Show For Youth (Sadda Haq) Episode 1

Hi guys,
I am your old Yash Shekhar with a new Fan Fiction of Sadda Haq. Sadda Haq is very famous; so it doesn’t need any intro. I hope you all will like it, gives suggestion to improve it and forgive for mistakes.

The scene starts from ISRC Girl’s Room; Sanyukta is keeping her dress in almirah. Sanaya is resting and Kritika is listening music. Sanyukta got a call and she sees Randhir on screen she immediately close the almirah and pick up the call. Randhir says Hi Sanyu I am missing you. What are you doing? Sanyukta says nothing and why are you missing me. Randhir say I don’t know why I am missing you. Can you meet me now. Sanyukta says ya I can. In the Boy’s ISRC Room; Joy is busy on his phone and Sumeet is using his laptop as usual. Joy sees Randhir is going outside and asks where you are going. Randhir don’t want to tell truth to him so Randhir says he is going to recharge his phone and leaves room. Sanyukta leaves the room and no one see him. Sanyukta calls Randhir and asks Place. Randhir says what place and Sanyukta replied Where to meet. Randhir says oh ya I forgot about it meet me in Garden. Sanyukta says Bye Randhir replied Okay Bye and both started walking. Sanyukta reaches first and wait for Randhir. Randhir comes.Sanyukta thinks he is always late but looking much handsome and Randhir thinks I have to say hi firstly she will never say but looking very beautiful.

Precap: – Randhir holds the hand of Sanyukta and says I want to say something. Sanyukta says Hey Mr. Today I want to say something firstly.

I try my best to write it. I will upload the next episode soon.
How was it ?????????
THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading it from your precious time.


  1. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yr….keep it up and do keep posting waiting to c what they want to say to each other…. U r really good yr….keep it up god bless

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