Show For Youth (Sadda Haq) Episode 2

Hi Guys,
I am your Yash Shekhar and now your suspense will end. Thank You for supporting me and loving my post. Today, I am with Show for Youth (Sadda Haq) Episode 2.
For new readers it’s First Episode Here

Sumeet asks to Joy Where is Randhir and Joy replied He goes to recharge his phone. Sumeet says okay. In the girl’s room Kritika asks to Sanaya where is Sanyukta. Sanaya replied I don’t know and BTW you have to know because I am resting. They both say together where she goes this time. Randhir and Sanyukta both sit on the bench in garden. Randhir holds the hand of Sanyukta and says I want to say something. Sanyukta says Hey Mr. today I want to say something firstly. Sanyukta is going to say but suddenly Sanyukta phone’s rang and she checked the call is from Sanaya. Sanyukta answer hi Sanaya what’s happen ? Sanaya replies immediately come here Kritika falls from chair. Sanyukta says Okay I am coming and end the call. Randhir asks where are you going ? Sanyukta says I will tell you later and leaves. Randhir thinks where is she going this time ? And Randhir also leaves. Sanyukta reaches Girl’s ISRC Room and sees Kritika is listening music. Sanyukta asks Sanaya Is Kritika okay ? Sanaya replied Ya she is alright and she doesn’t fall from chair. Sanyukta asks What. Sanaya says I lied because I see from window you and Randhir and Randhir holds your hand. So I call you to know he proposes you or not ? Sanyukta says I think he is going to propose me and you call and I come. Sanaya says Oh Shit I doesn’t know this very sorry yr. Sanyukta replied it’s not your mistake.

Precap: – Randhir reaches the room and he was looking very sad. Joy ask why are you looking sad Randhir says I have go to meet Sanyukta and say something. Sumeet asks What something ? Randhir says…

I hope you like it. I try my best to write it. I will upload the next episode soon. Keep loving my Fan Fictions.
How was it ?????????
THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading it from your precious time.


  1. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Awesome yr….sanaya ne bilkul time pe interrupt kiya??
    U always end the episode with suspense yr….anyways it’s so good post the next part soon

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