Dev comes out of car and calls Sonakshi are u mad then she says I m so sorry then she thinks why i am saying sorry it is his mistake also. She says excuse me I am not mad. Then she tells it is u r mistake also then he tells i am dev oberoi i
can tell anyone any thing . So if u r oberoi I am singh. Then behind her there will be water she slips and dev holds her hand then sonakshi
leaves for her home in night she thinks about dev and tell her brother what happend and on other side dev is telling his brothers and rudra says a funny poem.

Then it is shown naira talking to ishana and
telling her that are dance academy is going very well naira say ofcourse after all we are partners ( they are friends) they both laugh naira says i forgot to tell u tommrow i am coming to india. Ishana say seriously i will come with twinkle di
and anika di to the airport.
Then it show twinkle gets a phone from her mom saying day after tommrow a boys family is coming to meet u twinkle. Twinkle says no
mama ( twinkle is eldest) and Leela disconnect the phone Anika asks what mama said she say day after tommrow boys family is coming to meet me. Anika say oh no I dont why this mama
always does this and turns and smiles Anika say twinkle di ishana had called me tommrow we
will have to go to airport to pick up naira and drop her at her home. Twinkle say seriously naira is coming tommrow I am so happy.

Then it shows harman talking with his father saying for our company offical trip i will have to
go to delhi ( thats were surbhi and soumya stays)

The next day is shown when twinkle,anika&ishana are going to the airport. Then in airport shivaye returning from company official trip he then dashes with Anika then when he saw her only he had a strange feeling
Then in sarna house usha is talking with kunj saying kartik has called ( kunj and kartik are best friends) then he talks with kartik and
disconnect the phone then usha comes and tells that tommrow u have suprise.

A new inrto that twinkle and kunj know each
other before it self and the like each other a lot

Who do you think will be the boys family give u r comment and suggestions

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    PRECAP: twinkle is suprised seeing groom

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    Good epi ??

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    awesome amazing

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    awesome amazing…..

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