which show should go off air

which show should go off air on colors

This show had started with a good concept about widow remarriage but after viplav and dhaani marriage there was lot of romance which made the show bored but now it is back on good track

This show was also started with good concept about stammering people but in the middle they spoiled the story .now i dont know what to say about the current track because thahaan lovers may like it as there is thahaan scene but i dont know

Everyone knows that this serial is full of ghost after roli death many have stopped watching this show.this show is only full of ghost

This show shows us about child marriage (which is not good) it was good concept but after shiv’s death many have stopped watching this show. they may have ended this serial after anandi and nandhini union but they didnt.

This is a historical story that what i know so no idea about this

I know that many will not vote to this because there are many fans for this show
The story revolves around the lives of two half sisters, Swara and Ragini. They abbreviate themselves as Swaragini. Swara hails from a Bengali family while Ragini belongs to a Marwari family. Swara is the elder one among the two. Ragini’s mom died in her childhood. Ragini’s father Shekhar and Swara’s mom Sharmishtha / Shomi are lovers in the past and Swara is Shekhar’s daughter. Swara and Ragini join together and reunite their parents.the current track is swara falling down from the cliff into the water Swara is saved by a rockstar Sahil and she loses her memory.

Udaan is the story of the bonded laborers of a wealthy landlord, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi (Bhaiyaji). The story is about the female protagonist, named Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi), who is kept (girvhi) as a collateral. When Chakor’s mother Kasturi (Sai Deodhar) was pregnant, her father Hariya died of an accident. Bhuwan had neither money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for Hariya’s funeral. Therefore, Bhuwan and Kasturi go to the Haveli and beg for money from Bhaiyaji. Instead, Tejaswini, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi’s wife, suggests they keep their unborn child as a collateral. The couple offer their unborn child as a bonded laborer of Bhaiyaji. Later, they complete the funeral of Hariya. Kasturi gives birth to a daughter, Chakor, on the night of a full moon.the current track is about chakor and vivaan love and chakor have to win marathon

i have not watched its starting .now the current track
Rishi and Ahana tries to convince Tanu not to carry on this ceremony was she did not change her decision. Rishi says to himself ‘tanu please say you love me before it is too late’ and Tanu thinks that it is too late now Rishi.Tanu tells Rishi that she is fulfilling her mother and father’s last wish by marrying Pavan.She thinks that Why you did not come when I was waiting for you?.Tanu says that now everything is over between them.Rishi asks Neha to dance with him just to make Tanu jealous and they both dance.Manpreet tells Rishi that Pawan has a girlfriend and she is coming to the Roka and Manpreet and Rishi decide to expose Pawan in front of Tanu.But then it is proved that the girl who was mistaken as pavan’s girlfriend is his bhabi (brother’s wife ) which is a fake one as Pawan really has a relationship with that girl which is yet to be proved by Rishi.But Rishi lost his hope to marry the real tannu .

the current track is about aryan and aradya marriage On day of marriage just before leaving for the marriage venue Abba Saheb gets a massive heart attack and Aryan and his family rushes to hospital . On the other side Aradhya and her family keeps waiting for the barat . In the hospital Abba saheb tells Aryan that he can’t see Aryan to marry a Devdasi’s daughter and his last wish before he dies is to see Aryan and Apurva getting married . On the other side Aradhya and her family got news of Abba’s heart attack and they rush to hospital.

This serial is about a femal snake who wants to take revenge for her parents death but she falls in love with rithik. this show has hight TRP

so guys i really dont want to hurt anyone i just want to know that which serial u want to go off air but i am really sorry if i hurted someone

Credit to: varsha (philo)


    • Ranaji

      sorry ssk is backwasss show..they should name as sasural bhoot ka,sasural witch ka…….in normal life how a woman will change into bee due to curse??unbeleivable show

    • Vidhani

      And for the people who say romance killed ikrs.. I would just say the more we get the more we want.. We are never satisfied by whatever we get..

      Earlier we wanted them to get married soon and some romantic moments between viplav and dhani…but when they showed us people say that was a bit over..

      For me i enjoyed every bit of vidhani’s romance..!! I love them alot..??? I will never ever get bored of watching their romance..????

      People in other shows ask the cvs to show some romance… But ours is shown still if viewers are not satisfied then what to say?

  1. Lakshmi (Viplav)

    varsha u said ur views and it is very right….. i think colors have to end the most longest running shows bv and ssk immediately and should give chance to new shows

  2. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    I like all the show but balika vadhu should go off air because of the dragging of 8-9 years remaining alll serials are good

  3. alisa

    In my opinion swaragini because the start was about joining the two families and it is already done. Even swaragini are united. But now its becoming baised towards swasan. They are forgetting that its swaragini and not “swara”. They always show about swasan wba raglak? That family drama about sharmishta n all is just coz of they don’t have any plot remaining they re just dragging it now. I hope after sahil’s part they end this show….

