed with my favourite jodi mEisha as vidha … but aapne add hi nahi kiya? Anyway IKRS is best best and best show

  12. NDSG

    Swasan.. I want swasan

  13. Swaragini season 2

  14. Trivisha Chodhary

    Tashan-E-Ishq Season2 I Want Sidhantgupta Jasminbhasin SidMin(TwiNj)as a lead pair in the show and Zain Imam as second lead but not naman shah Bcoz am the big fan of TEI & SidMin

  15. Swaragini season 2

  16. I want madhubala eiej season 2.its my favourite show.

  17. Shanaya sharma

    Want season 2 of tei wid only n only ZAMIN as a lead couple.. Best ever jodi .. I love there chem.. Really a unique pair.. Missin them sooo much especially Yuvraj Luthra character.. Hope u would listen.. Plzzz plzzz plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz start tei season 2 as YuvLe as a main lead.. Really Want them back ..


    swaragini .as i watched it only

  19. I want Swaragini season 2 with the same cast. I will really miss Tejasswi as Ragini. But even Varun, Namish and helly should be there

  20. pragati bhotika

    Need Swaragini season 2

  21. Firstly swaragini, as my favourite couple is Raglak and if possible then only tashan-e-ishq

  22. Bindiya shree

    I want swaragini season 2 only for Temish as Raaglak

  23. i wnt swragini season 2 only temish

  24. I want swaragini season 2 only for helly shah and varoon kapor

  25. Swaragini 2 and helly shah and varoon kapor

  26. I would love it if they make swaragini season 2 with the same cast.. and with more creative storyline. There’s no doubt they messed up with the script in between resulting in low trp. For me I am more attracted towards the 2nd lead that is RagLak because not only their chemistry was amazing but they look perfect. If only there was more romantic scenes for both the couples and equal share of roles. Because honestly I felt there was only one character being forced to play everybody’s role which faded the importance of other characters. So it seemed like one man show. Also the second main lead actor no more seem like a lead anymore when he was actually the main lead at first. So I can just suggest if in future any show is created with 2 leads try to balance the roles.

  27. Naaga

    Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan ?

  28. I want season 2 swaragini , miss you raglak

  29. ek duje ke vaaste

  30. swaragini

  31. sshardiv lover

    we want swragini 2

  32. sshardiv lover

    we want swaragini 2, we want to see raglak

  33. Baby

    tashan e ishq i really want it 😀 with sidhant and jasmin my life revovles in them 😀 ♥♥♥

  34. Baby

    well i wanted to ask how to make a poll???? 😀

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