Which show will you miss the most this December?


Two hit shows are ending in first week of December. Both had different storylines and were instant hits in the start. Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus on 14 April 2014, which is a revenge drama starring Sanjeeda Shaikh as Durga and Vatsal Seth as Shaurya captivated the attention of the audience and also ruled over the TRP charts. Even Zee TV show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya which started on January 6, 2014, has a romantic story, featuring Mishkat Verma and Kanchi Singh as the lead couple, will be airing its last episode in the first week of December. Both the shows have not completed even a year, but were hugely loved by the masses.

The recent episodes of Ek Hasina Thi had the tragic end of a mighty heart character Dr Dayal Thakur, which was unexpected. Shaurya asks Dr. Dayal the whereabouts of Nitya. He tells his ploy about Dev and Durga. Dev informs Durga that they will be meeting Dr. Dayal. Later, Shaurya shoots Dr. Dayal. Dev and Durga admit Dr. Dayal in a hospital. However, a critically injured Dr. Dayal succumbs to his injuries in the hospital. Sakshi informs Rajnath about Dr. Dayal’s death. She suspects Shaurya hand behind Dr. Dayal’s death.

An infuriated Durga refuses to take Rajnath and Sakshi’s help to find Dr. Dayal’s murderers. Aakash informs Durga that he will help her to ruin the Goenkas. A bank manager informs Sakshi that Dr. Dayal has asked him to give the locker key to Durga. Sakshi finds some connection between Durga and Nitya. Durga confides in Akash and tells him about her true identity and revenge motive. The show is leading to a positive end with Durga fulfilling her revenge against Goenkas.

Whereas, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is airing its final episodes. Arpita finally spills the beans and reveals about her pregnancy to Avni and Raj. Both of them get extremely excited and announce the news to the entire family. The entire family is surprised with this news and they decide to have a grand ‘godh bharai’ function for Arpita. Virat who is being taken in the police van has a last wish of ruining somebody’s life. Avni dreams about Raj being attacked by the goons. She will be seen worried for Raj’s safety. Both the shows will have great twists at the end. Which one will you miss the most? Let us know.

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