short term breakup with career (part 2)


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New Journey
New Life
Might be
A new turn to come…….
here after giving this good news Ragoni hugged Swara as it is her dream project and she goes home for packing.
Now we see swara tallking to a poster of a lady and a man ” Dad and Ma this is your dream project and I am sure I will do it by my whole heart although you’re not near me but you’re always on my side and The women who is a lionesse is crying like a baby her crystal clear eyes with those tears are just heart tearing but she manages to control her emotions and dials a no.and calls a person to meet her in cabin .”
Now we see a charming guy with black shades coming in swara cabin and after coming hugs her and says ” hey my sister has completed her promise ” swara smilingly says ” bhai abhi to sirf project ki partnership fix hui hai ” .now the handsome hunk face is shown he is non other than ( vivan dsena from shakti and is a big bro of Ragini and swara and guys swara is not real sis of ragini they are cousins and ragini and ayaan are bro sis have their mom dad Ramprasad Malik And Sujata Malik)
now ayan says h” ha mujhe pata hai lekin tum par bharosa bhi hai aur vaise bhi ab 6 mahino k liye mujhe yaha in office ki ladkiyon ne pakana hi hai kyuki itna handsome jo hu ”
with this swara just smiles while we hear a voice ” ooo just don’t give yourself so much importance you’re not handsome okk” and we see it is non other than Ragini she and get engaged in a fight while swara just wallks out leaving them fighting like tom and jerry and after some time they realized it and burst out in laughter after that Ragini also bids by to ayan and goes to airport
Ayan pov :
I am really missing my swara who was once a bubbly cute girl who was there to give love only but what happened to her i don’t know after the death of bade papa and ma she has become very silent and just hates the things which she loved once i just hope this project may turn her into my old swaru who knows to laugh whole heartedly”
and he has tears in his eyes while seeing a portray of his ma and badepapa..

at airport swara was moving inside a flight and sees that someone else is sitting on her place and ragini place is blank she goes there and asks air hostess to tallk with a person .As air hostess apptoches him he was a guy in formals and was reading a book and after aaked by her he says i want to tallk to the lady as hostess say this to swara who was trying ragini no. annoyed by her absence is turned and sees the persons face and he is non other than our dashing munda Sanskar Malhotra ..
swara says him that she wants the window sit which is booked by her he scarscatically says do”do you want to see view of clouds?” Now swara says ” hey mister it is booked by me so whatever i will do you should not have problems with it ” Now they were fighting like tom and jerry so flight attended came and says ” sorry Mr.Malhoyra but Miss Malik is correct it is her booked sit ” now swara was having a successful smirk on her face while sanskaar was like ” what the!” And then swra comea to know that ragini is coming by another flight due to some pending works now Sanskar asks flight attended to give him ragini’s sit so floght attended agrees to hom and he sits beside swara who is engaged in reading a book and was hahing a Grace on her body posture .
so lets see what happens with this two who fought as a stranger will they meet up next time or destiny has something other for them

Next Part: Ragini meeting with a stranger

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