When a show should go off air ?


When a show should go off air ?

To all my dehleez and tamanna loyal viewers … i know u all are disappointed with news about show is going off air … i also love swadarsh lovestory and dhara’s courage … and i will surely miss these shows

But if these shows will run for more than a year then its story will be out of track … dont u guys remember EK HASINA THI… which on air from 14th april to 20th december which was for very short span as compared to other serials … but still we love without any objection that i didnt like xyz track

If DEHLEEZ will run for more time than what will happen ?? only there will be more misunderstanding between swadarsh and two families

Same thing will happen with TAMANNA …dhara will have to wait too much to get justice and may be at some point mihir may win case and drag the story

Do u feel that DABH should shut down after sandhya become an IPS officer… she has already achieved what she want then why this is still running ?
YHM started with an amazing concept … cant they shut down after raman and adi realizes love of ishima for them and shagun’s heart gets changed ?? why do we should watch their separation ?? just because we love ishra ??

ETR2 could also end with a happy note … no need for showing leap

SSK and SNS : i dont even know its plot … but according to current track they have really a variety of enemy…like childhood friend becomes enemy ,own sister daughter and husband dont like her , ghost , dayan etc … in fact they only deal with enemies and trying to prove themselves innocent in front of family members in whole life and will forgive who wants to kill her or any of family member without thinking twice and then again suffer from betrayal …. And drama goes on for DECADES

KKB and YHM : Both lead female can tell about tanu and ashok’s intention directly to their husband … why they need to do such a drama

SR : ex or one sided lovers are coming one after another and same memory loss drama and show is not going shut down for so many years like ssk and sns

Madhubala : it was veryy gud show but still we love ipkknd the most … only because there was no leap and no out of track story

So plz dont get disappointed on off air of your fav serials … just thank God that they are not going to on air for decades

Enjoy watching DEHLEEZ and TAMANNA

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Credit to: Deepika

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  1. See darling the point is….v r not disappointed bcoz..its going off air…bt we r actually disappointed bcoz its going off air too fast..atleast it could run atleast a year may b..bcoz..I am sure d way Tamanna..is going..if it ends now..may b in a hurry..its actual beauty wont b seen…I dont want 2 c d serial goin on for years…Bt it can end wen dey know there is nothing more 2 it..& I am sorry 2 say (No offence 2 anyone)…Bt i think tamanna has a lot left in it..for it 2 go on air so soon. (count on ur fingers…from feb to june..its not even 6 months..

  2. nice 1 deepika

  3. U r right . if they continue to drag the story ,in one situation v may hate our fav serial..

  4. These two shows still have alot to accomplish, they can also keep the story more interesting with little or more necessary twist. For instance Dahleez have alot more stories to explore, not make it all abt mother-in-law, daughter inlaw drama.

  5. I like Both the serial…. because its a quite Different serial than others, so sad to Here in newspaper that tamanna and dehleez are going off air soon by the end of serial, but I think there was so much interesting story track are remaining to show, I can’t understand the system of low trps of these serial, I just only tell to starplus channel that plz Don’t put end in such a manner of these gud serial like tamanna and dehleez and plz end mere angne me , sath nibhana sathiya and diya bati… there was nothing left to watch in it so boring track and we can’t learn any good things from these serial…. such a stupid saas bahu drama , melody drama etc, etc and keep dragging of those serial – Nonsense

    1. Exactly even I think the same way. Saath nibhana saathiya they are dragging so much but still they get more trps than dahleez

  6. Absolutely correct….

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Well said deepika tnx.if series are too long they get ugly n haterd n dragging so nice short stories 3/6months….in my opinion I lose interest coz even if u miss few episodes read updates n u will find it moved on so far ahead….

  8. Dehleez is awsm.. dnt knw y good serials dnt get popularity x-( its nt evn 6mnths nd d serial is gettng off in june 🙁

  9. Ya i yoo agre with sneha.. These serials are new atleast it should go for a year… I dont want it to go for9or 10 tears like sns. Yrkkh. Ssk and all

  10. It happens with Manmarziyaan & Badtameez Dil & Nisha Aur Uske Cousins Star Plus aise hi karta hai

  11. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    I can understand ur pov … but sp will only extend finite series for 2-3 months if it’s trp Is gud … as we all know about colours naagin … it get extension for more than 2 time as per my knowledge

    Because at the end channels is greedy of trps

    Things will only change if we all stop watching crap serials and start watching shows which has gud message without dragging

  12. Talking about finite & infinite television series, what’s important is not how long it runs but how popular it becomes.. only thing is it should should’nt be finished in a hurry just bcoz of low TRPs like manmarziyaan, etc
    And guys , do you remember the serial Everest, it was superb,,
    Tamanna reminds me of it to some extent..

  13. I agree with you Deepika but I am disappointed because Dahleez is ending. It is a nice serial not saas bahu drama like Sath Nibhana Sathiya and Mere Angne Mein.
    Star plus could have just run on hotstar as they did for phi bhi na maane badtameez dil. They ended Phir bhi na maana badtameez dil on star plus then it aired on hotstar and thanks to telly updates there were updates of it even it was running on hotstar.
    I am also disappointed because after swadheenta and Adarsh marraige there are tracks that they can run.

  14. i agree with u..ssk,sns,diya aur bhaathi hum and yrkkh..also should end and pave way to new shows..not that old shows should be always top..sorry if i hurted someone but it is my opinion

  15. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Finite shows are best but these two are going off air do fastly… We don’t want it to be dragged as yrkkh, or SMS etc etc but at least 8 months..

  16. Admit it truly…. EHT and mmz both wer for short…. But made lasting impression

  17. Should never blame channel thinks of profit and trp but the mentality of people In this progressive world they want to see naagin dayan simar as makhi gopi crying always pragyas nonsense and don’t want to see a self made genius woman who stands on her own feet like dharaa swadheenta Meher they want to see gopi and her eternal baa clad In expensive saree and jewellery and has no work to do stereo typic and unrealistic how will women be empowered like this

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