Me For You (Few shots) shot 4

Me for u:shot 4:
Than q for ur support my dears.. & sry for the late update.. my request is don’t be anger on me for this shot.. because it may upset u.. lets get into the story..

Abhi’s pov:
Thedi thedi thedi thedi theerpomaa!!
kaadhal mazhaiye kaathal mazhaiye..
Engey vizhunthaayoo…
Kannil unnai kaanum munney..
Mannil olinthaaiyoo.
Alainthu unnai vaalvil adaivathu
Naanu nadanthu kondey erivathu unaku sammathama!!!
Adi unaku manathiley..
En ninaipu irukuma..??
Vaalntha vaalvinukum …
Vaalum naatkalukum..
Poruley nee tha.. uyirey vaaraai….
It has been 1 year .. i saw u on ur college last day.. i thought u will come to confess ur love .. but.. u left me not only me but all of us.. our kitty,chitty & all other kids too.. y u did this to me pragya? I’m living in a hope tat i’l see u one day.. but.. day by day my hope gets decreases.. but.. my love towards u gets increases.. i expected u to come in the first day wen i proposed u.. till now am waiting for u.. i have been searching u.. there is no trace y u & ma left this place.. first i thought it’s due to vaccation u went somewhere.. but day by day my fear of losing u occupied my mind.. i asked ur neighbours too.. but, they also don’t know where u went.. other than me, the 2 kids also wanted u too badly.. wher r u sweet heart.. !I want to see u.. u have no idea how much i miss u.. i won’t leav u next i’m searching u like a mad.. plz.. come back to me pragya.. i want u throughout my life.. u made me to feel incomplete in ur absence.. I resigned my job & became a sales rep.. so tat i can roam around & found u… i used to change city to city.. i don’t know.. wat made me to do these silly things.. but i didn’t loose my hope.. i want to find her in any way.. & i used to visit kitty& chity regularly.. days & months passed with her memories.. one day i saw her brother.. yes.. purab.. he looked at me with a blank face.. I ran to him & hugged him .. he too reciprocated to my hug.. i found a frnd in him.. he consoled me.. & now his eyes were filled with tears too..

Purab: wat all these abhi?..
Me: u know where is she?.
Purab: u r asking about pragya?..
Me: ya purab.. i want to see her..
Purab: why abhi.. why?.. now.. u can’t see her..

Me: y purab?.. i love her.. i want her in my life & i mean it.. if i done anything wrong she can told me na.. why see left me here.. !! Why?.. (i broke down into tears) lots of sleepness nights.. not only because of i miss her but also i want to know about her health condition too.. something in me saying tat she is not well.. wat happened to her purab?. Where she is?.. tell me.. plz..
Purab: nothing like tat abhi.. she is married.. & went abroad.. tat’s y u can’t see her..

Why do I feel this guy is hiding something..
Me: wat.. noo.. she can’t do this to me.. i know her well.. she won’t cheat me..
Purab: is she said tat she loves u?..
Me:(noded my head in no)
Purab: then y r u so sure about her abhi..
Me:because i love her& she loves me.. she may not said tat by words.. but her eyes spoke more than her words.. i belive in my love.. our love..
Purab: but.. sry.. the fact is fact.. u can’t change..
Me: okay.. am going..
I said & came from his home.. i went to a bar & i drunk wine as much as i can.. where ever i turn.. i could see my pragya.. how dare.. he is .. lying to me.. about my pragya.. i know my pragya very well.. she can’t do this to me.. i blabbered a lot & walking in the road.. there i could not stand & felldown.. a man like purab hold me & called my name… all that i know.. wen i opened my eyes i’m lying in a bed & i looked for the person who brought me here.. & i saw purab in the cot.. in that night lamp his face looked tired & worried.. i strongly belive tat he is hiding something from me.. but i couldn’t pointout wat is tat.. i want to know about pragya’s whereabouts.. so i searched his home without making noise like a theif.. i searched his self which is full of books & some files.. &i took a file.. medical report of sarala ma.. i took it & then I searched for purab’s phone.. i got it but it asked for password.. than q god .. it’s his fingerprint.. i slowly make his phone unlock without disturbing him much… & i changed tat password & keep his mobile with me.. before he could awake I ran from there using his balcony…. i was looking at the report tat’s wen a cal came from an unknown number but a well known person..
Pragya: what happen bhaiya?.. is abhi fine?.. u said me.. u saw him & told him tat i’m married.. i felt restless.. i don’t know he will do like this.. he left his career because of me.. y r u so silent.. is he alryt or any prblm.. come on tell me… i’m senseing something bad…

