Show For Youth (Sadda Haq) Episode 3

Hi Guys,
I am your Yash Shekhar, student of Class Xth CBSE Board. Thank You for supporting me and keep loving my post. Today, I am with Show for Youth (Sadda Haq) Episode 3.
For new readers it’s First Episode episode-1 and Second Episode episode-2
Boy’s ISRC Room: – Randhir reaches the room and he is looking very sad. Sumeet asks Does your recharge happen ? Randhir reply I have tell lie to you and I go to meet Sanyukta and want to say something ? Joy asks Why are you looking sad; Is Sanyukta not meet to yo . Randhir says I meet him but when I am going to say she get a call and then go…I am unable to say. Sumeet says By The Way what do you want to say him ? Randhir says I want to share my feelings for her and want to propose her but she leaves before I start. Joy replied Thank God she leaves and you are going to propose him in this getup and in garden; You doesn’t know anything. Randhir asks What do you mean ? Joy says Firstly take him to a beautiful place and then gives something gift after that propose him but not with this getup. And If you will propose like that she will say Go to Hell Randhir. Randhir says Thanks for your rotten advice. Joy and Sumeet says we are helping you and you are… Girl’s ISRC Room: – Sanaya says what do you think what he want to say Sanyukta says I think he want to proposes me. Sanaya says what he want to propose you in this garden ? Sanyukta says I love him; I will always say Yes whether it’s garden or somewhere else.
Precap: – Joy calls Kritika but she is busy and unable to receive call and Joy is thinking why she is not receiving call….

I hope you like it. I try my best to write it. I will try to upload the next episode soon but my school is started from today .So, I think I doesn’t get enough time to write next episode but when I will get time; I will write next episode. Keep loving my Fan Fiction.
How was it ?????????
THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading it from your precious time.

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  4. Nice epi but its really short pls try to write the parts a little longer.

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