    • No dear swara is elder cz sumi n shekhar were together before their marriages … Then shekhar got married to janki n sumi to other person… Them comes ragu ????

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Yes varsha I agree mine and urs opinion on all colors show is the same I also feel the same way hi 5 and I think it’s time for Balika or Simar to go off air

    • Ayendrila Saha

      Balika Vadhu will go off yr…. The new serial sakti will start from 30th may at 8pm

      • varsha(philo)

        no ayendrila it is not going off air balika vadhu is going to be telecasted at 6;30 and IKRS at 6;00

        change in time slot that’s it

      • Ayendrila Saha

        Hey vagban… .. ab kya nandini ka bacha hoga or use bhi balika vadhu banayega or fir wo bhi bari hogi or fir uski beti hogi fir wo bhi balika vadhu banega??? ??? ? Fir kabhi bandh hi nahi hogi

  5. fan

    sasual simar ka. that too the new promo(simar becomes makkhi because of curse hahaha) . end this show soon .

  6. Swaragini n krishandasi are quite well…

    Baki sab track se bhatak gaye hai…

    Kasam is become annoying.. Yr u luv him. He luvs u.. His father luvs u so y this jhanjhat…

    Ssk dekh k bhoot bhi sochte honge achha itne type ki bhoot hote hain..

    Thapki was well till her marriage after that they are just dragging…

    I hvnt seen ikrs

    Here is my view

  7. Ana

    U would have write abt star plus serials tooo…like siya ke ram bcz it z d bakwaas show…no one watches it…so it z better to give other show a chance

  8. kaynat khan

    i think first of all ssk should end its really irritatind and i dont get to know how it goes in top 10 in trp and no offense to others i love swaragini its quite entertaing too

  9. Shuruthy

    Everyone has its own opinion indeed.
    Among all these show, I watch only IKRS, and that also thanks to ViDha. Their scenes are what makes me watch the episodes. After all we had waited for proper ViDha romance till confessions and now watching their closeness just makes me look like ➡️?
    And as I havent watched the other shows I cant say anything about storylines. But I can just tell that’s it’s sad many new shows and better ones got off air while some more dramatic still exist …

  10. Nancy

    This is just my opinion so…
    Balika Vadhu: I think it has been running for 8 yrs and it ran successfully now I think it sholud pave way for more serials (new ones).
    Sasural simar ka: So when it started nobody had the idea it would be filled with Bhoot, naagin, chandramani, patali devi and all that super natural stuff…. I feel it has no whatsoever link to science and logic….
    Sorry if I hurt anyone but this is my opinion….

  11. As far as I knw Nagin is gonna end soon but I don’t want it to go off air. Serials like SSK n BV which hv nothing left with the story n r just dragging n extending the show hv become very boring n so they shld go off air as per my opinion.
    Kasam is a new show n shld be given time.
    Swaragini has dealt with a twist which some people may consider as dragging n some may like it but yes that sharmishta pregnancy is totally dragging. overall its a nice show but
    Ashoka is related to history so it can’t go off air before the story is
    TPK n IKRS r well going n people r liking it but sometimes they become a bit boring for the viewers.
    Udaan I don’t see much but it is about the freedom of a girl who is a badhwa majdoor so the base is good but some times it becomes like dragging n boring.

  12. Priya

    Sasural simar ka which is tooo annoying. I dun like to see the promo also. Such bakwas. I wonder how actors also agreed to do such silly stupid scenes.
    Swaragini is one more bakwas. Swara is the next simar! Only She has solution for anything n everything. Such over acting
    Rest all serials are good.
    Balika vadhu is also tolerable to some extent since characters keep changing and all are pretty fair artists, neither dumb nor over acting!

  13. Honey rosid(A frustrated rosidian)

    Ssk…disgusting show….it should air off…no it should b banned….

  14. Vani

    Well 1st of all SSK THEN NAAGIN because there is no logic in it then…Swaragini and what the hell is wrong with Kasam ….Why cabt just they reunite ….

  15. Jyotii

    Sasural simar ka should go off air.
    Cuz I fear its effect will make the other colors’s female lead insect just like Simar!????

  16. R

    No doubt SSk. But by seeing swaragini it seems it is being copied slightly from ssk with memory loss. I mean no offence but for surely swara is the next simar. Makers forget that the leads especially females one are also humans who also tend to think negatively sometimes. Not always being mahan or superwoman. Why the colors channel loves supernatural things?

  17. Yuvi

    Rashmi sharma shows SASURAL SIMAR KA, SAATH NIBHANA SATHIYA, SWARAGINI became totally backwass shows industry should fire rashmi sharma not having a stable concept.

  18. azure

    can i choose all of the above? i am very sure that by now all have already gone into track recycling and predication tracks with predictable end. nothing new and nothing that makes you wonder “what next?”