I was stuck in tat moment.. after a long time.. am hearing her.. she is worring for me.. wat i want other than this.. still she cares for me.. i somehow manages to find tat location using some tracing techniques.. i didn’t replied her.. i cut the call.. then smiled… I’m coming for u babieee…i thought & i went to ooty..
Ulagamellam unathallavaaa!!
Un idhayam matum enathallavaa!!
Thoorathinaal pirinthirunthum…
Ninaivinil sernthirupom!!
Thanmaiyinai thurathivittu…
Inimaiyin thaazh thirapom..!!
Nee sirikindra pothilum..
Nee alungindra pothilum..
Vazhi thunai polavey..
Naan isai udan thondruven..
I ‘l b there for u…
I’l b there for u…

Heyyy natchathirathil… poo paripom..
Vaa nambikaiyudan… thulli kuthipom..
Ninaitha padi nee vaazhavum..
Unai maranthu nee aadavum..
I’l be there for u..
I’l be there for u..
Iravu enna .. pagalum enna..
Isai mazhai thoovatum..
Isai alaiyil mithanthapadi…
Ithaiyangal nanaiyatum..
Nanaiyatumm!!!!. Nanayatum..!!!

Yes.. i’m going to see her… after a long time… i ‘l show her.. who am I.. wat she is thinking of herself… how she can leav me just like tat.. i want to giv her life full of happiness.. Now i remembered the medical report .. i saw tat once again.. i can’t understand it clearly… & i saw an envelope also.. & that about pragya’s report.. hope there is nothing in that.. i reached ooty &feeling the coolness .. it helps to reduce my blood pressure.. i asked for st.joseph school in uthagamandalam.. & i found it.. i was going to see her after a long time.. so i should look gud.. hmm.. so, i booked a room in a hotel & freshen up..

Pragya’s POV:

Wat this bhaiya is thinking.. he said that abhi has became a sales rep& he even didn’t forgot me.. i thought he will be married to a girl by this time.. y he is not marriying anyone.. i don’t want to see him.. that’s y I came from there.. once … I thought he is mine.. i loved him.. now.. there is no chances left to be together.. i’m not perfect to him.. i know.. but i can’t believe tat he resigned his job only to find my where abouts.. does i mean to him that much?.. i thought he will forget me in some days.. but.. wat he is doing is directly opposite to my thoughts.. i agree i love him even more wen he is doing these many things for me..

for tat i can’t marry him.. i don’t want him… i’m completely broken off wen bhaiyya said abhi cried wen he heard about my marriage.. due to heart broken he went angrily from there.. i requested bhaiyya to find him.. i can’t see his sufferings because of me.. bhaiya told me tat he found him in druken state.. bhaiya asured me tat he will tak care of him… Next morn wen i called bhaiyya.. he didn’t answered any of my questions & switched off the mobile too.. i’m here restless about abhi & his situation.. i just want to know how is he.. with that thoughts i was walking in the school ground where my little childrens are playing..s!am working as a teacher here… somebody tapped my shoulder.. i looked at him & shocked..abhiiiii….
Abhi’s Pov:
I started to sing a song..
Enodu vaa vaa endru solla maaten..
Naan unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten..
“I tapped her shoulder & she looked at me angrily…. ”
Chella Sandai Podugiraai
Thalli Nindru Thaedugiraai
Ah Ah Ah Anbae Ennai Thandikkavum
Punnagaiyil Mannikavum Unnaku Urimai Illaiya?
Ennoda Vaa Vaa Endru Solla Maataen
Unnai Vittu Vaeru Engum Poga Maataen..
Ennodu… Vaa Vaa Endru..
Solla Maataen.. Poga Maataen..
“Wen i hide behind a tree … she tried to found where i was.. & wen i sneak out she smirked at me.. ”
Kannam Thaedum Koonthal Othukka
Nee Saivathum Ennai Konjam Paarkathaanadi
Kannai Moodi Thoonguvathai Poal
Nee Nadippathu Enthan Kural Kaetkathaanadi
Innum Enna Santhaegam Ennai Ini Ennaalum

Theeyaaga Paarkaathadi
Chella Pillai Pola Nee Adampidippathai Enna Solla…

“I showed her the children looking at her laughing.. & she stomped her feet & went away.. ”
Ennai Vida Yaarum Illai Anbu Seithu Unnai Vella…

