Should Mihir accept Mihika back in his life?

Mihir and Mihika were examples of true love in the show and very soon Ashok’s manipulations lead to their separation. The oversmartness of Mihika and habit to hide things made her get herself away from her love just being mistaken and falling in Ashok’s trap. Mihika always landed in problems to save Shagun and Mihir, but her wrong approaches towards the problems by handling it alone, has made her marry Ashok. The ongoing track has shown Ashok molesting Mihika and things getting cleared in Mihir’s eyes.

Mihir has got cleared of all misunderstandings and is indebted by Mihika’s sacrifice. Rinki has started getting alert signs by seeing Mihir and Mihika together. Though Mihir is just being friendly to Mihika and supporting her in the tough time, he is not able to move on from her memories. Mihir is responsible towards Rinki and is good supportive husband. He does not think of doing injustice with Rinki. Rinki’s worries increase and she blames herself to come between the lovers. What do you think about this love triangle? Should Mihir accept Mihika back in his life? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I guess mihir and mihika are good for each other

  2. me tooo

  3. mihir and rinki dnt make marriage a fun

  4. mihir and rinki luk cute wid each other

  5. mihir n mihika r made 4 each other

  6. No way……….Mihir Rinki ki Shadi ho gai hai……ab Rinki ko kisi aur se pyar karvao yaa phir Rinki ka accident karvao wo bhi naturaly haa……..koi plan nahi……….tab hi MiMi ki shaadi ho sakti hai…….

  7. I think rinki n mihir are cute pair..

  8. Prayosha…tum aise kaise..keh sakti ho..

  9. Prayu….tum ..mihir aur mihika ke relationship main itni … andi hogai…ki rinki ki accident…karvana chahati hoo…

  10. Maine kuch aisq nahi kaha Mizun……..aisaa unfortunately ho………..maine yeh bhi to bola ke Rinki ko uska new partner mil jay….jo ue Dil se pyar kare……….yeah phir uska accident ho jay uss me galt kya hai……& Mizun maine sab se pehle kaha ki MIMI ki shadi nahi honi chahiye …yeh tum ne nahi padha kya…………………….agar MiMi ko ek karna hai…… Rinki ko koi new partner do yaa phir usse hamesha ke liye Show se nikal do……..kyonki wo akeli rahegi to jyada dukh hoga hume…….mera koi galaat matlab nahi tha……….ab bolo uss me kya galag bola maine????

  11. Tum samajthi kyu ……nahi rinki n mihir….. ill look d bst…

  12. Chup raho tum dono mihir ki jodi rinki ke saath hai phle mihir mihika se chota lagta tha aab rinky ke saath jodi hai uski mihika just lyk aunty

  13. Mihika ka acciedent karwao mar jani chahiye woh ya toh ashok ke saath hi rehni chahiye woh dono ki jodi ha

  14. i think mihir and rinki should try and work on their marriage.marriage is not a game despite how they married both gave their decision no one was forced or threatened. mahika on the other hand should let them be her stupid decisions got her there. she should have asked for help or tell someone but she wanted to do things her way so thats her results. i was voting for mahika and mihir at first before she made those stupid mistakes

  15. […] Also check ‘Should Mihir accept Mihika back in his life?’ […]

  16. […] Also check ‘Should Mihir accept Mihika back in his life?’ […]

  17. I think Mihir and Mihika are made for each other. Rinki should marry someone else whom she deserves better than Mihir. Mihika and Mihir look perfect with each other. They love each other a lot and they should marry and live happily. Mihir does not look good with Rinki whereas on the other hand he looks perfect with Mihika.

  18. I think Mihika ka accident hona chahiye jisme she gets injured. And woh accident Ashok karwaye. Mihir should be super tensed for her and he finally accepts his love for her and Mihika also confesses her love. Rinki , seeing their love should divorce Mihir so that he and Mihika can marry and live happily and Rinki gets someone who loves her as Mihir does not love her because he loves Mihika.

  19. I agree with u Sanjana

  20. Yaar. Mihika nad Mihir are made for each other couple. They should re-unite. Rinki should go away from Mihir’s life. They dont look good together. Mihir should accept Mihika back in his life. Afterall , they both love each other a lot.

  21. Please bring Mihika and Mihir back together. I watch Yeh Hain Mohabbatein because of them only. They look perfect with each other.

    1. I agree with u Malvika. Please show Mihika as a strong girl. She should fight for her. Mihir and she should re-unite.

  22. I think mihir and mihika

  23. I think mihir and mihika should unite again. I love both of them. U r right sanjana. They luk so hot togeder. If this serial does nt unite dem..den many people would get sad. Love dem both. They should be togeder and nly den ds serial will have a happy ending. Hope they become a happy couple again and be happy wid each oder. Love dem alot.