  19. Anmol

    Balika vadhu khtam nahi hogi jab tak shivam nd nandini ek honge nd aandi ka sapna pura kare

  20. Liya

    Sasurall simar kaa yaa bhootom kaa???????? yehi mera sabse badii doubt heii!!!!!
    ab simar makki bhi banghayi …………bohot jaldd bhooth bhi bhanughaa..patanehii yee logh kyaa dikhana chahte heii…..
    Balika vadhu ke baree mein kyaa kahoonnnn…… panch saal se show chaal rahi hein phir bi main leads koo iss stupid custome ko nahi rokh sakka ……….i think this is the only serial which is not able to achieve its main aim voo bhii panch- chee chaal see……..
    plzzz end these shows…………..

  21. Anmol

    That day is not long when simar galaxy nd all planet ko jeet legi…

    Then simar vs MATA RAANI ..
    Then its go off

  22. Nupur

    Definitely the most respected and talented show (hold ur breath)….
    ‘Sasural Simar Ka’???

    This serial has been torturing us with such idiotic bakwas tracks ki shabd nahi milte bayaan karne ke liye…e.g..Simar becoming Makhi, after that what have the makers have planned making her bacteria or zombie or virus…please before our immune system gets destroyed with the show’s nonsense virus, end the show…daya karo hum pe???

    If it doesn’t stop then Rashmi Sharma ll start to have hallucinations that her concept is liked very much and wo din dur nahi jab Swaragini bees banegi aur Gopi-Kokila grasshoppers banegi aur hum sab apna sar phodenge???

  23. BR

    hi varsha vaha u r genius .. super duper analyses…. keep it up …

    u will become a v. good writer ….Is..IKRS going in right track ? bcz i am not watching now ….. no comments also ….. dehleez is a nice serial .. i will end very soon ……the serial is only 100 epior 110 only .. short and sweet ……MAY GOD BLESS U MY CHILD ….. U R FRD………..BR

  24. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Many votes for ssk and Balika vadhu!!! Hmmm then that show writers should see this comments and end it…. Balika vadhu is OK. We can watch. But not ssk anymore.. How curse will change as bee.. ???clever writers making as fool…

    • sree

      bhagwaan ke jamane mei jo kuch bhi hua o ab dika rahe hai….At the end of the serial simar ko matarani ka ek ansh bolke dikadenge pakka…simar mata rani ban jayegi serial end ho jayegi


    well obviously its BK and SSK……..

    bk tolerable but SSK intolerable…….

    it should have got over with that vikrant part itself during the 1000th epi time…… the 1st ghost track…. with that they could have end with roli being pregnant………

    unnecessary dragging…….. i never thought they would kill roli……… if would happen they could atleast give a daughter for her who would resemble her…….. really its a shock to see her dead………

    so much of drama…… annoying all……..

    next after these 2 it has to be Swaragini r TPK r IKRS…… no offence but before these people drag it let it come to end but would like to see the lead pair chemistry again in another serial…….. that would be awesome………..

    this is just my point of view…..

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Honestly speaking wellwisher I totally agree with u
      SSK is totally intolerable , I also stopped watching that show after ghost track , and yes I agree Swaragini, TPK, IKRS are dragging way too much I only like the pairs in these three shows

  26. Gayathri

    SSK, BV and SWARAGINI these serials should air off….really dragging and irritating serials….Krishnadasi and naagin is the best serials…there is no dragging in KD it’s really interesting…

  27. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Well d best serial on Indian television ? which teaches us how to fight against ghosts,,..





    My vote goes to the haunted sasural bhooton ka…

    Oh typing mistake sasural simar ka.,
    Actually the phone ? also thinks that it’s sasural bhooton ka

    Oh god colours TV ? stop ssk otherwise the viewers will get mad ? n become ghost ? ? ?

  28. Jitha

    i would vote for ssk nd BV for sure….Bv as u said started on a good concept the show hv taken some years leap in between so i think presently nandini ll b living 20-25 yrs aage than us so uss samy tak i dnt think balvivah prevail karega so nw its bcming an idiotic thng…nd ssk ke bare me mujhe kuch bolna hi nahi hai ……..most wrst serial i hv ever seen its a good decision by avika to quit the serial i would request manish also to get out of the show ………

  29. Payal

    I must say this Sasural of ghosts???,I means Sasural Simar ka and Balika Vadhu must come to an end!

  30. BAlika VaDhu, samurai siMar ka and UDaan should be end as it’s always tour cheers me as my mother watchs this serials

  31. varsha(philo)

    so everyone want ssk go off air in colors and then balika vadhu

    ok i hope that happens
    and the result is ssk must definitely go off air

  32. Meena

    SSK and also SNS sorry for not choosing from the options but I really want this two serial should be invisible from my screen.. Really irritated…

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