A grand house is show the Taneja house leela is talking with her friends saying i have 3 daughters Twinkle,Anika,ishana &Mahi and 1 son sahil
The friends of leela say but anika and sahil are not u r children . Leela says yes but they are more than my own children to me . Just then twinkle and anika are getting ready they both tease each other ( mahi is in usa) and just then leela calls sahil,twinkle and anika they come down. (RT is with mahi in usa)

Then oberoi house is shown this were shivaye ,om &rudra and dev and surbhi ,soumya are staying they are sons and daughters of Tej and jhanvi the dadi is head of family ( soumya is adopted)

Jhanvi then is on phone call with soumya and surbhi (They stay in hostel ) then dev and shivaye are talking on phone with workers. Then it is shown om in his lan designing satutes and rudra in gym excersing . Then singhs house is shown in this house harman and sonakshi stay they are son and daughter of preeto and harak singh. Preeto is giving tiffin to sonakshi and saying her something and the harman say don’t worry mom i will tack care of sonakshi.
Then singhania mansion is shown where naira stays. (Next promo i will show about naira and kartik)

Hope u liked my FF please comment and give suggestions

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  1. I didn’t understand that much

    1. Sarayumane

      Me too. It is totally confusing, may be we will get to know what she is thinking in future episodes, please don’t feel bad

      1. I’m not feeling bad. Maybe I think we are going to get know little better in future episode. I’m happy to read KRPKAB

  2. Messy n confused plz write in detail so that everyone can understand properly?

  3. Aaru

    U give d list of family members in each family, then evry1 will understand better..u hv taken both my fav couples, Devakshi n Twinj..hey!! I hope it’s Twinj n not twiraj..

    1. Lovely1

      I Will have look next tìme onwards properly the FF

  4. Esme


    1. Lovely1

      Thank you

  5. Nice update soon….

  6. Manya

    Nyc updates soon!!!

  7. Lovely1

    I m so sorry .1st episode will be updated soon . Hope u enjoyed

    1. I don’t understand that much, I think we will get to know little better ?

      1. Lovely1

        Thanks for the reply

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