  24. Marriage is not for fun, so they hve to accept even if it succeeds or fails. Mihir can help mihika as friend but rinki shld be her wife

  25. Marriage is not for fun, so they hve to accept even if it succeeds or fails. Mihir can help mihika as friend but rinki shld be his wife

  26. No no Rinki should not get away from Mihir for mihika… Mihika is in this state due to her own wrong decision. Why should Rinki suffer for mihka’s mistake?

  27. Mihir and mhika looks good with each other they should re unite once again and makers should make serial little interesting and logical

  28. Is marriage a joke what mihir has xcepted the marriage n shud fulfil it till the end mihika shud pay fr her own foolishness n oversmartness relation means sharing n mihika has not understood it so she doesnt desrve mihir y to ruin rinkis life fr mihika coz of mihika shagun cud nt get married n destroyed ishita life n nw ruhi pls mk a perfect serial rather thn showing nonsense twist

  29. this serial is itself a fun for relations, mariage and love…. kuch bhi ho skta h isme…. i left watchng ths jab se ruhi ko sagun ko diya h….
    i hate ths…..

  30. I think that Mihika has good daring and guts, we should not portrait lady as weak. I think that Mihika must torture Ashok and make him realise the true value of a women, he can’t be playing just to show off money. He should lost everything and lead a miserable life. At that time he must get emotional support of mihika. He then love mihika more than mihir. on the other hand apart from being just a support and thinking rinki is his responsibility, he must ensure to give rinki his desired right as his wife. the frienship between mihir and mihika remain a relative type bond.Ashok must get a kick from mihika as in the entry, it shoes mihika as someone who does not bear any injustice.

  31. Ashok aur Mihika ki love story dikhani chahiye. Ashok ke heart ka make over hona chahiye

    1. Sangeeta i agree wid u osm view

  32. O god mihika ka koi accident karwao ya toh ise marwado aise hi stupid beech mein aa raha hai apni lyf toh spoil ki aab dusron ki kar rahi hai

  33. what rubbish …mihir n mihika together again.!!!.is it a joke to break marriage on the silly basis that they look good with each other and what about raman ishita and ruhi who are facing trouble actually created by mihika niether she maary ashok nor shagun creates rift among raman ishu and ruhi ….silly track if they are really reuniting mihir and mihika they should remain just good friends…and please don’t make rinki’s character negative …she should not suffer by the silly move taken by mihika always creating problems ..we r already fed up with ashok , suraj , parmeet and shagun . bring new character opposite mihika or make ashok ‘s character +ve show something real not reel which could relate audiences

  34. atleast let this marriage work normally ..don’t bring unwanted twist and turns in rinki – mihir’s marriage koi shadi to normal chalne do …now the serial has become house of delicate relationships..!!

  35. Yeah in early episodes she used to call him bhaya .Agar shadi mazak ban gayi hai to phir rinki ko kisi air s ishq karvado bulkul usee ki tara parhko type ka.mihimihi look better couple

  36. Copy the story from ash ,zayd khan and sunjay duty movie where zayd falls in love with a married woman ashwariya and bla bla. I don’t remember movie’s name

  37. Mihir & rinky looks like sister-brother together.while mihika makes a couple.

  38. mihir & mihika r cute couple as ranman & ishita

  39. mihir and mihika ko unite hona hai. . its about true love.
    mihika ne jo bhi kiya hai its just to save his love koi stupid decision nahi liya usne.
    ishita ka decision wrong tha mihir aur rinki ki shadi karwa di.
    mi-mi will reunite, rinki ko koi aur mil jayega.

  40. silly comment of miss zara …that was not a stupid decision rinki is also a good girl whtever mihika did is just a stupidity…what else can be said marriage is not just a game it is a committment… whtever she did for mihir is really horrible she can discuss with raman also or with mihir or bala they all can fight with suraj-ashok to save mihir …marrying ashok caused a biggest issue that shagun came back to bhalla house and spoiled ..every1 including romi and rinki…mihika is a good girl ..brave and she can find other1 but not mihir he is now married ..and whtever had happened in that rinki has no fault..she too luvs mihir..and already yhm is full of screwed relationships and marriage …atleat let mihir -rinki wedding work and mihir also luvs rinki but both of them lack romance in thier life this should be filled by bringing them close..

    1. inayah take it lite its jus a serial. .

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