Me: hey angry bird.. don’t u love me?..
Pragya: i don’t love u.. (crying)
Me: i know the truth & i’m sry for..
Pragya:(started to cry vigorously) u know the truth .. & then also came to convience me.. No one can do this.. mark my words i won’t come with u.. i don’t want anybody in my life.. especially u..
Purab bhaiya told u the truth ryt.. i won’t leav him.
Tat time purab came & said: he don’t know anything pragya.. he knew tat u r married tat’s it.. (tensed)
Pragya : (stamered)ya.. abhi .. i’m married.. tat’s y i didn’t accepted ur proposal tat day..
Me: so u have a boy frnd then..
Pragya: yes & i married him too..
Me:tat’s y u told chitty to call u as bhabhi.. isn’t it?..
Pragya: wo.. tat.. tat.. i said for … for fun.. nothing more than tat..
Me: oo.. for fun.. !! Tats okay.. i want to see ur husband..
Pragya: he is in abroad..
Me: purab told me tat u r also in abroad.. isn’t it purab?..
Pragya: ya.. but, i didn’t informed bhaiya tat i hav returned here.. tat’s y he said like tat.
Me: u didn’t informed him.. tat’sby he came here to see u na!! tat’s okay show me ur marriage fotos..
Pragya: y u r asking all that.. look.. move away from here.. i’m telling u that i’m married.. but u r trying to woo me… disgusting.. i don’t want to see u.. plz go away from my life..
Me: hmm.. stop ur acting pragya.. i know hw much i feel pain by ur words.. u r suffering more pain than me wen u r saying those words.. i still can see the love for me in ur eyes.. y can’t u agree tat damit..
Me: i… i’m hapiie.. in my life.. don’t do this to me plz..
Me:purab.. shal i talk to her alone..
Purab left the place.. she is crying vigorously.
Me:i don’t want to see ur tears pragya.. i want u to be happy & i’m here to giv tat happiness..
I know wat u r going through.. & s i know .. y u r avoiding me & all this drama.. but belive me i won’t leav u..
Pragya: u know .. u know .. wat is my prblm?..
I noded my head in response.. i know .. i found medical reports of ur’s &ma’s in purab’s cupboard & then i consulted a doctor after came to ooty.. & he said… tat.. (i cried don’t know how to handle tat pain … ) i was normal till now because i don’t want to make u sad..

Pragya: why my fate is like this abhii.. i’m also a human being na..!! Why he is doing this to me.. u know na!! How much i love kids.. we love kids.. but.. i’m unable to bear a child.. tat kills me abhi.. tat kills me..
She started to cry like anything.. & i couldnot handle her.. she hugged me tight & let her heartout…
Me: pragya.. we will consult a doctor again.. don’t worry..

Pragya: doctor said that.. no chance to get conceive.. because of tat accident my body lost wat a girl should not loose.. i lost my motherhood abhii.. i lost the capability to bear a child.. i’m living for my mother.. if not i end up myself then.. i don’t want to involve u in my life abhi.. it’s my fate.. to be alone.. & i will feel better if i saw ur junior.. tat’s y i left from there.. & i didn’t expect ur love will bring u here.. now.. u know the truth na.. !! Go & search a girl who is perfect for u..
Me: i found her pragya..
Pragya :(sad) then marry her abhi.. go ahead..
Me: she is infront of me..

Pragya: abhi.. r u in sense?.. or out of mind?.
Me:i know wat i’m doing.. & i love u… & i want u..
Pragya: no way.. i don’t want to be in ur life..
Me: we can find a solution pragya.. don’t act as u r not loving me..
Pragya: yes.. i love u abhi.. that’s y i thought to make u restless for 2 days & will confess my love.. but destiny had other plans for me.. tat saturday we went to visit my uncle’s home.. there we met an accident & after knowing my body condition i don’t want to disturb u.. i love u abhi.. thats y i want ur happiness… it matters to me… seeing u in pain with me is not wat i want..
Me: i know.. u r doing all this by imagining tat i ‘m happiee without u.. but i’m not pragya.. i want u by my side..

Pragya: try to understand the situation abhi.. its not a simple thing.. tat every body let go off with easily.. it will create prblms b/n us.. if we will marry.. ur mom.. dad.. relatives all will ask for our baby.. tat time wat excuse we can give them.. ur parents have some dreams about their grand childs.. on top of it u have some expectations about ur child.. the fact is i can’t give birth to a child.. tat’s y i’m saying.. plz understand it.. don’t talk like a love sick teenager.. u r matured enough to analyse things.. think wat will society say.! Wat will ur parents say!
Me: i have some doubts.. can u clear tat?.
Pragya: now wat is that.
Me:if we came to know tat prblm after our marriage means wat will u do?..
Pragya: (without thinking much) i will give divorce & make a way for u to go.. Me:gud.. now answer this with same confidence.. we r in love& if we know tat i’m infertility.. so.. now u ditch me na?. ..

Pragya: y r u talking like this.. don’t say like this.. i can’t tolerate it..
Me: tell me damit.u leave me na..! If i’m in ur position.. u will think of this blo*dy society & our parents na!! Not at all think for me once.isn’t it?
Pragya:how can i leave u abhi..

Me:tat’s wat i’m saying pragya.. i can’t leav u for this.. & i know… i’m matured enough to realise wat is love & wat is lust.. so u don’t think tat i’m behind u because of lust.. !!
Pragya: y r u talking like this abhi.. i know u love me.. u can do anything for me.. & my priority is ur happines abhi..
Me:& tat happiness lies in u pragya.. will u be mine.. ?.. Always… ME For U.. i’m waiting for u.. will u marry me.. i knelt down & asked for her hands.. she nodded her head in response & gave her hand to me..

Akkam pakkam yaarum illa…
Booloogam vendum..
Anthi pagal un arugey..
Naan vaala vendum..
En aasai ellam..
Un nerukathiley..
En aayul varai..
Un alaipiniley..
Ver enna vendum ulagathiley..
Intha inbam pothum nenjiniley..
Ezhezhu jenmam vaazhu viten..
Nee pesum varthaigal segarithu..
Seiven anbey or agaraathi..
Nee thoongum nerathil thoongamal..
Paarpen thinam un thalai kothi..
Kaathorathil epothumey..
Un moochu kaatrin veppam sumapen..
Kaiodu tha kai koorthu thaan..
Un maarbu chutiyil mugam puthaipen..
Ver enna vendam ulagathiley..
Intha inbam pothum nenjiniley..
She hugged me & shed her tears & burden which she burried in her heart for the past year.. i consoled her by hugging her &caring her hair.. we remained like tat for sometimes.. she broke the hug ..
Pragya: no abhi.. it won’t work out… u can move away..
Me:again u started from first(thirumbiyum muthala irunthaa!!)
Pragya:abhi.. ur love makes u to speak like this.. i’m thinking about future consequences.. it will be tough to bear all the ill speak abhi..
Me:abhi is here.. y u get fear!!
Pragya:that’s y i hav fear..
Me:wat u said?..
Pragya: i said.. go & make a new life..
Me:am i like a joker to u.. i came here to leave u again?..
Pragya: but..

Me:no buts & ifs.. we r going to get married .. &its final..
She smiled weakly: i want to ask ma..onethink.. she will not agree for this..
Me:if it’s ur prblm then leav it ..
Pragya:wat do u mean by this..
Me: i mean i had spoken to her & she too agreed for our marriage..
Pragya:no way.. u r lying.. ma won’t agree for this..
Me:y should I Lie like u liar..
Pragya:me.. liar?.. then go & find some arichandran’s daughter … am not fit for u..
Me: i don’t want any arichandran’s daughter.. because now she may be paar dadi ki dadi..

Pragya: is it ur prblm.. ?. So.. u r ready to find a girl.. hw rude…
Me: my jealousy mistress.. i don’t want to find anyone.. bcause u r d one i’m asking for & u r here.. now i don’t want anyother gal..
Her lips curved to make a cute smile..
Me: u r my DORA..
pragya:is it so..then u r my BUJJI
Me:wat is this bujji now..
Pragya: u don’t know that.. then y u called me as DORA..?..

Me: Darling Of Rockstar Abhi(DORA).. how is it?..
Pragya: i thought u were refering to kids program Dora bujji..
Me: u were seeing tat also?..
Pragya: ya .. !! & u know wat.. that bujji is a monkey.. (teasingly)
Me: u r saying me as monkey( i made an angry face)
Pragya: ya.. till now u r cute bujji.. now u became like ginger eaten bujji..(inji thinna monkey )
She said & laughed .. i want to see her like this.. for tat i can do anything.. i made a sad pout…
Pragya: & one more thing.. like tom & jerry … the bujii won’t leav dora at any time… will u be my bujii!!??.. (again a drop of tear..) but this time i’m happie to see her tear.. it’s for me.. she is asking me to be with her.. i hugged her & said..: this is wat i want … u can call me as bujii.. i’l be ur tom wenever u r acting like jerry.. & i’l be there for my DORA like BUJJII in all circumstances..
Purab: if ur kiddy talks are over.. may i come in??.
We saw purab came with ma..
Purab: soo two kids are going to get married.. god knows.. wat r all prblms u r going to make.. !!
Pragya: bhai.. u r talking too much..
Purab: u both proposed like kids using dora bujji .. tom & jerry.. then wat u expect me to talk princess..
We both smiled sheepishly.. & there then pragya saw her ma..
Pragya:ma.. he he is..
Ma: abhisheik.. the one who r u talking all these days na!!
Pragya: mmm.. (she noded her head in yes)
Me: bless us ma..
Ma: u both r made for each other.. god will give all happiness to both of u..
She blessed us while let out her happy tears & then hugged pragya.. purab hugged me & said: i have faith in u..
I nodded my head in response..

Sry no precap today.
Tell me how is tis shot.. i tried to update soon.. but i can’t.. so sry for tat my dears.. i don’t know whether it is long or short update.. because i’m using my mobile now.. hope u like it.. give ur reviews.. than x for reading.. !! Keep smiling.. keep reading& keep commenting.. sry for the mistakes too..

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